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Exploring the work & mind of Doriane Greens and the art of life aligned to Natural Law.. Exploration dans le grand travail, la dance & le Mind of..
Yes, this video chat is 99% in french.. I'm seeing about a possible english version or english subtitles, but we will see.. Please feel free to share this with any francophone you know..

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The End of Slavery Summit featuring 50 people including Doriane, myself and other fellow speakers like Brandon Spencer, Marja West, Chris Jantzen & Leslie Powers

Merci beaucoup!

Great discussion with Will Keller, member/founder of The Natual Freedom League, Natural Freedom Alliance, and The Freedom Under Natural Law Conferences. you can find all his works here: @WillTellTruth93 ~~~

This discussion touches on many aspects regarding the nature/spirituality within ourselves, connection to nature and some of the initial factors of division once we branch away from that. Our perspectives come from deep philosophical learning and observation, hermetisism, Natural Law, Animisim, Naturosophy, Naturality, de-occulted knowledge, Trivium, socratic & apophatic approach, objective morality, the law of freedom, true Paganism, cymatics, etymology, science of life, Causality, Law of Correspondence, Alchemy, shadow work, inner work, Mentalism, Hieros Gamos, internal symetry, among other modalities and holistic ways of life.

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Round 2- this time we're touring the Vegas Strip, hotels/casinos and some of the surrounding places!
I've said this for years with like-minded friends & ex's, which still holds water in that many of the standard discussions I have with folks like that are better than a lot of podcasts out there.. that's not to brag, just an observation and testament that people like us tend to speak with a lot of substance backed by much learning/unlearning, initiations, integration, alchemical transmutations & inner work.

So here we were for a few days trying to maintain a good vibe amidst the noise.. It ain't all bad and i'll reiterate that we're not acting like we're above it all like some snooty spiritual dude perched on some glorified moral high-ground.. A place you really gotta be there to fully see it for what it is, and i don't know the half, i've only been there once before.. I got respect for the place despite some of my negative findings and feelings about it.. I don't get hung up on generalizations and really try to put that aside when speaking about a specific demographic, and especially when meeting people in real life.. Despite the "low vibes" i try to see people as that soul in the flesh, whether they're awake/aware to it or not..

This is a mixed bag of around 30 different video clips i took, plus a few goodies i sprinkled in there.. Call it edutainment

Music credits:
intro: Reload by Zion I (R.I.P.)
Luck Be A Lady - Frank Sinatra
Wisest Man (Didn't I (Guts Remix)) - Darondo x Uncle Lush ((AwakenYamind Mix))
Outro: Matters - Circus ft. by Awol One

Brandon's meta-link:
His work is quality! He's been one of those great conscious content creators who I've collaborated with the most this past year and our initial chat about the goddess of Maat is what I was eluding to when I introduced him, which I recommend as it's quite relevant.

Please help spread the word about my new channel @dissolvingthedivide as we try to populate this platform from scratch and get the algorithms to favor this work so it can ripple out further as we continue to bridge the gaps.

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This happened on 1/11-16/11/2023


was really grateful and fortunate to get to stay with Brandon in Las Vegas for a couple of days while he was there out from Georgia for work.. i drove out from New Mexico on my way to SF and we got to meet in real life for the first time.. I've met 4 great truth speakers/seekers in 3 different states over the past few months and it's been beyond fruitful..

We spoke about a lot of stuff in this one segment, too much to mention here, but it was chalked full of great points and good times.. 2 fire signs right here, but I can assure you there's no toxic masculinity, altho we get a lil cathartic with our compassion & conviction as 2 under-exposed content creators can get from time to time, but we're good and balanced overall- in touch with that divine feminine aspect within ourselves

This chat was one of many we had over the course of 4 days.. Next video will be from my lil pro camera we took on the vegas strip, in & outta casinos and other outtakes.. The conversations between 2 conscious men is different in that the majority of what we speak on has a lot of substance with experience and much learning behind it.. sports, gambling, hanging out at bars, hooking up with "chicks" and all that jazz really ain't no concern to us cuz we understand the hour of the time and we're pretty damn solid when it comes to discipline. we didn't gamble once actually, and it's not like we're hating on folks who do all that, we're just not attracted to it.. Btw, this ain't no bromance or whatever, haha.. just for the record

Brandon's meta-link:
His work is quality! He's been one of those great conscious content creators who I've collaborated with the most this past year and our initial chat about the goddess of Maat is what I was eluding to when I introduced him, which I recommend as it's quite relevant.

