We live in a clown world. This video was taken down by youtube once so I downloaded the reupload and posted it here.

Game: Diablo III
Song: Paladin
Band: Freedom Call

Game: Shadow The Hedgehog
Song: Sun in the Dark
Band: Freedom Call

A piece of lost media recently uncovered. This horror film aired on teen nick back in 1999 and was Banned from airing again due to moral outrage. It was rediscovered in 2016 by the lost media forum users and uploaded to youtube, given the nature of youtube's content policies I thought it'd be a wise decision to re-upload it here.

Welp, MLP FIM is on it's final season. 9 seasons is a good run.

The Ultimate Teacher is an anime that was meant to be a comedy but is played straight to hilarious effect.

The Complete Star Wars Clone Wars mini-series amounts to a feature-length film.

I got bored on Sunday and made this.

Game: Legend of Zelda
Song: The power of Thy Sword
Band: Man o War

I made a few modifications to the intro and ending of the Doctor Who Movie

A short film made by one of my favorite rock bands. The protomen's main albums tell an elaborate adaptation of the megaman games. Light Up the Night was the band's magnum opus.

I took the best part of dead space aftermath and modified it slightly enjoy.


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