Hopeful Voluntarist

99% of the population is "Part Of The Problem," (Dave Smith's podcast. Introspect. All change starts within the individual.

Because medical science is so groovy.

I need better reasons to become vegan.

We made some juice of our local wild edibles in our back yard - ha. The Super Nutrients Are Very Bitter. Boo Yah.

A display of "peace" resulting in a lot of democrats and hippies, along with me in my holistic anarchism shirt and my fam (along with logan - I think he counts as fam now). We all wished the turn out was bigger but we are in a "red" county so... what ya gonna do.

Haha he hates old lady stuff!

Hopefully the algorithm's can chillax.

Allopathic vaccines may not be as "safe" as all the order following and extra indoctrinated doctors claim they are; a quick look at homeoprophylaxis.

excerpt from an episode of The Highwire With Del Bigtree; original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak6_M1u7BUo

Discord won't allow me to upload my powerful files, so you tube gets my junk uploaded so I can share. :P

This isn't photoshopped.

Big Eff U to ALex Trebek... nobody cares about Canadia (haha that last part is an inside joke)

Showing off my gardening skills, haha, I made sure not to mention the "w" word that somehow gets videos deleted and community guideline strikes "violated".... we'll see, maybe my bare feet in dirt will be too much for you tube this time... no naked tiggy toes allowed.


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The idea of the State as a legitimate source of authority begins in the home. That idea is then perpetuated further via State indoctrination within the compulsory public school system. If college is attended, the effects will most likely last longer, perhaps the entire life of the individual. This channel is an attempt to dispel the belief that the State is a justifiable authority and to show the State for what it truly is. The State is a monopoly on violence and a crime against humanity.