Please help spread the word about my new channel @dissolvingthedivide as we try to populate this platform from scratch and get the algorithms to favor this work so it can ripple out further as we continue this work.

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This discussion is a very deep dive into so many aspects of bridging the gaps on the internal divide as we apply some proper masonry to the foundation of what Leslie & Derek are building here. Nate navigates and invites us through many many many perspectives of life through an adept way of understanding language, symbolism, esoteric/occulted/ancient/mystery school knowledge- and yes these are the sciences of life, spirituality, natural law, etc. that is beyond religion and such (who've not only used that knowledge to their advantage to manipulate people, but to also occult and demonize the aforementioned regarding the pure teaching of Universal/cosmic/Natural Law...

we are putting the roof on top of this house we've created to keep the foundation hermetically sealed in a sense, where Nate goes into some of the philosophies of a master builder. We are flipping the script on the internal inversions that distort and disservice our true versions of ourselves and raising the spirit out of the material world

Nate brings some philosophical wordplay with us, such as The Spire Ritual spiritual symbolic approach and perspective on life and the evolution of consciousness.. Staying on the right path even though it's a spiral journey to get to the point on your own life.. Spiraling towards balance, the center point, or dot in the circle..

One note of further clarification to be made is the limbic part of the brain and its connection to the neo-cortext & r-complex brain stem...

You can find all of Nate Kap's work here:

Leslie Powers: powers

Derek Bartolacelli:

music credits
intro: Light Years by Ill Nature
outro: Journey of The Soul by Celestial Serpent


A mixture of underground hiphop with that elevated consciousness over lo-fi, 4-track type of home recordingesque production.. Not the classical elevator music, altho people have tried to call this kind of music as such to me, or backpacker music.. low budget beats and such equals that? like the same sad assumption of how folks must be poor and can't afford a car if they're riding the bus.. cuz when you travel without a car, you'll usually gonna need a backpack, which is what i did for the past 15yrs of not owning a car.. so music is that extra companion on those journeys, as in a car, altho skateboarding for a few kilometers to go to the market is pretty sweet with beats.. keeps the moving & grooving vibe fresh, like the produce i'd stuff in my backpack.. to be fair, it is better to listen to these 4trak quality songs with headphones or stereo- bass-heavy speakers may distort the sound or might come out imbalaced

Among so many types of music out there and sub-genres of the various forms, underground hiphop has been one of the nearest and dearest to me- specifically this tape cassette quality home with simple drum machine beats over a 4 track complimented by conscious humble lyrics. You can sense when artists posses or portray that willforce to pursue higher states of awareness/consciousness.. it easily brings tears to my eyes imagining the effort and collaborations, knowledge obtained and individual experiences these artists went thru to make this magical music manifest. much love and respect to those who've contributed to this medium of conscious expression

Elevating to what? a better frequency of living.. that's it.. you're not magically ascending to 5D.. You tap into those dimensions within you and ripple it outwards in this 3D reality.. The alchemical process will have you burnt to your lowest point in order to rise beyond most of what you were and even thought you were.. Easier said than done x a million when it comes to that level, dedication and focus of inner work.

Understand, this youtube channel gets by much easier with this kind of music selected mostly from underground artists who were/are either not on a label or an independent one.. otherwise these mixes get hit up with copyright restrictions and all that noise (which i only have to deal with on youtube, so i might eventually cater even more towards other platforms for future projects).


Supreme Math Intro - Sunspot Jonz x World Renown
Elevation - Ghetto Children
Divine Connection - Scienze of Life & Dee Nasty
Elevation (Wiser) - Style Misia
Oral Fixation - Animal Pharm
Life Strange - PSC & Bizarro
Elevation - US Pros
Collective Meditations (St. Germain Remix) - Universouls
Life - Diverse
360° Beat - King Koncepts
Deep Concentration - Daysmen Empire
Motivate, Move, Get it.... - Asop
Breath of Fresh Air - EVS
Spiritworl - Mystik Journeymen
Devine Intervention - Masterminds
Elevate - Cosmic & Optimus Rhymes
Sink & Get Caught - Emanon.

