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Robert Morris is one of the most unsung heroes of the American Revolution. Risking his wealth, his honor and reputation, this successful "Trump-like" businessman single-handedly bailed out the Patriots from scores of troubles and used all his power to fight and undermine British rule.

In Founders & Framers Episode 63, we peer into the life of the zealous Christian Patriot and Judge, Robert Treat Paine. A strict judge and statesman whose passion and actions energized many during the American Revolution, he knew that only a Christian moral America would be able to weather the storms of time.

All around us, the fabric of American society--and human society as a whole--is being ripped apart by the spirit of lawlessness. When lawlessness pervades, and justice is vaporous, we begin to see structures in society crumble at their source. This was the plan all along by TPTB; this is also destined to happen before the Day of the LORD.

Biden, the fake president of the United Socialist States of America cannot keep his dementia in check. As he rants about the loss of democracies all across the world, he fails to realize that him stealing an election is anti-democratic in and of itself... Lets Go Brandon!

Mark Brnovich, the "toothless" Attorney Goofball--I mean Attorney General of Arizona, is farting around on some Maricopa rooftop, acting like Robin from woke DC comics. This is why Patriots everywhere are finished with the GOP...

The deposition of Eric Coomer, Dominion Voting employee and Marxist sympathizer, it available now online.
Find it here:

In Episode 62 on The Smiths Of Liberty, we continue knocking out our great Founders & Framers. Arthur Middleton died too young, but was a patriot organizer for the American Revolution and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Join us on The Smiths Of Liberty as we delve into the latest "intel" on the QFS from Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward. Grab your crumpets and tea, friends...

America continues to reap the whirlwind. Decades of the promotion of pornography, elicit sex and gay pride & deviancy are producing youth who are gender confused and who commit atrocious acts in school bathrooms in the name of LGBTQ. Who reap what you sow...

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What have we come to when 16 year old girls are considered a threat and arrested by Marxist officials in the school system for not wearing a mask? Grace Smith is a patriot. Never give up, Grace! Never give in! God bless your brave patriotism.

Get ready for the 2021 Toilet Paper Famine! Shortages are coming as cargo ships are on hold on multiple coasts off the US.

Mike "Benedict Arnold" Pence doubles down on Hannity, stating that Jan. 6th was a tragedy for our nation and Capitol. He wants to forget the past, the steal and move on to 2022 and 2024. Another RINO Deep State distractor...

Here in Japan, the Self Defense Forces are practicing wargames. The Pacific is heating up. The CCP is violating Taiwan's sovereign airspace and issuing provocations of war; weeks ago China threatened to nuke Japan if they even raised a finger. Things could very soon explode in the messiest battle since WWII. Join us on The Smiths Of Liberty as we dig in.

David Clements, who was at the Cyber Symposium put on by Mike Lindell, is a professor and lawyer who has been fighting to get to the truth of Nov. 3, 2020. In this interview, he reveals that the Az Audit fell short of its intended purpose; we are no further to getting things righted than we were days after the "sElection".

Mask Mandate Midget and 8th honorary dwarf, Dr. DOOM Fauci, says there comes a time when YOU, as an individual, need to sacrifice your liberty for the benefits and common good of society. DO YOU AGREE?

With much anticipation as though it were a Star Wars sequel--the Arizona Audit Report of Maricopa County was finally released... but with a few caveats. Unlike most other types of audits--where the truth of whether fraud occurred or not is revealed--we were not given the true tally of what the true vote count was in Maricopa County; if we excluded all illegal ballots, how many votes would Biden have and how many would Trump have? Well, guess what? We are no closer to knowing than when this game began on Nov. 4th...

Very soon, New Yorkers will be wishing they had Cuomo back; "High Priestess" Hochul is commanding the vaccinated to be her apostles of the "gospel" of Covid--get vaccinated or be damned! Quite fitting that she is a Roman Catholic; a little bit of that inquistor "faith" coming out...

Woketard, White Rage General, Milley Ray Cyrus, wishes he could be Caligula. "Little Soldier Boots" is simply a general in name only and a traitor to the Republic of the United States. And unlike Caligula, he's yet to serve his prison sentence--but that may change soon!

The incompetence of the chairman of the United Socialist States of America, Chairman Biden, knows no limits. The Dementia Patient-in-Chief is now claiming that no military leaders advised him to leave 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan. The Brass responded. He is lying. No matter. Whether it is Talibiden or the woke military, Patriots know we are surrounded by liars...

With a fake president, it is no wonder you get a fake jab for a fake virus on a fake White House set...

Brigadier General William Whipple was a champion leader during the American Revolution, leading 4 different militias, fighting in 4 different battles and helping the colonialist patriots win decisive victories for independence. He is the type of man we need in our leaders today. Join us on this episode of Founders & Framers.

The photo says it all. Two fully vaxxed leaders protecting each other from getting infected by wearing masks. Welcome to the NWO, where science makes no sense anymore...

The audacity of the Fake News knows no ends. Joy Reid is now accusing Americans of taking a unhealthy interest in the murder of Gabby Petito and NO interest in the missing black people of America. You can always bank on an elitist dragging the color of someone's skin into an issue.

Over the last several months, we've been told week after week that the Arizona Audit report will be "released soon" or "by next week"--always with time passing and nothing being revealed. Now they have promised to release it this Friday in a Senate hearing. We have all been expecting the fraud of the century to be revealed! We know it was stolen! But what will they do with the official information?

Maricopa County Election Supervisor, Steve Chucri, will resign. The Gateway Pundit broke a story this week where audio was leaked of him criticizing his fellow county election officials. Now he is trying to walk it back and claim that Biden won and there was no election fraud.


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