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STFU about revolution you lazy cowards... change some hearts and minds first.

Life In The Anarchist Hood Of No Illusion

From Eric July's stream earlier. Enjoy. :D

We went to a neighboring county's protest because we live in a small town. Also my daughter wanted to go and it was interesting to see how these things operate. We've been to a peace rally before but protests are new to us. Not that I think begging master for less whippings actually works. Thanks for watching, y'all.

Plannedemic version of "Can I Pet That Dog"

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Herman Rosenblat admitting he lies in his memoirs - https://www.bitchute.com/video/LdAaS61qqI0/

The Satire Of How To Take Over The World:

Fvck you you tube.

#ThinkResponsibly this message has been brought to you by me.

An excerpt from today's livestream of The HighWire with Del Bigtree

The indescriminate killing of innocents is being downplayed by main stream media. This is my very quick dealing with someone who thinks times "were a better."

99% of the population is "Part Of The Problem," (Dave Smith's podcast. Introspect. All change starts within the individual.


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The idea of the State as a legitimate source of authority begins in the home. That idea is then perpetuated further via State indoctrination within the compulsory public school system. If college is attended, the effects will most likely last longer, perhaps the entire life of the individual. This channel is an attempt to dispel the belief that the State is a justifiable authority and to show the State for what it truly is. The State is a monopoly on violence and a crime against humanity.