John Petersen - Futurist, President of the Arlington Institute

Internationally known futurist and founder of The Arlington Institute, John L. Petersen comes to Freedom Hub in the middle of the most extraordinary time of change in recorded history. John, a former Navy pilot, is an unlikely candidate to be researching all things “counter-culture” – considering his name, at one time, was tossed around as a candidate for Secretary of the Navy. On the other hand, his deep DOD connections, and knowledge of some of the ‘dark’ projects (think DARPA, ET’s) have put him in a unique position.

John is also the founder and host of TRANSITION TALKS, monthly TED-Talk like events hosted at the Coolfont Resort in Berkeley Springs, WV. Presenters John has featured include Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Bradon, Regina Meredith, Penny Kelly, top U.S. physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff (who helped develop Remote Viewing), and Ex-CIA spy Robert David Steele, Astrologer Joni Patry, and many more. You get the idea.

At the end of it all, between some of the greatest minds and visionaries of our times, and professionally tracking future trends and technologies, John brings a well-informed perspective to the Freedom Hub – and will discuss the giant structural shifts that are in the works – beginning with an implosion of our present ‘human support system’ of institutions and organizing concepts – and how we make room for a whole new, revolutionary set of ideas, and a new operating framework. What’s coming, John believes, is literally a kind of new human and a new world. No, not the Great Reset…. but a Greater Reset.

Craig Bergman - President, Vortex Blockchain Technologies

Technology helps ease our challenges in life. There’s nothing easier than swiping a card or using an app to pay contractors. But what if special interests use the government to spoil the party? China may not be a fair example because it’s controlled by behavior-manipulating freaks, but for just the past two years, every so-called liberal democracy in the West threatened unemployment for anyone unwilling to “take one in the arm.” So, before any of us ‘sign on’ to using some new digital currency, shouldn’t we know more about it?

Although we’d like to avoid the worst of China’s behavior-coercing the digital system, they are farthest along in the merging of currency payments and technological convenience. Thus, we should at least take a close look at what they are doing and how people have fared. That way, we know what pressure to apply to politicians to prevent regulations that would threaten independent-minded Americans with loss of access to the digital marketplace – or perhaps any marketplace. We saw a terrifying example of this in Canada, where peaceful citizens opposing health tyranny – along with the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy – had their bank accounts seized.

Should we hold onto some cash in case those in control fall in love with Chinese autocracy and implement social credit scores here? (Actually, they are already doing that via the ESG investing filter.) Funds following that acronym must be proven to be politically correct, by supporting climate alarmism, socially woke nonsense and an abject love for the government.

We will need to make a decision on this stuff soon because Biden has issued an executive order for the Federal Reserve to issue a digital currency, and the FBI has started an arm to work with them.

Mr. Bergman may have a solution to allow digital currency – but one immune from government exploitation. For years he’s run Vortex Blockchain Technologies and Liberty Coin Farms and has previously served as VP of several banks, including Wells Fargo. He even worked for the great, Ron Paul.

Before any kind of digital currency is adopted, though, we need stricter laws on data privacy and an Electronic Bill of Rights that protects “we the people” from predatory surveillance and data-mining practices – by the government or its corporate partners.

Perhaps YOU know the best approach to a safe digital currency? Bring your ideas Thursdays!

Tessa Lena - Tessa Fights Robots

Life in America… long known as the ‘Beacon of Freedom’ for the world… has been turned upside down – in lockstep with the WEF’s Global Reset plan. Right out of the gate came the manufactured COVID plandemic; the economy-busting lockdowns which shut down many of America’s small businesses; and the clamp-down on free speech. It didn’t stop there, though. These global, corporate oligarchs and captured governments rolled out critical race theory, gender dysphoria, and engineered supply chain disruptions to pressure us into moving to lab-grown Frankenfoods and GMO produce.

Welcome to the New Normal. It’s normal where seemingly healthy adults now drop dead for no apparent reason. I believe they are calling it SADS – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Just like the youngsters suddenly getting heart attacks and myocarditis – the new normal. It’s been going, we’re told, it is just that the reporting has gotten better.

