Teryn Gregson is a former golf broadcaster who was fired, while pregnant, during the PGA Tours’ Covid mandates. The PGA refused her religious exemption from masking and testing. She is now the host of “Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson.” And she is the author of an upcoming book, “Soulful Influencer: An Unapologetic Approach to Transforming Your Life on Social Media,” to be released in early 2024. As she shares her story with Leslie they discuss the symbolism of masks and other evidence of spiritual warfare against humanity during the Covid crisis.

Today’s guest, Mary Holland, is a former NYU law professor, author, and CHD president-on-leave. Mary shares her inspiring story of a mother's journey from autism to health freedom warrior. Mary and Leslie also discuss the disgrace of Simpsonwood, when authorities sought to conceal the damage caused by their thimerosal-containing vaccine program.

Gabrielle is author of the new book, Blindsight is 2020, which provides reflections on Covid policies from “dissident” Covid-era thinkers. She is a health and medical writer who challenged official orthodoxy and faced the real challenges of doing so. She discusses her individual journey through the maze of Covid compliance.

Los Angeles Unified School District is facing a lawsuit over its COVID vaccine mandate as some employees still remain on unpaid leave status. One America’s Stella Escobedo spoke with Leslie Manookian, president and founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund. Manookian has played a big part in leading the fight for employees who refused to get the shot.

Carolyn Blakeman recounts the tragic stories of loved ones being neglected, injured, and literally killed by hospital Covid protocols.

Leslie and Luther discuss the 'elephant in the room' in regards to the Covid narrative, the cult of the expert, Damar Hamlin and the massive uptick in athlete cardiac events worldwide, and what HFDF is doing about it.

Amanda Forbes, President of Children's Health Defense - Canada, shares the heart-warming story of how she helped repair her father's health after his post COVID injection stroke and near death experience in the hospital. Their heartening and inspiring story will have you rapt as Amanda shares the harrowing details of their ordeal.

Leslie and her guest Jeffrey Tucker, president and founder of the Brownstone Institute address the threat posed to our entire nation by the administrative state as well as steps we can take to reduce that threat.

Join Leslie and former Levi’s executive Jennifer Sey as she recounts the consequences of standing for her and her children’s health freedom, a decision which cost her career as a senior executive. Her book Levi’s Unbuttoned was released November 2022, and she is currently filming a documentary about the harms of school closures.

Attorney Chad LaVeglia discusses his recent legal victory against New York City’s vaccine mandate for city employees in October 2022. The court ruled the mandate was unconstitutional, arbitrary, and capricious. Chad and Leslie also discuss Chad's other litigation against mask mandates and his path to being a defender of liberty. 

Josh Trent, the Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of Wellness Force Radio joins Leslie to discuss his health and wellness journey and the importance of health freedom.

Episode 5 - Scott Schara tells the heart-wrenching story of the loss of his daughter Grace perpetrated by the medical industrial complex.

Leslie speaks with Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor and human rights activist, on how current events parallel Nazi Germany.

Patrick Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News & Trends, brings his decades of experience researching the Trilateral Commission and other quiet organizations that seek to install a new system of government in our world.

Leslie Manookian, our founder and director, and Brant Hadaway, lead counsel, were interviewed on April 19, 2022 about our successful lawsuit that ended to the federal travel mask mandate.

The pandemic was used to bring in digital control, make no mistake this is decades in the making. For over 100 years the medical complex has been setting the stage for lockdowns. The financial system is collapsing and the reset that is coming is an attempt to save the global elite. The global financial crisis is bringing in the digital currency, which will bring in the control grid.

Explanation of your rights, how they are defined, and where they come from. A breakdown of how the government has slowly taken them away with examples from other states, and what you can do to get involved.

Leslie provides testimony as an expert witness examining the financial aspects of the COVID crisis. Watch as she unpacks the financial motives behind the irrational, unscientific, inexplicable measures supposedly taken to address the crisis.

To watch the other presenters on day five of Grand Jury - The Court of the Public Opinion, visit

Those who question the safety of injections are they really anti-vax? Consider this we’re not anti-anything, we are pro safety, pro-health, pro-freedom.

Leslie and Naomi discuss how Covid measures being enacted today resemble many of the measures enacted by the Nazi regime, fear-mongering, isolating, segregating, demonizing, blaming, shaming one group in order to dehumanize that group so that society will support the measures.

What we have accomplished in 2021 and what we are planning in 2022. We need your crucial financial support to continue defending medical freedom for ALL Americans at this important juncture in our nation's history.

Propaganda and how it is being used today.

Leslie and Judy present some of the rarely discussed consequences and harms of vaccines, the truth about retroviruses and spike proteins, and the myth of immunity via inoculation. They lay out the progression of the removal of our freedoms under the guise of health via AIDS and COVID. These topics are covered in detail in Judy’s trilogy book series Plague, Plague of Corruption, and the recently released Ending Plague.

Judges and business owners are taking a stand.


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