The wilderness journey is your trek to finding moral conscience. Find your calling in the Divine Hierarchy. The Cosmos awaits you – be the one who is sent.

The Phenomenal World is not asleep. It awaits our asking, our yearning. Its promise is exuberance. New visions come from the work we do. Here we find rest in the revealing of our Angel. This is the divine connection found in our Baptism. Now in Baptism, we find we are the lover and the loved. We can gaze at our Angel Twin as we live our future. This is the joy of being alive.

Hungry beasts roam our streets. Will the beast consume you? How can you trans-form the beast? Why we must set down our personality.

Boundless passion. Eros shows us the way of Divine Seduction. Angels are the messengers that speak to us of Thin Spaces, our common ground. Even our Celes-tial Home has barbarians at the door. They use trickery and deceit to fool us. They want to occupy our home and take over our minds. This is not the work of the mind. The work we do is the work of the Imaginal World. The gateway to intention and intuition.

Connecting with your Angel reveals who you are. Becoming an Angel is
becoming a Being. Understand the psychic power of faith. The drum is a channel to our Angel.

Building a practice takes time. Experience helps us find the organizing principals of our prac-tice that are unique to us. These are your discoveries, How will you be part of the restoration of the First Temple? Our Angel is the key. The drum is our unspoken guide to effortless con-centration. A way to find our call.

Finding the fire of the divine. Kissing the Divine Flame. The transformation of our Being guided by our Angel. We are both drawn to the annihilation of Divine Love. We become shareholders in Creation. We are born to be risk takers. We do not know the outcome of our journey. We become the Cosmic Fire.

I have all I need. Learning from my spiritual biography. Meeting the gaze of my twin. Finding the Orient of Light. Understanding our descent and ascent through study of the Hymn of the Pearl. Understanding how “thin spaces” help us.
Meditation on my Angel. Learning effortless concentration. Kissing the Divine Flame.

Moon work is Wisdom Work. There is an ecstacy of connection. The
proclamation of John the Baptist reveals our connection. This is our call to study and action. The necessity of creating our own sacred space. Gently releasing
personality. Using the drum to begin to experience and access intuition. Waiting as a spiritual discipline.

Here is a brief description of two basic Temple Practices: Drum work and Medita-tion Bells. Each of these practices are on a separate 15 minute videos. Once you have a feel for what I suggest, click on the video to begin.

Finding the gaze of your Angel. Learning to see not just intellectually with the sun soaked “looking” of the mind but with a unified consciousness. With our Angels gaze we can begin Wisdom Work and find our sacred calling. Seeing yourself.

Effortless concentration is how we develop and expand our Psychic Force that shapes our personality. This is where we expand and impower our Angel. Unless we do this work, our Angel is defenseless. The goal is to find my Angel Gaze in the moment of intensity. Yeshua was resurrected and then died - Gospel of Phillip. This is our Mystic Journey, our calling. The Temple is a Mystic Machine that governs the Cosmos.

An unfinished meditation about the announcing of the birth of Yeshua by the Angel Gabriel and the proclamation by Wisdom/Sophia at the baptism of
Yaweh as both the Son of God and the Lamb of God. Earth as the birthplace of Angels.

The deeper truth of things. It is in the present moment. Finding our orientation to our Angel. The gaze of luminosity. A mystic journey. The key is longing and yearning. Setting aside personality. Temple Mystic.


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Solospiritus – One Breath In Two Worlds

The Being that is me is both the lover and the loved. I am not plural or dual. I am a twin, we are here now. We are star followers.

With me is an angel, a non physical Being who is very present here also. We are twins experiencing the gift of life. I am here with my celestial family not all of whom do I know. And, like the Magi, we follow the same star. This is what I choose. My choice is my praise to my Creator, the Life Giver. To me, this is the ultimate expression of the ecstasy of creation. To be both the lover and the loved is all there is. The rational mind will never understand.

All photos, poems, rattle, and drum work by Henry.