But that is not what is really happening. These deaths, these heart problems, and most of the so-called deaths from COVID are the side effects of these not-properly-tested-and-quickly-rolled-out vaccines. Of course, for many reasons – none you care to hear, though -- the authorities will never admit to that. So, the gullible and those who fell for the mass psychosis Psy-Op, think these are just signs of the times. They are not.

Tessa Lena, a New York-based podcaster, musician, blogger, and artist, is working on the front lines to raise awareness about these issues… hoping to create a little crack in the reality of some of the estimated 40% of the population who still have a chance to see the light.

Tessa, a recent immigrant from Russia, will bring her unique insights, perspective, and thoughtful solutions to our podcast on Thursday. What kind of solutions? For one, Tessa says questions of the heart and simple peasant humility lie in uncharted territory for the self-respecting urban, educated mind. Like the elephant in the middle of the room, those big, foundational questions are never touched.

“We want answers but we don’t want to change our idea about ourselves and our self-aggrandizing intellectual paradigms. The machine annihilates the senses we were born with, the senses that allow us to find happiness and to be fully present in the primordial state. It covers up the context. The ability to find the solution means trashing the interface entirely.”

Joel Wallskog - Surgeon & Co-founder, React19

With only superficial vaccine training in medical school, the world’s doctors have only the pharmaceutical industry’s own self-reporting to go by. If the industry says they are “safe and effective,” then they assume they are. So, when Medicare mandated any hospital or other institution receiving tax dollars had to vaccinate their personnel for Covid, only a small percentage declined to roll up their sleeves for the experimental therapy. Among those practitioners who got inoculated, some experienced severe injuries, and some even lost their lives.

One of these injured surgeons was Dr. Wallskog, who since 2009 had developed at Aurora Healthcare a large successful orthopedic practice focusing on shoulder, hip, and knee replacement. For many years also he had been on the clinical faculty for the Medical College of Wisconsin, training fourth and fifth-year orthopedic residents on how to improve their surgical skills. Prior to his diagnosis of transverse myelitis (as a result of the shot), Joel was an avid outdoorsman. Now, he cannot continue his career and must rely on long-term disability.

But, all is not lost. Co-founding React19 to study long-term vaccine injuries and solutions, Dr. Wallskog aims to bring researchers and clinicians together to take such injuries seriously. “We all know the government is engaged in a coverup of catastrophic proportions,” said Dr. Wallskog. “If the excess death being reported by insurers, government agencies and experts can be traced to vaccination, we may be observing a horrific crime against humanity.”

Join the conversation Thursday, and learn how to revive honesty on vaccine risk, and reform the government so nobody is ever again coerced against their will in healthcare.

Jeremy Kauffman - CEO of LBRY & Senate candidate

One of the unintended consequences of the Covid hysteria has been what hopeful Americans call the “Great Awakening” - hopeful because we “hope” people are wising up to the special interests’ regulatory capture of the narrative, and why that is bad for them. But this nascent momentum for liberty and truth may die without more nurturing from leaders skilled in combating the tyrannical power-mongering from the “Great Reset” Davos gang. Some of these needed leaders aren’t well known, though, and Mr. Kauffman, one of these rising leaders, has a lesson for all of us regarding how to communicate to bring in this better world.

What made Jeremy a leader was entrepreneurship – solving the social media censoring and spying problem with a venture called LBRY, a decentralized content sharing and publishing protocol. Jeremy created LBRY because he fell in love with the idea of a shared, global content registry that is owned and controlled by no one. He also is in love with the idea of you and your family being owned by no one, and certainly not any politician or bureaucrat in DC.

Jeremy is a board member of the Free State Project, which chose New Hampshire as the most free in the nation-state. He wants to preserve and expand the Granite State advantage, keeping it safe from states that are headed in the opposite, authoritarian direction. There are plenty of unfree states, yet there is only one Granite State.

Running for Senate now, he slowly has made another name for himself – in the area of communications. Pushing the envelope on controversial tweets, he understands the basic communication lesson that provocation makes a part of any successful strategy; it helps open minds so people can receive the truth. But leaders must know their audience and think quickly and correctly to grab their attention and loyalty.