This Discussion is really about the masculine and feminine energetic achetypes of energetic consciousness that resides in each human being.. Thank you all for watching

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related material

Balance-Balance-Balance: Expansion & Contraction

Healing The Divide & Conquer Within: Ending the War of the Sexes ~ Episode 217 -

Awakened Masculine & Feminine with Derek Bartolacelli & Marja West - Love, Truth & Beauty Podcast -

Leslie Powers: powers

Derek Bartolacelli:


Had a great discussion with the one and only Crypt Rick who I joined on his great radio show "I've Been Thinking".. This chat hinges off of my massive video hiphop mix titled "The Technocratic Transhumanist Decepticon Matrix"

We touch on many aspects and influences technology has had upon society & our psyche, which has good and bad consequences.. It really comes down to proper usage and manufacturing/sourcing materials for it.. unlike the raping and pillaging of the earth to extract the prima materia that unfortunately all-to-often gets perverted and implemented into tech with toxic counterparts like the petrol-chemical plastics and such.. how many final products create negative emfs, elfs, etc? couldn't we do better?

there's a group called The One Great Work Warriors that we're in which is a roundtable discussion hosted by Chris Jantzen over at, so keep an eye out for that cuz it's been going well with some positive feedback, especially regarding the controversial topics we discuss with the other friends

I love the way Rick conducts his show, the questions he asks and the insightful and down-to-earth commentary.. He holds space very well for his guests for fresh conversations, so check him out sometime!'ve-been-thinking/
you can also catch him and others including some conscious cats that him & I have collaborated with on The One Great Work Network:

This conversation brought up a good idea that i will pitch in a later time, but just while i'm at it, i want to do more videos with others based off of mixes i've done in the past and expand on the messages and sentiments about it all..

other link to that epic mix:


This conversation is very important and pertains to individuals whether they're aware of these things or not.. As above, so below, as the universe, so the soul. Believe it or not, but astrology is key in understanding ourselves better, which is why we chose to have Rodney on and share his advanced knowledge about these concepts so we can find balance within ourselves, which is why Libra was mentioned many times in this discussion.. And wouldn't you know it, we all discovered at one point in the cat, that we all have Libra Ascending in our blueprints/natal charts!

Rodney has a very profound wealth of knowledge that he kindly shares with us today. He is a mage, musician and teacher among other great aspects as an activated individual aligned to Cosmic Law. You can find out more about him and his powerful services on his website:
Email: [email protected]
FACEBOOK: Heart Core Productions
Rodney Goodwin/messenger

We all have the common ground of being initiated into the Blue Flame Healing Arts & Occult* Sciences founded by Sethikus Boza @BlackEarthProductions .. *Occult meaning hidden like the laws of nature- nothing satanic or cultish.. It has been a life-improving, consciousness expanding game-changer for all of us.. Rodney's had a few discussions with him that are on both of their youtube channels.. you can find out more and his magnificent services at

for me, it's about under/inner/overstanding the wheels within wheels circumnavigating within us and in the cosmos on a multidimensional level, which i have yet to understand, let alone integrate, but as we spoke about in this episode, it's a daily operation in this life journey.

Leslie, as always can be reached at her website
here on youtube @lesliepowers3487
and on the

and my links:
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email me if you're interesting in coming on the discussion with us and help dissolve the divides in the world and within ourselves


I need your help populating this new channel @dissolvingthedivide I've created with @lesliepowers3487 .. seriously, please subscribe, spread the word, and all that helpful stuff that can propel these messages to more people.. it is funked up to not be taken seriously for not having umpteen thousand subscribers for a new audience sometimes, or trying to invite guests.. so i hope y'all understand- even if you're not totally interested, it does't hurt to throw us in the mix, i never asked anyone to ring the notification bell and whatever the hell, but this is different and could be a game changer for many..

if you feel like you're up to it, get in contact with us if you want to come on and speak on one of the many divide between humanity to see about solutions
one luv to @brandonspencer0093 for his constant support, interaction, and hard work to continue portraying the truth and what is right in this life.. i felt including his lil video he posted the other day just so y'all can hear someone else speak about what we're trying to do with this dissolving the divide show..

What's up with the music mixes!? funny you asked, but it's not funny that i can't get much on to youtube with the strict copy right stuff.. I tried to upload 2 mixes over the past week and no flippn dice! As Brandon mentioned, it's best to find our works elsewhere.. I'm beyond tired of having to re-frame and limit the music i'm mixing and some of my vocabulary to avoid censorship and copy right infringements...
i got them both uploaded on 5 different platforms
Mystic Flutes Over Lyrics & Melodic Loops - Conscious HipHop Mix in 432Hz

Song Credits in this video:
Intro: Holistic View by Spirit of Love Movement @DerGjitr
snippet from Divide & Conquer by Bay Area Art Collective
Outro: Patience - Hypnotic The Native Son

This thumbnail/album artwork is stemming from my template on the massive music & video project about the goddess Maat... check it out on my other platforms sometime!


This mix is designed for the meditative mind..  I love the melodic melodies that can whisk you away into deep dimensions of thought, meditation, imagination and contemplation that helps one's mental emancipation.  

