Exact same way I feel how this man spoke up against this hoax virus, people do not realize goverment is playing people as fools with the worst bogus scamdemic in history...& for everyone who is wearing masks dont realize they are damaging their lungs constantly rebreathing the same air in over & over again breaking down the lining of their lungs which can cause cancer for them who wear masks long term on their jobs 8 + hours a day, there comes a point where we must stop listening to corrupt politicians & law makers who are forcing things on the people that are unconstitutional & again masks are damaging to peoples health it has nothing to do with this hoax its complete nonsense & lies we have been told about this scamdemic... people must rebel do not comply

Sibley Hospital ER Washington DC, August 2nd

Some serious information. Live Stream With Medical Doctor Andrew Kaufman

For education purposes only. Source: The High Wire [This video not available anymore. Banned from YouTube]

Gathering Actors - 5Gramms Towers - Global Governor - New Banking System


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