Matt Sattler - Director of Free to Fly Canada

As the world in 2020 descended into lockdown, Oxford’s Sunetra Gupta, who helped craft the monumental Great Barrington Declaration against the Covid hysteria, warned in the Daily Mail, “Do not shut down international travel. International travel helps to build up our defenses against new and emerging viruses.” But manufactured fear allowed power-hungry bureaucrats to isolate nations and the families within those nations.

Exploiting fear and sabotaging livelihoods (while enriching the oligarchs and billionaires), governments made an experimental EUA vaccine the condition to “re-enter” society. While suppressing superior off-label treatments, governments and employers forbade work without vaccination.

As 2021 ended, news came out about the millions of vaccine injuries and deaths. On top of that, these vaccines failed to prevent transmission. In America, the mandates ended for all but soldiers, and hospital staff.

But, not in Canada, as Mr. Sattler will explain. Without the jab, his countrymen still may not fly. He himself suffered persecution for being an unvaccinated pilot. Though the Canadian Trucker’s Protest made international news, College mandates are still in effect – and podcaster Joe Rogan calls the country’s premier a “CREEPY F****** DICTATOR”.

Scott Beyer - Owner, Market Urbanism Report & Journalist, Independent Institute

That was a question asked at a Smart City conference a decade ago in London, one of the “smartest” cities in the world. With Covid rightly being seen as a setup for importing Communist behavioral controls and having exposed the government as a tool of the powerful, self-thinking Americans are rightly demanding details on what planners mean by “smart”.

It relies, for example, on The Internet of Things, with radio frequency antennas creating a mesh of radiation whose dangers the government has suppressed on behalf of its special interest biotech funders as much as Pharma special interests have suppressed the dangers of vaccines. Congress is waking up to the dangers of Pharma, but it seems blithely unaware of Telecom’s similar capture of the FCC.

This mesh of unrecognized radiation dangers couples with the panopticon danger Jeremy Bentham envisioned in the 1790s - where mass surveillance tracks our every move. Spotting crime in every corner of the city, or knowing how to get to work unhindered by congestion seem great reasons for a smart city, but Big Brother’s eye and unremitting radiation don’t come with Informed Consent.

When can Smart Cities be valuable to taxpayers? Perhaps in open-source tracking of government politicians and what they fund. Scott Beyer writes about urban modernization, for his consultancy as well as for the eminent Independent Institute. He advocates for better housing, transport, zoning, and other city policies. Cities make fascinating destinations and places to live, and we like progress. But we also like values, privacy, and liability for those that harm us. So, what should a “Smart” city pursue?

Byron Carson - Assistant Economics Prof, Hamden-Sidney College

Since authorization last October by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of Covid shots for kids aged 6-10, the Los Angeles Times reported only 25% of parents had subjected their kids to what remains an experimental jab. The Epoch Times reported moms are losing trust in other vaccines as well.

Biden’s pollster warned Democrats early in 2022 that if they didn’t back off the Covid mandates they’d get crushed this November. The warning said voters would punish them even if they backed off - if they felt Democrats might revive controls later.

The news keeps getting worse for Public Health cheerleaders. This month the General Accountability Office exposed the lack of safeguards at our medical bureaucracies against political interference and whistleblower protections. What possibly can restore the reputation of Public Health - and the government’s use of it to counter health scares?

Professor Carson has written about this Public Health collapse. Teaching the economics of health and epidemiology, he brings a unique perspective via his doctorate from George Mason University. There students learn about Hayek’s “Fatal Conceit” - the hubristic idea that a gang of experts (such as Fauci and Pharma-approved narrative talkers allowed in the media) can out plan the market.

In the market, frontline doctors were practicing the “ART” of medicine, experimenting with drugs that weren’t FDA-approved for the disease - and performing better than Public Health-approved countermeasures. Patients also are responding better - in all health episodes - to individualized treatments.

So, if Republicans take control of Congress next year, how should they rebuild Public Health that respects the ART of medicine, the danger of politicized expertise, and the differences among individual preferences?

Anne Taydus, co-founder & VP, Virginians for Children First
Twitter: @domesticTARA

With every new “thing” in the media narrative, smart people belittle the distraction by reminding folks that Epstein and Maxwell remain an “elephant in the room”. If real journalists still existed they would press this blackmail conspiracy until the truth came out. Reporter Lara Logan had the goods, yet was fired before she could upset and compromise the elite.