This continuous mix is made up of about 2/3rds instrumentals that plays out after the first half an hour of beats & lyrics..  Just another side of the conscious artistic expressions of this musical art-form that's inspired by some many genres of music.  

This is the last official release of any musical project of 2022..  Not exactly sure what's next on the menu, but i will continue to bring you musical tapestries that inspire & ring true

This mix was really interesting to listen to while driving from AZ to NM around 3am..  There's something about long trips on the open road that just opens your mind to reflective thoughts & memories and other progressive digressions..  revisiting lessons to help ease up the stressn' thru balanced introspection


Intro - Bells of Love
Ka Zodiak - Mystical Insperience
Hesitation - Eligh
Long Range (snippet) - Kubiq
The Wait of Options - Oddities
Let's Go - Bicasso ft. The Grouch
Inner Vision - DJ Drez
Le Roseau Remix - Explicit Samouraï
I Am Dreaming - DJ Frane
Dialetix Crew - Wonderful & Strange
Flute Loop - Beastie Boys
Orange Blossoms - MF Doom
Frequency - Jazz Spastiks ft. Moka Only
Interlude - Black Sheep
Exhausted Love - Eyedea & Abilities
No Need To Search snippet - ??
Séquelles - MC Solaar
Control - Jewels Hunter ft. Curtis Seals & Maker
Chant Foriva - KeepYaJoy
Blue Avenue - Jazz Liberatorz
Transmitter - DJ Zeph
Golden Nectar - J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
La Goutte d'Or - Saint Germain
Blue Mountain Dub - J Boogie's Dubtronic Science ft. Jazz Mafia
Instrumental - EVS
Vibes from the Tribes Suite (For Phil) - Yesterday's Universe All Stars
Be Here Now - Masta Buildas
Brothers Forever inst. snippet - Abstract Tribe Unique
Brigade Break - Urban Strife

Arranged, mixed, & produced in 432Hz on Dec. 28th, 2022 in Albuquerque by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


This is a simple music mix I concocted of a variety of hip hop tunes i shuffled thru over the past year during my travels and some songs that came back to memory after returning for an unintended extended stay in the Bay.. No special theme with this one, and not much edited as i just let the music play, which is pretty positive & solid all the way thru.. def not the most conscious/spiritual whatever, but there's some great messages all over and it's more intelligent than what's on the radio for the most part.. i should see if the next bowling alley would let me be their dj, haha

I take my work with me pretty much anywhere i go and with a lot of things i do.. i'm inspired by much and jot down many ideas and observations.. i listen to more podcasts than music, but i take my beats to the bowling alley as well, which has been a cool thing to do for reviewing these mixes in a single 'sitting' so i can make the proper edits & adjustments later.

I've been in and out of relationships over the past 3yrs that has left me exhausted from heartbreak.. Spending good times out with myself for the sake of getting out and shaking off some stagnant energy and switch up the scenery from whatever hermit hole i'm in has been therapeutic.. I drove around quite a bit this year (10k miles), and it wasn't to make up for lost time of not owning a car for 15 years.. Was on a mission to get to Canada to be with the woman i love, but got denied at the border due to my ancient petty criminal history that i had to get sorted out this year.. i actually got one of my cases amended and sealed, and still on good terms with that old flame..

What's funny, but kinda cool is during these road trips, i calculate my only stops to take a break at bowling alleys.. most of'em got food and drinks and it's been a great way to stretch out and get the circulation pumping thru the legs after hours of driving.. these road trips haven't been for pleasure, altho it's been fun with beautiful landscapes from the pacific northwest to new mexico.. i've been basically moving all my stuff from place to place depending where i'm able to stay or where i'm needed, which has mostly been between Oregon & Cali, where i've been grateful for the people/family who've hosted me. Bowling has been my therapeutical sessions Across 4 States this year. would've been 5 if i spent a full day in Arizona.

i'm sharing this video collage of my lil bowling sessions not as some vanity piece of myself, just switching up the style for this video.. i started filming myself to get better and learn the ropes of spinning the ball cuz i like the geometric angles that make you think, kinda like billiards.. i don't claim to be great at this sport and i could leave it all without looking back, it's just something i've grown fond of and has helped me transmute things going on in my life.. i rarely played in france over the past 13yrs cuz the bowling is few and far between as well as lacking in quality. voila

Welcome to the discussion with our first honorary guest, Brandon Spencer!
In this series of informational topics of discussion, we are first laying down the foundation of the divides within humanity, which starts at the individual level going back to the first cosmic law principle of Mentalism: it's all about your state of mind

Topic: Internal conflict, diagnosing the first cosmic law principle of mentalism. solutions to controlling your mind, balancing it, understanding the triad alignment, pillars of enlightenment, shadow work, emotional intelligence, feminine qualities of consciousness, masculine qualities of consciousness, polarity, cause & effect, surrendering to the unknown, quality of thought, mindfulness, being present in the moment, etc.. More to touch on in another segment..

