I show you how to draw some sea shells in a few different ways.

Watch as I color match and continue the illustration on a Marill Pokemon Card.

watch from sketch to colored the creation of this digital illustration.

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I take a pokemon card and paint with acrylic paint to extend the original image out by color matching.
Music Credits:
"Forever Believer" by Jason Shaw at

watch as I paint some bookish art with watercolors.
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I paint a Craft pumpkin with acrylic paint to use as a fall decoration or Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Supplies used:
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint
Folkart Metallic Paint

Follow along to simple step by step guide to drawing a cartoon crab.

I show you how to draw a pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern.

Music Credits:
"Road To Kilcoo" by Jason Shaw at

watch me paint a marsh landscape along to calm music (no voiceover)

Music Credits:
"Clouds" by Jason Shaw at

Go through my sketchbook with me page by page! This one took me awhile to get finished...
One of my resolutions in 2020 is to not have do much drawing drought and use my sketchbooks more often.

Background Music: "12 Mornings"
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A mini watercolor Illustration to celebrate the Chinese New year.

Background Music: "Azitmuth" By Jason Shaw at

I teach you how to look at a photo of a shark and use basic shapes to draw a Great White.

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"Night Runner" by Jason Shaw at

follow along with my as I show you a simple way to draw a cat from the side.
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I'm an artist just creating art and trying to teach beginner artists and those who don't believe they can draw with simple how to draws that break it down into easy to understand steps.

I have 2 art channels that I'm importing from, so ignore my intro scenes because they will flip flop between the names.

* All my content is family-friendly. *