Yet, years before Epstein’s name made the news, many American families had their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services, which has allegedly been feeding the trafficking. Advocates have blamed the federal Foster Care bonuses for the incentive to wreck families. One concerned senator who began investigating this pipeline… ended up dead. Does this explain why the Mainstream Media is a truth-free zone?

Graduating from Virginia Tech with a double major in Geopolitical War History and Electronic Print Journalism, Ms. Taydus has been exposing this war on our children – a war being waged by global agencies, federal legislation, and radical, left-wing teachers’ unions and associations.

Learning about algorithms and social media distortion, Ms. Taydus, an investigative journalist, dug for the truth no matter the consequences and ended up going to jail to protect her sources. As a person driven by principles, she was ultimately able to walk away, completely cleared.

Her organization, which has been making a name for itself by exposing local government abuse of students, is making an impact.

Kevin Rollins - publisher of Free Liberal and former managing editor of Econ Journal Watch
[email protected]

Pew Research in 2020 found nearly half of Americans unopposed to a guaranteed income, marking a stark departure from the traditional American ethic of “making it” on one's own. The same percentage of investors told Morningstar last year they planned to move investments into stocks complying with “ESG” - “environment footprints, social justice and woke governance”. Because of school frustration, rampant crime, and economic fears, however, Biden’s approval has collapsed - especially around his base of women, people of color, and younger voters. What should Republicans say to get votes this Fall?

Further, what should independent Americans demand of politicians to get their vote?

Virginia’s elections last year show that the Republicans can win even in a state thought to have turned solidly Democratic. What made them win? What strategies can the GOP use to not only flip the election but to make lasting change that will secure our Republic?

Kevin D. Rollins is a free-market economist and a classical liberal. He has also recently joined Andrew Yang's Forward Party. He will lead a discussion on the issues that can transform the GOP's election effort into a project for real change.

Some of the issues to be discussed:
* Family values and why they matter to Hispanic families and Suburban Parents
* The Federal Budget and the Family Budget: Why we need long-run commitments to fiscal sanity.
* Representation: How can congressional offices better represent ALL of the different constituencies in their geographic areas.
* Term Limits: What is the role of Congress in effectuating a limited and fair Article 5 convention in order to accomplish this widely supported political reform?

Mark Skousen – Founder - Freedom Fest and one of the top 20 living economists

Over the past decade, FreedomFest ( has become the must-attend convention for entrepreneurs with a liberty bent, and free-market supporters with a yen for innovation. The two camps of attendees love Mr. Skousen’s framing of this annual event for the doers who want to hone their ideology for a better world, and idealists needing practical skills to profit from “doing good”. So how can this dynamic help the earnest human in the midst of economic destruction?

Governments and their special interest controllers certainly are ruining the economy. Our central banks are too drunk on debt to impose any responsible hikes in interest rates. Politicians see the populace so easily cowed by “bread and circuses” that they rarely face pressure to be fiscally responsible. And any truth-teller trying to save humanity easily and quickly is marginalized by the technocrats who scarily seem actually to seek a globalist control grid that doesn't envision the type of vibrant society Freedom Fest attendees desire.

Mark is the author of dozens of books, including the “Completed Biography by Benjamin Franklin”, “A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street”, and a famous newsletter for serious investors. At Chapman University, he teaches from his own classic, “The Making of Modern Economics.” Regularly he has contributed to the cable shows, including Larry Kudlow and Rick Santelli on CNBC, and C-SPAN BookTV, and has written for the Wall Street Journal. His website is

BANNED ON YOUTUBE...Captain Sherry Walker – Co-founder - Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom

As whistleblowers are exposing institutional heads for attempting to hide disability and deaths related to Covid vaccine mandates, one area worthy of attention is the US airline industry.

Last summer, United Airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby announced a company-wide mandate creating the first 100% vaccinated US Carrier. At first, the mandate was sold to the employees as a safety measure. However, it became obvious to US Federal Judge, Mark Pittman, that this was merely a “pretextual” claim for marketing purposes. Why else would the CEO ground almost 400 of its most experienced pilots, 800+ flight attendants, and impose draconian and retaliatory policies on 2000 of its loyal employees, pitting vaccinated co-workers against un-vaccinated?

