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The Honeybee, Bitchute Co-Creator Ray Vahey, and YouTube Content Creators, Victurus Libertas and Carolyn Limaco, talk about censorship, moving to free-speech platforms, Rothschild/Rockafeller/Hilton connections to YouTube and Google, Monarch Programming, secret surveillance and how grateful we are to have Bitchute.com!

Rashaan Elam talks about her right to travel, her battle in exercising her rights, as well as CPS harassment due to retaliatory school administration, corrupt courts, and judges.


Josh and Brenda Burn are the parents of Noami. Noami was born with a slight head trauma from birth complications. When she was a few months older, Noami was on her father’s lap slipped off his knee when he went to take a call, and in an attempt to save her from smashing her head on the coffee table, Josh put his hand out and protected her head and face. This accident put Josh in jail on charges of child abuse and the nightmare of harassment by Child Protective Service (CPS), DHS, and Local Police began. Brenda had to go into hiding because they were also starting to accuse Brenda of being unfit as well.


Josh still battles to appeal conviction even though he was trying to protect his little girl from injury.


Michelle Tremor-Calderon lost custody of her infant daughter, Devani (Jane Doe) because of a non violent argument with her boyfriend, Jonathan Hileman, who was struggling with cocaine addiction. Devani was given to the Frodsham family by Department of Child Services (DCS).

Fast Forward 3 years, after countless ignored complaints by Michelle to DCS about possible abuse to her daughter and signs she may be experiencing sexual abuse, Army Specialist Randal Bischak, and former State Licensed Foster Parent, James Frodsham were arrested for running a child porn/sex ring.


To make this story even MORE of a nightmare for Devani, she was not returned to the mother, but given to another family, the Osteraas, and at 5 years old was plunged into a bath of scolding hot water where 80% of her body was severely burned.

“[Devani] had to be placed in a medically induced coma, suffering from organ failure. She lost her toes to amputation “and will undergo lifelong operations..

Please visit Voat for fully sourced report and further research

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Canada: 8 Year Old Drag Queen Lactatia (Nemis Quinn Melancon-Golden) performs in adult Drag Queen shows with his parents full support. Is this more child sexual exploitation to further normalize pedophilia? Heart Progress, a pedophile advocacy group latched onto his quote in a meme they posted on their 3rd, now deleted, Google+ profile "I think that anyone can do what they want in life. If you want to be a Drag Queen and your parents don't let you, then you need new parents". https://imgur.com/gallery/X4WPA

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