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May 19, 2017 / 83

Planting The Tower Of Power

Upon waking up after a windy night, we discovered the tomato tower of power had shifted to one side. After adding some guide wires, it is now much more stable.

The plan is to put 4 tomatoes on each..



May 12, 2017 / 136

Spring Garden Update

Its almost mid March as we wait patiently for the lilacs to bloom
The peas in the garden are coming along nicely, as are the onion sets we planted a few weeks ago. The straw covered area is the pota..



May 05, 2017 / 459

Tomatoes And Peppers From Seed

Starting Tomatoes and Peppers from Seed allows you to try varieties that you can't find at your local garden center.

It's free and easy to make pots from newspaper. Just take a sheet of newspaper, ..



Apr 28, 2017 / 111

No Knead Bread

Perhaps you watched our Basic Bread Making video where we showed how we make bread the conventional way which calls for kneading the dough by hand for several minutes.

Here we will show you an easi..



Apr 21, 2017 / 105

I don't give a Rat's Arse

Once we discovered we had a rat in our chicken barn it was game on!

We started watching videos showing how people dealt with rats and after much deliberation we decided to manufacture "The Tumbler"..



Apr 14, 2017 / 124

Tomato Tower Of Power

If you're like us, you love Tomato's, so, today we'll show you how to make your own Tomato Tower of Power!
You may need a few tools for this job. We recycled some old 2x6x12 deck boards and ripped t..



Apr 07, 2017 / 94

Chicken Nipples

Today an on Homestead Homebodies we'll show you how to make a chicken waterer.
Some of the things you will need are a 5 gallon bucket, drill, drill bits, nipples, a socket wrench or pliers. We also ..



Mar 31, 2017 / 99

California Bowl

One thing we miss about living in the big city is access to Sushi.
We have made sushi rolls in the past, but, it's messy and complicated. We needed to find a away to enjoy sushi on the Homestead the..



Mar 24, 2017 / 116

Starting Annuals In The Cold Frame

You can start frost sensitive annuals about a month earlier if you use a cold frame. We start by filling large hanging pots about half full of seed starting mix. We don't fill the pots to the top b..



Mar 17, 2017 / 169

Chilly Chickens

It's 15 degrees Fahrenheit (about -9 Celsius) in the unheated chicken coop. They say chickens can take the cold, but we like to give them a little something extra when the temps go below zero.


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