Captain Walker’s organization is leading the charge against draconian mandates at United and elsewhere. Currently, the United employees’ case is awaiting a determination in 5th Cir. Court of Appeals before it returns to Judge Pittman’s courtroom to proceed on the merits. While United has recalled its employees, their fight is far from over. They are battling to be made whole while facing an adversarial return-to-work process.

At the same time, employees across many airlines are suffering vaccine harm. Indeed, late last year, a group of prominent physicians, flight surgeons, and representatives from the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) demanded airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration address these concerns by requiring blood and cardiological testing to ensure no vaccinated pilot is in violation of their medical certification, thereby placing in jeopardy the national airspace system. CHD called for an investigation into reports of heightened cases of myocarditis, blood clots, Guillion Barre, neurological impairment, and tinnitus, in the US pilot population. Meanwhile, the flying public is becoming frustrated with the continuance of mask mandates – which has caused an increase in onboard behavioral issues.

As former Blackrock investor and Wall Street insider Edward Dowd shared in March, insurers are reporting extreme increases – of 50% in some cases – in disability and deaths since the introduction of these injections. It is past time to investigate these COVID perps and end-all mandates.

Kyle Turk, Director of Government Affairs at Natural Products Association

Respiratory diseases kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year – and more since COVID. Yet, the government has never even suggested people support their natural immunity – be it with nutritional supplements or otherwise. And now, the federal government and several states are outright proposing punitive policies that hurt people’s access to health supplements.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that 90% of COVID-19 deaths lacked sufficient Vitamin D. Similarly, they also reported that up to 80% of certain chronic diseases, including cancer, could be preventable if people had sufficient levels of Vitamin D and other key nutrients.

So, why is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking to bankrupt small vitamin manufacturers, and why are States such as New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts considering bills to limit supplement sales? (Maybe because, as Goldman Sachs explained, ‘If you cure people you lose customers. It’s a bad business model.’) Who loses? All of us.

In the last ten years, properly prescribed medications have cost the lives of over one million people; nutritional supplements have possibly been responsible for the lives of three (3). They are made of the natural ingredients found in foods and restricting access to them is just plain wrong. Join Kyle and the Freedom Hub gang on Thursday and learn more about the issue and how you can help protect your future access to health supplements.

Pat Michaels, senior fellow in the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute
Over the past few decades, environmentalists dropped their admirable concerns about institutional, industrial pollution and instead, began to raise a new “fear” – the fear of climate change. Indeed, many of us bought into it… at least early on.

With the Great Reset folks foisting vaccine passports and the wireless Internet of Things into every aspect of our lives, included in that is what’s called your “carbon footprint.” It is another of many data points designed to control your behavior under a China-like, social credit score. Use too much heat or hot water, for example, or have a “carbon footprint” larger than your rationed allotment, and your digital social credit score will drop, limiting what you are allowed to do. Sound appealing?

For decades, Dr. Michaels has been supporting conservation, while condoning the junk science behind Global Climate Change / Greenhouse politics – a junk science that distracts people from the real problem: the global polluters and the government agencies which look the other way.

There’s nothing controversial about wanting clean air, land and water – yet it is not happening. Instead, all eyes are pointed at climate change and carbon dioxide – or what they term, “carbon footprints.” In truth, carbon dioxide is not the enemy; it is necessary for life. More carbon dioxide means more plant growth, which is generally a good thing. Instead, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have turned it into another way to control people. Period.

Carbon footprints are even being traded – included in a new brand of stock investing that hurts company profits if they don’t support the Environmental Protection Agency or (authoritarian) social justice politics. It’s called “ESG Investing”, for environmental, social, and (corporate) governance.

Philip Andrew Hamilton - Candidate for US Congress

The ease with which the Sheeple were led by fear to switch from Covid to Russia has led some liberty thought leaders to wonder if America lacks enough self-thinking voters to preserve what’s left of our republic. Benjamin Franklin warned of the loss of our constitutional democracy if we didn’t actively “keep it”. Mr. Hamilton aims to make his voters assert our freedoms against the bald, globalist takeover.

