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Jason Breshears of Arhciax spend $10,000.00 in donations on a new shed to make videos in. Even though every studio he already uses is perfectly adequate…

Yeeaaauuhh man

Every Friday you unwillingly rent your home out until Saturday day night if you live in one of these over 300 places in the world

This allows for an Eruv boundary (private domain) to be established for people who honor the Shabbat

The concept is called “Sechirut Reshut” or “Shechirat Reshut” (there are various spellings of almost all “Hebrew” words)

The self appointed leaders of this group of people meet with the Mayer of your city, sometimes weekly, to get a signed proclamation of the rental. Often times they pay $1 to make this happen.

It’s said to have originated in Ancient Roman times when there were cul da sacs of homes that shared a courtyard. Jews lives among non Jews sometimes in these cul da sacs and would need permission to “symbolically” rent their home from them during the Shabbat.

You can see how a problem would occur when the non-Jewish home owner would not agree to this. Thus, the eminent domain concept comes in to play. By preventing people from being able to own a home, they can now go to the representative of the government and rent directly from them. Why? Because the government has power to use your home at their disposal with laws put in place like eminent domain.

The ancient Roman Jews would allegedly get hot and so they needed the courtyard on Shabbat to be able to eat comfortably lol…

Jason Breshears of Archaix arrested by United States Marshals on 4/30/2024 in Texas

Reunited with Matt May, Nostalgic about prison (careful what you wish for)

Jason Breshears rants in a parking lot after a terrible repair job on his van

Cambell and Kelly charge people $4600.00 to “visit Tartaria” at “half the cost” of other tour packages.

You can be a among like minded individuals and be a part of “the family”

Claim you don’t want to be the one in the chat missing out on this trip

Archaix goes on a random rant during his live stream entirely unrelated to the topic of the video

When he finishes the rant, he claims he knows that someone will clip the rant

Figured we could help his prediction come true

Part 1: Billy Carson seemingly responds to the attacks from Jason Breshears of Archaix

Part 2 Jason Breshears claims he will no longer call out Billy Carson as of September of 2023, then goes on to make dozens of posts and multiple videos calling out Billy Carson

Bonus: Original Full thumbnail photo of the Billy Carson book review by Archaix found, showing the empty Modelo bottle fully in frame before the stream.

Archaix explains what he thinks about reality after projecting while “discrediting” someone he had on his show

Source of the Nile River in Egypt discovered by Roger of Mudfossil University

are you going to attend?

Archaix is like Isaac Newton, you have to have skin in it to debate him, “stays on topic” during his stream, Elites will be underground by 2036, Secret Coffee delivery controversy, Billy Carson Stealing work, + more

Someone’s watching you rub one out in the shower

On January 8, 2024, clashes broke out at the World Headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, a synagogue located at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn as construction workers, on behalf of the synagogue's leaders, attempted to fill in a tunnel that had been illegally dug by students beneath the building. The New York Police Department was called to intervene, resulting in the arrests of nine people.

The Mishnah Torah is an “integral part of Yeshiva curriculum” and was written by Maimonides (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon/Rambam). The Mishneh Torah was compiled between 1170 and 1180 CE.

Here are some interesting rulings in that source in relation to this incident.

Also included are some historical sources that allude to the ancestors of this group performing special rituals involving children in mainstream history.

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