You can find Brandon & Leslies works & websites on

Brandon's meta-link:
His work is quality! He's been one of those great conscious content creators who I've collaborated with the most this past year and our initial chat about the goddess of Maat is what I was eluding to when I introduced him, which I recommend as it's quite relevant.

Please help spread the word about this channel as we try to populate this platform from scratch and get the algorithms to favor this work so it can ripple out further as we continue this work.

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@AwakenYaMind derekbartolacelli
(youtube won't let me use the link, so i had to put a space after the /)

Credits for music-
intro - Light Years by Ill Nature

outro: Cosmosis by Huff x Sethikus Boza (audio sample mix from a project I made some years ago titled Corruption, Confusion & Control of Thought (thoth)) as i eluded to earlie in our discussion with Brandon...
Sethikus Boza @BlackEarthProductions has monumental material regarding the mechanics of one's psychology, so I highly recommend checking out his channel.


Dissolving The Divide is a solution-based discussion series hosted by Leslie Powers & Derek Bartolacelli. Our aim is to seek unity among people who are divided by a number of issues in the world. Each show with feature a specific topic as we invite guests to come on and help us find ways we can bridge the gaps among the divide and conquer strategies that virtually everyone is effected by to varying degrees.

Please help spread the word about this channel as we try to populate this platform from scratch and get the algorithms to favor this work so it can ripple out further as we continue this work.

For inquiries & interest in our works::

Leslie Powers:

[email protected]
@AwakenYaMind derekbartolacelli
(youtube won't let me use the link, so i had to put a space after the /)

We are taking the heart-based intelligent approach with much integrated inner work that allows us to speak on virtually the whole spectrum of issues compassionately without really getting triggered or whatnot.. Can you meet us at this level and help bridge these gaps among people that seem to be more wider and polarized?? Even in the 'truth communities' there's much to sort out, which is part of the mission- those with higher states of consciousness and who truly understand the difference when it comes to being aligned with Cosmic Law, need to be the role models we never really had growing up..

Thank you

Was happy & honored to get invited on the Great Work Warriors Workshop with @chrisjantzenendevil5808 hosting a roundtable of gentlemen here to speak upon what is is to be a man and live like one beyond the stereotypes and toxic personalities and such.. @brandonspencer0093 @CryptRicksIveBeenThinking

There's so much more to what was mentioned in this chat, but we'll leave it as that with simple encouragement and humbleness to keep on the path of self improvement, wether male or female, or whatever..

links to my works:


Great discussion with Cory, who recently finished his 3rd book (at least) where he's trying to simply life in terms of the philosophy of nature, which he coined the word Naturosophy, the title of some of his greatest works, which includes a 10hr presentation he impressively performed.. The vast majority of the slides, pictures, info graphs, etc throughout this video are from his presentation- i hope i placed them in this chat accordingly..

There's much to ponder about after what he unpacked for an hour straight, so I hope to revisit this subject with him in the future.. This goes into much of the philosopher's mind, so try to keep it open with what's talked about

his Naturosophy seminar

links to his slides:

Links to my works & channels:


Was a pleasure and honor to be a part of this historic event put on by Aaron Butler & Cory Endrulat where they interviewed over 50 researchers, truth speakers and conscious individuals emanating and provoking freedom in many walks of life.

You can still sign up for the summit here:
click on the notifications for his channel @CoryNatureIsTheAnswer to get updated on the live broadcasts of all the interviews chalked full of great speakers.. I've been tuning in every night and learning things every day, so i'm grateful for all involved, especially the humble hard working hosts..

link to all his works::
Other great links:::

What multidimensional sovereignty is really about is under/inner/overstanding the mental plane, emotional plane, the physical plane, and the planes of cause & effect. you need to be the cause point for the majority of effects in your life.. is it possible to be 100% at that in this collective consciousness construct?
I set up way too many slides and pictures to go over within this one hour interview, but I will make another video picking up where we left off and will connect to another video that continues later on of where i'm getting at regarding the fallen time matrix of this reality

I just had an interview with Cory today actually, where I held some space for him to elaborate so much regarding the simple term of nature and Natural Law.. that's for another time coming soon, as well as so much more I want to bring forth and collaborate with others on


This is a celebratory project in acknowledging 10 years of doing these music mixes, or tapestries of truth-infused music as I like to put it..