A descendant of George Mason, the “Virginia Declaration of Rights” author who so feared Big Govt that he refused to sign the Constitution, Philip believes it is imperative for individuals to support those who practice their faith and those who speak out on political issues in modern times. Especially he sees Covid as a lynchpin.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen churches shut down, the size of congregations limited, and religious services moved online, all in violation of the right to free speech & Assembly. During the 2020 election, and especially after January 6th, 2021, we saw conservatives drastically censored by “Big Tech”.

Mr. Hamilton considers all government health restrictions as unconstitutional. We need protections against Technocrat censorship. And with their targeting in schools of our kids with hurtful propaganda, we need to ban weird “critical race theories” teaching. Further, he recognizes the attraction to politics by the worst of humanity - their terms, then need limits.

With globalist goading of competitors into conflicts - and gamesmanship around energy leverage - it’s clear America needs self-sufficiency in energy. To reduce our exposure to Int’l financial interests, we need to get our fiscal house in order - with a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Are voters, though, ready to withhold their vote from any politician who fails to restore limited Govt values? Can America survive if they don’t?

Banned By YouTube! Karen Stewart - National Security Agency whistleblower on Fusion Center Activist Targeting

Since blowing the whistle on NSA improprieties, Ms. Stewart has suffered violent, wireless-based attacks from the Fusion Centers started by DHS after the 2001, 9-11 terrorism. Following that event, her research found that the purpose of Fusion Centers was to do whatever is necessary to add names to the government’s “Watch List”.

Last month, Homeland Security upped their game by labeling activists working to bring the truth about the COVID-19 “plandemic” forward as “terrorists.” We’ve heard how the vaccine passports via wireless will soon be linked to fake carbon footprints and a central bank digital currency - all to implement Klaus Schwab’s behavioral coercion matrix as envisioned by the World Economic Forum.

Former Senator Coburn discovered that DHS never found any actual terrorist threats, and with trillions in debt and our liberty at stake, it’s time to abolish this Orwellian agency – and perhaps others, as well.

Artemiss Keyhani - Shadow Work Coach

Between the behavioral-manipulating Great Reset of the elitists and the ineffable Great Awakening claimed by activists, lies reality and your life. How should we respond to the chaos and opportunity?

As a Clarity Coach, Ms. Keyhani uses personal development and shadow work as key tools in guiding people to become aligned within themselves – so they can live their lives and build their businesses with integrity and authenticity. Because that IS what the New Earth requires of us.

To be truly empowered individuals, supporting conscious capitalism, and creating transparent political systems, we must witness, heal, and integrate our individual and collective shadows.

Tom Luongo: Creator, the Guns, Goats & Guns Investment Newsletter

Canada may have declared Martial Law, seizing bank accounts and ruining lives just as Biden’s minions to this day are keeping innocent January 6th protesters in a cage, but the Freedom Convoys have lit a spark that should empower still-independent humans to take heart. Still, we know the Great Reset elitists aren’t done with Covid - despite the alarming excess death reports from insurers, governments, and embalmers.

At the same time, the skyrocketing inflation has ushered in a new era of government-controlled digital currency, linked via wireless, that’s as dangerous as vaccines. The oligarchs want us controlled and monetized via the Internet of Things, but the entrepreneurial spirit demands a Great Awakening. How do we assert our rights and profit despite the chaos?

Mr. Luongo’s newsletter has answered these questions for years, as have his writings at Zero Hedge,, Bitcoin Magazine, and NewsMax.

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Jeff Deist - President, Mises Institute

One of the saddest dynamics of 20th-century history entails the “Old Right”, the group of mainly Republicans rolled into near-insignificance by the power of the 1930s New Deal.

This weak flank, however, included some of the greatest minds of the century, if not all of history: Albert Jay Nock, H.L. Mencken, Garet Garrett, John Flynn, Isabel Patterson, George Schuyler, and Rose Wilder Lane. They feared a growing fascism led by FDR and the nation’s biggest businesses - creating a war economy without a war (at least until 1941). Even big government Republicans like Hoover feared what was happening in the New Deal, but Democrats faced little opposition than to their terrifying growth of the State.

