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Reading from a Facebook status of mine . . . Facebook, Twitter, Google-YouTube, etc, Don't want people to think for themselves. So, now, they won't allow any dissenting opinions/views expressed and/or shared on their platforms. Because it doesn't conform to the established and/or "official" narrative that is presented by the Powers that be (the Mass media and/or the Government). So they'll suppress you, by removing content (videos & pictures), that you uploaded/shared onto their respective sites or they'll BAND/suspend you for a duration of time (a week or so). . .If you have things to say that aren't "politically correct" or don't conform to what they want people to hear, It's best to say it on Alternative platforms (Gab.ai, Minds, Bitchute, etc). . .I'm NOT saying people should "abandoned" these sites, What I am saying is that you ought to make your presence known on other sites. #PutYourEggsInOtherBaskets #FacebookCensorship #OrwellianTimes #1984