Damián Galerón tells you about the shocking events that will take place in 2021-2022. One of them is a global blackout.

One of the things I learned about the elite is that they have a code. That code is that they have to tell the world everything they’re going to do before they do it. So these people often tell us exactly what they’re up to, and it’s suspected that they’re doing it for magical and ritualistic reasons. Moreover, they think that the masses of people, dumbfounded by the mainstream media, will not pay attention to it. A very cunning tactic of Satan and his followers is the use of Bible verses, with the aim of deceiving you, mixed with Catholicism, and often with the New Age religion. Part of this video wants you to directly withdraw from Catholicism! I therefore strongly advise against praying the rosary, which is mentioned, since Catholicism is a false, satanic religion. The only way to the Father is through His Son Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and not through a priest or Mary. Believe the gospel, repent of your sins, be baptised and ask your Heavenly Father to fill you with His Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth. Also pray for more discernment in these days. Pray to Heavenly Father daily in the name of Jesus. Read and study the Bible daily and ask God to reveal the truth to you. It’s hard to say if all of the things in this video will happen, or in the order given, or if there will be other horrible things that aren’t mentioned. However, you can rest assured that everything prophesied in the Bible will come to pass.


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