This video is a brief introduction to an in-depth computational algorithmic analysis on the Perihelion Precession of Mercury's orbit. This is the solution to 3d-n-body-gravity.

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Mercury's Perihelion Precession:

Source code for 3d-n-body-gravity:

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8th Generation stealth fighter jet concept.

The Torquethopter is the latest version of the Entothopter. An improved design, the rear Entowing counters torque more effectively. In addition the main Entowing also has better structural support to withstand faster rotational momentum.

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Claim that Ukraine 'accidentally' now has 2 tactical nukes.
13th Russian General has been liquidated.
Ukraine warplane downed in friendly fire incident. (Confirmed by Ukraine)
Other weapon acquisitions for Ukraine

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Cosmology and Computational Astrophysics

free blender ww2 models made for this video
p47 thunderbolt & il2 sturmovik

3D design of concept Spacecraft.
More detail here:

Russia Victory Day Parade 2022 May 9
+ some 3d animation of world war 2 aircraft
free blender models: P47 and Il2

Jet fighters in action on Snake Island

This is not theory.
It is computational astrophysics.
The math is derived purely from a combination of essential Newtonian mechanics with a subtle infusion of quantum time from Planck. I just put the pieces of the puzzle together in the visual basic 6 programming laguange. Currently the youtube video has 8 upvotes and 5 downvotes (Oct 2021). The original video was published on youtube in January 2019.

The coded solution to 3D-n-body-gravity (OGS15) is free here:

A full analysis of the algorithm for 3D-n-body-gravity (OGS15) is here:

The algorithm (OGS12) with applicable formulae from Einstein:

The full article on how gravity in the solar system should be effected by Einstein (OGS12):

List of cosmology videos:

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Many are struggling to tell the difference between what is real science and what is pseudoscience. Few know what to believe. That's the problem, its not a matter of belief. Often empirical data is beyond our ability to test. That is why logic is the most vital aspect of method. Contradictions cannot ever be science; nor any other valid method. Typically Relativity is used as the example of the wonder of science. But is it really logical?

This video was initially published January 2019.
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The nature of how gravity works has never been understood as regards galaxies. And yet paradoxically, the simplicity of Newton’s inverse of the square law (g=Gm/r^2) is elegantly precise when considering solar systems.

Near the center of a solar system, a body like Mercury will orbit quickest. And yet with spiral galaxies the opposite very often holds true; with outermost stars exhibiting too much velocity.

The answer I have programmed by computer algorithm is extraordinarily simple:
Spiral galaxies are binary systems and thus have two centers of gravity.

More here

A star-ship concept based on quite simple and normal Newtonian physics, that overcomes the problem of carrying too much fuel with two separate novel ideas. It uses the Astrosling as the first phase of development.

It takes about 500 seconds for light from the Sun to reach Earth. Contemporary astrophysics (Einstein) claims that the Sun's gravity will take the same time to make this journey. What follows is proof to the contrary. The simpler video should be followed up by reading the article to follow. It started as an analysis of the LIGO experiment gw150914, which claims to prove Einstein correct in his assumption of gravity moving at light-speed. Their experiment was awarded the 2017 Nobel prize. That prize is rightfully mine for not only proving that gravity propagates virtually instantly, but FAR more besides. Try this:

Black-holes are based on theoretical physics that has so many holes in it, the only real black hole is the fraudulent academic process and its funding charade. More detail here:

The spacecraft design that will take probes to the stars.
This design will be able to send probes to the Alpha Centauri star system with a journey a time of just a decade.
It will play a vital role in human interstellar space travel. The next phase of development is being designed. This will carry people to the stars within a lifetime after a launch. Stay tuned.


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