This is also a tribute to those who are no longer here.. this project was inspired and propelled by the conviction provoked from the group Zion I, who lost Baba Zumbi, the emcee, last year.. if you notice a particular melody woven throughout this mix, it's only thanx to this group, altho it's dj amp live that mashed all that up which still gives me goosebumps after almost 20yrs. There are albums that people listen to that can be a game changer and their golden album 'Mind Over Matter' was one of them for me.

i admit it, i didn't have many love relationships when growing up, altho i had music to romance learn, and groove to.. i collected hiphop like kids did baseball cards and listened to much of it "religiously" while going thru life, playing video games, traveling, etc. I had to have music on more times than not..

i wanted to make mixes like this for ages, yet i felt the quickening with so many other issues that are more pertinent.. i can't lose sight of the beauty of this art-form tho, and as you've possibly seen throughout the years, this channel doesn't compromise to bullshit or topics of discussion rapped about which aren't of much value.. The Word Sound Power broadcasted here is also meant to cut thru all the base-level consciousness miasma that distracts & keeps people from reaching higher states of awareness & frequency.

Hip Hop has a very special place in my heart that no other musical genre can touch- it's just like that for me and i respect virtually all forms of music (that isn't wack ;)... The reason this channel exists is because I have an affinity for this medium of conscious expression that is very powerful in many ways. Hip Hop was always there for me along so many travels i've had in this lifetime. Hip Hop was there for me on my darkest days, it's always been comforting during moments of loneliness and all that jazz.. For the best of times and the blurst of times..
yea, you can replace hip hop for another genre and it'll be true for many out there with their preferred musical tastes. However, the way i listen to music is very different than many i've come to realize. I am very much lyric oriented revolving around truth, love, philosophy, Soul(utions), Natural Law, and navigating in & outta the matrix.. Most people caught up in the matrix listen to music quite passively, or recite their favorite pop(poop) star and the ghostwritten drivel sung from their pretty faces... Nothing wrong with beauty, it's just how vainfully it's used and all the sex appeal over-emphasized by commercial or mainstream music..

I got up around 3am and basically went straight to completing the text write-up and finalize this mix in 432Hz.. That's what i do and have done it for years.. I live a non-linear lifestyle dedicated in service to truth..

another great conversation with the ever insightful Brandon Spencer! This is right in the direction of what I've wanted to do for years actually, with interviewing and speaking with music enthusiasts and artists who have used this medium of expression to reach higher states of awareness

notes & links from Brandon, his network, research and also references to what we spoke on today

Always do your research! Never believe me or my guest.

The One Great Work Network

The End of Slavery Summit

Derek's Links

My Links

My Good Friend Autumn (She and I did shows together and I hope She will one day join me again) started a small business making candles. This is something that is a passion to her and I support her in her journey! If anyone would like to support her or just need some candles here is the link. Thank You!

Dead Prez: Police State

Brandeis University: Herbert Marcuse - Angela Davis (She was a student of Herbert Marcuse, he was a member of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism) (Youtube Link)
Brandeis University: Herbert Marcuse - Angela Davis

Angela Davis & Herbert Marcuse at UC Berkeley (1969) Full Audio

The CPUSA and Civil Rights Movement

The CPUSA and Civil Rights Movement (Full Video)

Gus Hall - Presidential Candidate and Later Years

Anarchy USA - Film on the Marxist roots of the civil rights and decolonial movement (1966)

Color, Communism, And Common Sense


This is probably my most in-depth interview regarding the work on this channel and the path laid out decades ago, which manifested into something quite unique for the world of hip hop. I'm really not tooting my horn in this one, just weaving the tapestry of life experiences that coalesced everything to this point.

Topics covered in this

Hip Hop Influences
Truth Speaker Influences
Awakening Experience/Catalyst
Shadow/Inner Work
Activating & Integrating Higher States of Awareness
100th Monkey Effect
Tips for Content Creators
Encouragement in The Pathwork of One's Greatness

subject of discussion in his words:
intro of yourself
people who inspired you on your journey.
how did you get into content creation
432 hz vs 440 hz? what is the difference?
tips and tricks for people who want to start creating
shadow work/dealing with trauma.
Ways people can prep for what is happening in the world. (mentally, physically, spiritually)

Check out Peter's cool video catalogue of interviews and videos he's done over the years with interesting people!​​


