April/May 2021 Angel Orb Celestial Activity, Rainbow Sun!

Music by: Filip Lackovic
"Film Music - The Universe"

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Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

April 2021 Rainy Night Orb Activity
"Pops", Swirls, Color, Twin Souls, Etc.

April 2021 Rainy Night Orb Activity, Shape Matching - I did something new with this clip, shape matching per entity appearance versus splitting them into two different nights (April 11 & April 12).

This is Part 1, infrared. Part 2 will be more swirls, what I call soul-pops, and will be in color, well mostly color. Thank you for watching! Love & Light!

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

A collection of photos by Drphil59 the Chemtrail Whisperer, you can find him on Instagram, etcetera. I'm just sharing his photos with his permission, he's won some photography awards as well. I'm still just "point and shoot" using my Sony camera, ha!

Magnetic Fields, Swirlons, Physics could point to a 'God Equation', AngryCatfish Briggs' Insights, etc.

Music by: We Are Messengers - "Image Of God"
From the album Power + (2020)

AngryCatfish Briggs YouTube channel:

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

March 31st Night Rain Orbs & Spirits - Full Video. North NJ.
19 min. running time.
13 mins. is the rainbow orb.

Music clip by: Filip Lackovic Celtic Fantasy Music "Siren"

The rest of the other two clips are AudioBlocks.
Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

A quick video about orbs being mistaken as Nibiru. This is not to discredit Nibiru, etcetera, this is pointing out the orbs in these photos I came across are our friends, angel orbs. Fear not, God is Great, our Creator is amazing! "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth". AngryCatfish Briggs has a channel full of videos talking about magnetics, what's in your heart matters

March 31, 2021 Orbs & More Orbs! Quick Clip
Stay tuned, working on a new video. I've got some amazing footage from this night!

Music by: Toby Mac, "The Elements" from the album The Elements 2018

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Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

March 24 & 28, 2021 Rainy Night Orb Activity, Shape Matching & Thoughts. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring everyone! L&L

March 20-22, 2021, Spring Angel Orb Activity, It's Fairy-Time!
Here is the link for the Angel Orb UFO type craft video mentioned:

Music by:
Switchfoot "Dare You To Move" from The Beautiful Letdown album (2013)

Toby Mac "I Just Need U" from I Just Need U album (2018) https://tobymac.com

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, N

March 11-15, 2021Sky Orb Celestial Activity. ** This isn't the best of the best, they are too high up, too fast. ** I had to do-over this video after my PC crashed, broke the network drive, but it's fixed which is why I wound up late getting this online.

Running time is 14:31 and this time around I put screenshots after each clip. I still get the dust & insect comments two-plus years later, I try my best to point out which is which, insect photos for comparison are in here as they are in a few other of my other videos.

Music clips:
"Calming Moment" Neil Cross
"Ascension" by Pat Pacino

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

New channel name, dark winter ending (March 6, 2021). Seasons change, tides turn, brighter days ahead.

Demon Stories, Sargel18, Wanaque Vortex, Writing Again, Etc. (March 3, 2021) Sargel18 is back and his YouTube channel link is here:

It’s back to school here, shuffling schedules around, plus I want to slow down so I can stop and smell the roses. Spring is right around the corner, yay, and I need to get back to writing, this time a children's story. Sending out lots of Love & Light, better months ahead, Covid restrictions relaxing.

Not Fallen Angels, Censorship, Rapture/Magnetism (February 14, 2021). This video contains photos from my prior video as well as a clip from a radio station in Nigeria talking about the Rapture and mentioning magnetism.
Cover photo, Devil/Angel, courtesy of Hamera on DeviantArt

February 7 & 18, 2021 Snowy Night Orb Activity
North NJ

Note: I splurged on another Arlo camera since it went on sale, and should be here in a week. Two cameras have fallen off that second-story ledge window way too many times. Yep, money wasted but it's for a good cause, so it's all good. "Keep Calm & Angel On" is my motto.

Special prayers for Texas.

February 4-8, 2021 Angel Orb Celestial Activity Plus Orb Energy, North NJ. For photos please see my "Not Fallen Angels, Censorship, Rapture/Magnetism" video. Music by: Toby Mac - "See the Light" and King & Country - "Shoulders"

January 29 & 30, 2021 Orb Activity plus "Primordial Soup" Orb Photos. It still took me another day to upload this video. ** Please watch in a darkened room, it helps. ** Pause, rewind if needed. Winter, they're more discreet about their whereabouts.

Music by: Red Rocks Worship, "Breakthrough" Acoustic Live.

January 15, 2021, Rainy Night Orb Activity (North NJ) Music by King & Country: "Joy" & "Steady"

January 19, 23 & 24, 2021
Angel Orb Celestial Activity, North NJ
Short Clips
**Please watch in a darkened room, it helps.**

Guardian Angel Story & Video of an Angel, Angel Orb Update January 2021

Cyrstal-Tyme channel:
Star Dust "Tiamat": (And yes, he kinda calls me out, but it's all good!)
Also, see the Hush Puppy channel.
Schumann Resonance:

My book:

I have created a new Gab group, the link is here:

I know, and empaths are on overload right now. The world is a stage and this act stinks. But it has to play out like this, even though we want our money back! Just remember that they wouldn’t be here if we are all doomed. Their message has not wavered from the first time they came here. Just try and hold onto that.

January Night Celestial Activity, White Orbs, Blue Angel Lightning & Purple Light (2021 North NJ)

Our weather's been dreary, so I wasn't expecting to see much but I did. And wow, do they always bring a smile to my face, and I hope they bring joy to others who watch this clip. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I am going to make a group somewhere (Facebook, Gab, or elsewhere) so others can share photos & videos. Oh, and live streaming coming in 2021 if I can get it to work by running a super long cable.

December 6, 2020, Angel Orb Celestial Activity. A longer video, 18 mins long grab a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Music by: The Belonging Co "Love Like This / No One Like You / Break Every Chain". L&L!

New flight patterns towards the end, which hasn’t been seen up high since this all began. In cool weather, it was a pleasant surprise. Dates of: 11/18 & 11/20/2020. North NJ. Pictures included. Please try to watch in a darkened room, since they are small. L&L to all.


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I see paranormal ghost orbs along with angels. They're always around us but now can be seen in the daytime. Fairly certain this is tied to our "Great Awakening". I also receive telepathic messages in dreams.

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