And now once again, people fear what’s happening to our country. With the Trucker protests and poll-driven retreat by Democrats from their draconian rhetoric, has humanity reached a tipping point? Can we move the scales from fascism to freedom? And what lessons does the Old Right have for today’s freedom advocates?

Jeff Deist, former counsel to former Congressman Ron Paul, has helped the Mises Institute produce amazing content over recent years on the history of cronyism, the unholy merger of big business and the state. Of course, one of the saddest examples of cronyism occurred with the New Deal.

Please join us on the 17th and learn how the intellectuals in the Old Right combatted the fascists, and what we can learn from them to better restore our freedom today.

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Charles Bens Ph.D. - Facilitator CEO of Healthy at Work - author "Pocket Guide to Health"

With the waking up of half the country over the danger and corruption of the health system, now makes a great time to turn the tables on the cartel - to reform the system into a more humane one, for both patients and providers.

Experienced at facilitating divisions among governments, CEOs, and senior staff, Dr. Bens also has expertise in true health and made a health market report card that should motivate any self-thinking American to care:

1. Controlling weight gain- F
2. Improving cancer survival- F
3. Controlling healthcare cost- F
4. Employer wellness ROI- F
5. Hospitals use integrative medicine- F
6. Chronic illness reduced- F
7. Chronic illness outcomes measured- F
8. People eating healthier- F
9. Prescription meds effective- F
10. Mental health-improving- F

Dr. Bens has several more metrics and they are all an F. Healthcare is broken!

With the partnership of the National Health Federation, the oldest health freedom organization in the world (going back to 1955), Charles has a project anyone can join, listing their 3 biggest problems with healthcare, prioritizing those problems, then subjecting the prioritized problems to a matrix of "effort required" versus "market impact" - to arrive at a project for upgrading the system.

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Paul G - the founder of Wire America

A landmark ruling in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday the 13th in August 2021 has stopped the so-called "Race to 5G", which has always been a false narrative sold by the Wireless industry and promoted by many of our bought-and-sold elected representatives. The yellow flag is now waving, which is slowing down the "drivers"; many Wireless Cos. are "entering the pits" to re-tool and re-think their strategies. We, the people, assisted by the US Courts of Appeals and state supreme courts, are gaining the upper hand.

Realtors, with coalitions of property owners, have successfully fought off Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) of any size or any "G" for years. Local groups are getting vetoes of bad Telecom state bills and are passing wireless ordinances at the local level to protect residential zones. We are in the process of knocking out the overreach of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has been fully captured by Big Wireless. Our next target is the FCC's recently revised OTARD rule (OTARD stands for Over-the-Air-Reception-Device), which is being challenged in US Federal Court by Children's Health Defense (CHD). We will discuss the briefs in that case as well as the Aug 13, 2021, ruling in CHD's landmark victory against FCC Order 19-126 and the premature closing of FCC Docket 13-84 -- two FCC moves that attempted to extend the outdated, unscientific, downright fraudulent FCC RF microwave radiation exposure regulations.

If we, the people, do not organize and defend our residential neighborhoods, we are headed for 24/7 unconstitutional surveillance enabled by too many antennas, cameras, and sensors - installed much too close to the ground and far too close to homes, schools, parks and medical/care facilities. Instead of dangerous Wireless Broadband, America needs the long-promised, but the largely undelivered solution: Fiber Optics to the Premises (FTTP).,

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Rep Louie Gohmert - United States Congressman Serving Texas District 1 - Member of the House Committee on Judiciary

With the firings of THOUSANDS of workers prudently resistant to participating in what remains an unapproved vaccine experiment,
Americans certainly want the right to Informed Consent - which includes the right to decline healthcare. What shocks families is the pattern of studies - which makes strong science when a series of studies arrive at the same conclusion - tying the childhood vaccination schedule to what no one disagrees makes an epidemic: CHRONIC DISEASE (which has exploded since 1990 from 10% to 50% of the population).