A Mystic Shamanistic hip hop journey of the native souls under suppression and i wish this music touched more upon the deeper aspects of why these ancient shamanic lineages have been targeted out by dark forces, and that goes for aboriginal tribes across the globe.. This mix is more americentric with regards to the native american indians- north/south/central american.. This original version was released years ago, but fell to copyright blockage, but works now, so enjoy and introspect on this one

these notions and the history of unspeakable suffering to people of oppressed cultures burns a hole within me of overwhelming anguish and conviction for what has transpired and whatever residuals or mutations of it all that unfortunately lingers on today..
This mix will explore a bit about how Mexicans, Native Americans and African Americans were treated yesterday & today.. deportation, standing rock and police brutality are some of the current issues these groups of people are suffering from respectively

i grew up north of san francisco and remember taking school field trips to the Miwok villages, or whatever was left/preserved of them.. i resonated quite deeply with the native spirits at a young age and appreciated their positive approaches to natural law, their respect to all life, resourcefulness and connection to the earth- despite their flaws..

This mix got extended more than previewed since the topic of "racism" is an underlying issue and unfortunately quite prevalent today.. and since this is hip hop, we gotta acknowledge the roots and in doing so, we see similarities in their struggles of oppression/genocide as well.. let's not forget many other nations and islands that fell victims to missionaries, colonists and imperialists.. had to put a cap on this mix, but there are many more songs similar to what's featured.

This was made to remind people of past issues that have not been resolved even to this day.. to remind people the values of Natural Law that the natives lived with, in which humanity lacks today, especially the sacred connection with this earth and all life upon it.. This is not intended to favor any race or genetic background, nor is it to encourage anti-white sentiments.. no race-baiting here, just looking to expose the oppressors and spark flames of motivation to come together and defend our free will rights that are threatened and limited for virtually everyone on earth. btw, for as long as i remember, i only considered there to be one race among the spectrum of humanity, the human race.. there is too much division on the physical plane which is all illusory at the quantum level..

I don't speak spanish, but i can understand quite a bit of the lyrics due to the latin origin of some words similar to french, which i'm fairly fluent in.. even if we don't understand other languages, the vibration of expression is there and anyone can resonate with that on a different level when they tune into it..

It's the same old different hip hop/rap mix.. or as they say in Vietnam, "same but different," but i'll call it not quite the same, but splifferent (as far as what we can see, hear, feel & smoke out to under the genre hip hop or rap).. Shoutout to all the artists- not just the emcees, but the folks producing the beats, mastering tracks & albums, folks making beautiful artwork, you name it.. it's quite a craft and my heart goes out to those who've made such a huge commitment towards such endeavors which enriched this culture, artform, musical expression, etc... rock on & keep the underground alive! all i've done for the past decade is play a small part in the grand scheme of opening doors & windows to new sounds from artists, philosophers, beatsmiths, researchers, poets, producers, etc past 93' beyond infinity

This mix doesn't have much of a theme outside of going off of some satyr regarding how this music is under the genre or hiphop/rap, yet doesn't sound the same as to what's on the radio and heavily marketed.. Just some bump in the trunk, or what i like to call conscious knock, you know that slaps ignorance around from time to time with some truthful convictions in the rhyme..

Taking it easy on the description this time, as i did the over-involved editing and sound sampling inserts- i just wanted to make something more easy to make as equally listenable/digestable.. whatever, it's just music right?


The Beginning - Blueprint Krew
This Is A Test - Paris
All In The Same
Same Cycle - D.U.S.T.
Not The Same - Mic Crenshaw ft. by Gwizski
Interlude 2 - Colossus
Rocketship - One Be Lo
Not The Same Thing - SeaSunz & J.Bless
The Scroll & Blade - Jewels Hunter ft.
SwordOfPrajna - Stranded, Kalki & Riishii
Lessionsession - Semiotics ft. Righteous
Meniscus - J.Rawls ft:
No Illusion - Anomolies, 427 & Zion I
DJ Platurn in (Fragmented)
Pep Love - Different
DJ Platurn in Deep Concentration
Inspiration - Slo Mo
DJ Slave - Original Beats
Supa Star - Group Home
Mushroom Jazz 4 Snippet - Mark Farina x Marja West
The Same Old Shit - Kruse
Gq Promo - King Koncepts
The Same (snippet) - Mixed Practice
Raw Apperatus - Slumplordz
Tuning - Deca
No Man - Orakull
We Rap The Craft - Joshua Walters ft. GMC
Brief Description - Atmosphere
Nights Like These - Moka Only
Redemption - Black Bird
Infomercial 1 - Wu Tang
Never The Same - Visionaries
You're Not Like Us - Bay Area Art Collective

