Some drivers are "special"

Rebuilding stairs to make them more comfortable to use, to be more structurally sound and to be more pleasing aesthetically.
Still work in progress.

I should have included more detailed pics of how the original stairs were built. It is a miracle they were still functional.

Note: I uploaded this in 2019, November, but decided not to publish at the time. But figured why not make it public, and public it went.

Here is another update into our renovation. It is still somewhat DIY, but we are now getting help from pros in specific areas.

Still lots of fun and tons of learning

Ассистент работает четко, не отлынивая... Уходит только в туалет и пожрать, но на всех видео-заседаниях присутствует.

Assistant works diligently, leaves only for bathroom breaks and to eat, but ensures to be present for all video conference meetings.

A third video in the series on this DIY renovation, and specifically demolition I am doing in our new house. This is a 24-day progress update, 8 days of work since the last video.

Encountered more unexpected difficult work. The backer board for the tile in the master bathroom was glued down and screwed down to the subfloor, and took 2 days to remove. I am glad I did it because stained areas of the subfloor showed that water was at some point getting into the subfloor.

All bathtubs are made from steel so I had to cut the master bath one into two to remove. Too heavy and large to safely get it down the stairs.

Kitchen tile was also fighting back, so I had to rent a larger demolition hammer from Home Depot and got it all done in under 4 hours (including driving to and from the store). That demolition hammer is a dream and a pleasure to work with.

Zipper, lets all respect the Zipper method when merging.
This aggressive driver decides to force his/her (still can't tell) way in even though the car in front of them merged in front of me. By the rules of the zipper this driver was supposed to merge behind me.
And yes, I could have and maybe even should have let them in, but at some point these kinds of drivers need to be taught to show some consideration for other drivers.

In any case, let me know what you think.

To follow my previous 10 day progress video here is a 16 day progress video.

Thankfully, I found a sledge on the property which helped me remove that very stubborn brick at the fireplace.

Got to use the Dustopper from homedepot. It works pretty well.
However, most of the rigid brand shop vac bags broke at the seam on the right side (when in the shop vac), which was super annoying. I used some other bags and they worked just fine.

Grinding the floor with that tiny angle grinder and the 4.5" diamond concrete grinding plate was a pain!!! But it is done now.

Hello everyone, we finally got a house and now doing some demolition in it. Out with the old and in with the new.

Just wanted to give you a quick update. In these 10 days we also removed carpet from 2nd floor but I didn't take any pictures of it.

Will keep posting updates and eventually shop build.

As you can see, under the hardwood we found plywood, which explained why those floors were so much higher than tiled floors. To remove black tar adhesive from concrete we are using Sentinel Formula 747 adhesive remover (home depot). It really works.

Wish us luck as we continue to destroy the old.

I have been getting more and more footage of LA driving, and decided it was time to share a new compilation.
Careless drivers everywhere!!! Thankfully no accidents.

Recently I have decided to make a knife, and wanted to see if you would be interested in these videos as well. I am starting by making 2 knives out of a piece of 1095 steel that I got from Amazon.

In this part I tackle rough shaping these 2 knives.

In this video I experiment with making steel parts look older.

In this video I show my idea for a Trigger Bar Single Action Conversion for a Beretta 92 FS. This is just proof of concept, and the final Trigger Bar part would look much better.

In this video I go over what I had to do to smooth out the action on my CZ 75 Pre-B. Every part is discussed in detail and how they work together (in my humble opinion) is also described to the best of my ability.

Now sporting my glasses I prove to myself that there is really just one thing to blame - me - for my bad grouping.

Just got my CZ back from a friend who bought it from me 4 years ago. Will be making a few videos with this pistol for sure.

took it out to the range to see how I do with it.

Just found EveryGunPart through a friend of mine. What an amazing site! Lots of kits. I got 2 revolver kits because I plan to try milling out revolver frames and building these up.

As I was planning to build a 1911 in 9mm and with a Red Dot sight I decided to make my own mount for the Trijicon RMR sight.
This is the first time I am making something like this and using my Harbor Freight Mini Mill.


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As my username suggests a Mosin Nagant 91/30 was the rifle that pulled me in, you might even say I got infected. I always liked to work with my hands and had a bunch of different hobbies that had not really stuck around. Then the world of firearms opened its doors to me and I finally found what I want to do for the rest of my life - gunsmithing, restorations, builds, leatherworking (as it relates to guns), woodworking, etc.

Now I am even considering learning new traits as result of getting into firearm work.