One-third of parents already resist the schedule, and their kids need the same exemption as adults. Congressman Gohmert is introducing, then, a bill to establish true Informed Consent - the "National Informed Consent Exemption" act. Mr. Gohmert handled malpractice claims before his career in Congress and believes strongly in the sacred medical ethic of informed consent. Join Freedom Hub to hear how you can help get your congressmen and senators to pass this bill!

Commenting will be Greg Glaser, counsel for Physicians for Informed Consent and the National Health Federation - and author of the Control Group litigation behind one of the above chronic disease comparison studies.

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Ana Garner - Lead counsel - New Mexico Stands Up

For 4 decades Ms. Garner has helped the "little guy" in lawsuits against powerful institutions. Her experience in jury trials and depositions of physicians and expert witnesses earned her a National Institute for Trial Advocacy faculty position at UNM Law School. Like many public interest attorneys during the 2020 Covid hysteria, she saw blatant law violations and immoral exploitations by special interests that led her to stand up for our rights. Along with co-counsel Tom Renz, Ana has sued in federal court the Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for intentionally misleading the public about the dangers of COVID-19. In a local New Mexico county, she has sued to protect frontline workers from the mandate to participate in the increasingly dangerous vaccine experiment.

The Biden administration now has threatened unemployment for Americans working for the government or private companies with 100 or more workers. Police, soldiers, nurses, and workers in all walks of life are being fired - their life's work sabotaged by a narrative that censors thousands of doctors and scientists challenging the claim we suffer from an emergency pandemic. What can we do, to keep our jobs and avoid the under-reported risk of vaccination? Ms. Garner will explain our options, whether via lawful exemption, finding more humane employment, or joining the fight of our lives to save our Republic from nefarious special interests hell-bent on remaking society with even more control at the top and fewer rights for humanity.

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Julian Gresser - Counsel at Swankin & Turner - Co-founder of Broadband International Legal Action Network - CEO/Chairman for Big Heart Technologies

Safe learning environments in schools are increasingly jeopardized by the proliferation of cell towers, routers, smart meters, cell phones, and other wireless devices. Scientific studies confirm that children are especially vulnerable to Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) in Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) emitted from these devices. Contrary to the widespread belief fostered by the purveyors of these products, school administrators, parents, and teachers have legal rights to protect themselves and children in their care.

Julian Gresser, a leading public interest attorney, former Harvard Law School professor, author, and inventor will discuss what he calls "The Three Powers", explaining how they offer an effective and balanced path forward to avoid and manage a rapidly unfolding national calamity.

Power # 1--Targeted Administrative/Judicial Action at the Legal Acupuncture Points. Mr. Gresser will discuss forthcoming legal actions before the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), FDA, and FCC in the context of the fiduciary duty of school administrators.

Power # 2--Resilient Negotiation and Strategic Alliances. Mr. Gresser will discuss how to use the art of Resilient Negotiation in building strategic collaborations to neutralize the "Shadow Game" being played by the telecom providers.

Power # 3--Chance, Synchronicity, and Serendipity. Mr. Gresser will explain how Powered by Synchronicity is a formidable "inner martial art" that can be used to enhance compassion, understanding, balance, and love.,,,

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Kerry McDonald - Senior Education Fellow - Foundation for Economic Education

Parents or pedagogues questioning the homework, rule-heavy schooling system arrive if they're lucky at the classics from student-led learning gurus like Gatto, Neill, or anyone at the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Interest in improving childhood education has exploded as the government has ratcheted up its Covid tyranny. In opposition to the draconian orders, libertarians have demanded respect for liberty, itself dependent on philosophers like Locke - who would limit government's role to only protecting one's property right in one's life, liberty, and the things one owns. But what if we learned Locke also wrote about alternative schooling?

Ms. McDonald wrote a groundbreaking essay on how Locke arms one not only against terrifying government coercion but also empowers parents to upgrade the education of their kids. An advocate of what modern folks might term “gentle parenting", Locke "...advocated for abundant childhood playtime, developmentally appropriate academics, positive discipline techniques, and freedom over force to cultivate an eagerness for learning," Kerry writes.

If you're frustrated not only with Covid tyranny both in and outside of schools, but also never bought into the standardized fixation of education bureaucrats, give your child a gift - join us to learn how.


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