Arranged, Mixed, & Produced in 432Hz on 11/13/2022 in the Bay Area by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


Greetings from not-so-sunny California where I went on a mission to link up with a buddy who I've been in direct communication with for just a few months really, but when the vibe is there and share much of the same values and objective truths, it's all to the good, plus we mutually respect each other's works.. He came down for a convention with his partner @Leslie Powers and it was truly refreshing to meet them in person for the first time after chatting with them a bit here and there online or facebook.. I swooped him up by SFO while she was occupied for the day and we drove out to Half Moon Bay to test the water and wet fog.. Check out some deep extensive work by Chris, who co-hosted a recent event I mentioned some months ago called the @Freedom Under Natural Law Convergence Conference, which was a great and i even had a lil music snippet segment featured in the 2nd day's morning introduction.. Him & Leslie presented great dissertations respectively worth checking out if you like what we spoke about in this video.. He's also a part of and a some other groups, including the @The LIBERcast roundtable discussions where I joined him & Leslie a few times.
All his work & contacts are here:

had to do that for my own works since it's far from limited to this censor & copyright limited platform know as theytube..

So I've been dwelling on what the ideal sacred masculine looks/thinks/feels/acts like and how they can better master their physiology, psychology, all those ologies which transcends gender appropriately.. But with men, there's a certain general hormonal setup, and there's ways to keep healthy levels of testosterone & estrogen properly balanced..
I'm not concluding there is just one generalization or archetype about all this, altho there seems to be certain attributes we can all align to that corresponds to eternal principles and other laws of nature throughout the countless aspects of life we are constantly interacting with on a multitude of levels

i'll be asking where the new era (will not say new (c)age) Davincis, Washington Carvers, and other ancient or more modern innovators are in the world today more frequently, and this is more of an encouraging call to anyone of any sex to find your greatness that can lead to ideas, practices, inventions, infrastructure, etc that can dramatically shift this planet towards the positive progress of a truly free & harmonious collective consciousness on this planet.. I say all this knowing there are people who are at this caliber, yet their ideas, visions, research, etc. isn't popular enough, censored even, or difficult to implement in society's corrupt structure, trickEconomics, etc, etc, unfortunately.. how do we flip this script?? think about it over some breathwork ;)

We both grew up in the Bay- him San Jose, so we got love for conscious hip hop & the local hometown artists...

There was a recent news article calling for amnesty from the unspeakable damage to countless lives due to the lockdown measures since the dawning of the rona/covid 19/divoc ai.. We get into a lot of morals issues, order followers, definitions of apologies, forgiveness, etc exploring examples and solutions, approaches, etc.. it's a good one, but not the easiest to digest or address, c'est la vie

joining us for the first time on the @The LIBERcast roundtable is Logan Heart from the wonderful @The Wizard Factory .. we got @Brandon Spencer back in the house and James Cordiner from the @A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth along with myself cuz i got nothing better to do than partake in truth speaking discussions like this, sharing ideas, encouraging consciousness and learning


another great discussion from the friday @The LIBERcast live-stream hosted as always by Fred Gingras and joined by @Doriane Greens , @Brandon Spencer and myself as we talk about some of the issues in our respected areas from Quebec, to Atlanta, all the way to Taiwan and back to where i'm at (an extended stay) in the SF Bay.. We're all navigating this collective miasma of consciousness and unconsciousness in this fallen time matrix.. we're all trying to get by the best we can while shedding light on the darkness as we look to solutions to help others and be the examples of the proper people we want to see in the world- not the shadow projections we're so used to seeing and perpetuating.. gotta break those cycles and negative feedback loops.. much easier said than done but we all gotta try to make it happen and flip the script


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Greetings & Bonjour,

You may have heard of my work under the monicker AwakenYaMind, where i've been mixing provocative truth-infused themed music mixes since 2012.. Been holding out too long on doing my own work under my own name for a bit too long there, but it's been complicated over the years living in France.. Originally from The San Francisco Bay Area, but i've been in France for over the past decade now and i've been going through multidimensional transformations, awakenings, deprograming, ego deaths and all that other stuff that comes with becoming an activated individual.. I'm not as much of an activist as i should be, but i've been on a different path in a sense and i'm looking to really get things rolling for 2021 in a big way..

I'm aligned with Natural Natural Law, Morality, and the higher sciences of spirituality to keep it short

Looking to get at the heart of some matters here and speak my awakened & re-educated mind that is rooted in heart-based intelligence