Stew Peters joins the show to speak with Liberty Man about his latest documentary, These Little Ones. Liberty Man and Stew compare notes about the pedophile underground and working of child trafficking. Liberty Man also covers a barrage of news, highlighting various aspects of systemic mental illness in the crumbling remains of Western Civilization.

Liberty Man gives his take on the Alex Jones show trials and reveals why the Covidland 3 documentary is not aggressively promoted by Alex. Gerald Celente joins in the second segment to speak with Liberty Man about the economy, inflation, geo-politics, and central bankers.

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Liberty Man starts talking about solutions after highlighting several examples of stupid prizes that you can win from playing stupid games, like injecting poisons or handing your children over to pervert agents of the state for indoctrination. Ty Bollinger joins as a special guest to share his perspective on what we might expect from the fallout of mass vaccinations, both good and bad. Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man take calls in the final segment.

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Liberty Man exposes the climate change hustle as just another globalist scam to create a rigged industry while shutting down normal human activities. Clay Clark joins the show to share insights about the globalist New World Order and discusses his thoughts with Liberty Man about where we are in the timeline of events. Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man take calls in the third segment and look at some propaganda about the Trump-miracle Covid shots.

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Liberty Man reviews a blitz of news about the clot shot and the propaganda to gaslight you into believing that all is well in Covidland. Dr. Robert Young makes another appearance on the show to talk about the issue of vax shedding. Liberty Man and Dr. Young also discuss what the clot shots do to the blood, and discuss a lost chapter in the history of biology relating to the work of Antoine Bechamp and his nemesis, Louis Pasteur. Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man take calls in the third segment.

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Liberty Man shares his thoughts on abortion, rising costs, communism in Canada, and interviews Ron Armstrong from Stand Up Michigan to talk about Covidland 3, reasons for taking action, and motivations for staying positive in the fight. Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man take calls for the first time together and get some valuable input from listeners with some comical moments.


Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man return from a short hiatus with some inside baseball about Covidland 3 while also discussing some of the latest news about the scam shots. Liberty Man also demonstrates how propaganda works with an on-the-ground factcheck of this week's news about Russia moving into Central America.


Author and journalist Matthew Ehret joins the show to chat with Liberty Man about the evolution of the New World Order empire in modern history. They discuss some of the front men of the globalist cabal and the methods they use to steer civil society towards their ultimate and final revolution.

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Clown world wouldn't be complete without geoengineering programs that assault you through the air you breath. Dane Wiggington of joins the show to talk with Liberty Man about his research to expose this deadly aspect of the globalist's scientific dictatorship. Dane and Liberty Man looks at a number of mainstream news articles that attempt to whitewash the issue, and discuss what Dane knows about any use of graphene in the chemtrails.

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As the narrator of Covidland 3, Greg Reese joins the show to catch up with Liberty Man and Paul Wittenberger to talk about the upcoming Covidland 3 release and Greg's work on the Covidland 3 trailers. Greg and Liberty Man also discuss the Infowars journey, their thoughts about researching the New World Order, and other musings about the state of the world.

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Special guest Dr. Robert Young makes his first appearance on the show to speak with Liberty Man about his microscopy and spectroscopy findings in the gene juice injections. Dr. Young and Liberty Man talk about FDA corruption and share perspectives on the nanotechnology aspects of the shots, including topics such as RNA interference, toxicity, shedding, blood clots, and electromagnetic frequencies, and how all of this plays into the larger agenda of a digital ID social-credit prison system.

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Liberty Man interviews Ernest Ramirez about the death of his son which occurred five days following his son's first Pfizer jab. Mr. Ramirez discusses how the medical establishment tried to sweep it under the rug, and how he now intends to fight the vaccine tyrants until the end. Paul Wittenberger discusses Covidland 3 with Liberty Man and how this system of coercion appears to be heading towards physically forced injections.

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Liberty Man interviews Dr. Eric Nepute about what's wrong with establishment healthcare and the trail of carnage following the Covid injections. They look at claims from mainstream doctors that continual booster shots have no ill effects on the immune system, a claim to which Dr. Nepute strongly refutes.

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How do you feel about becoming a “product” in the New World Order clown scheme? That’s literally what the parasitic-elite psychopaths have in mind for you. They want to jack you up with nanotech, connect you to their “smart” grid, own your DNA, call your physical body their “intellectual property,” and prescribe your future (if you’re allowed to have one). It’s almost unbelievable. For that reason, Liberty Man takes us on another tour into the ubiquitous and covert technology deployment that is unfolding worldwide. This time we discuss nanotech’s mutagenetic potential, mRNA changing your genetics through reverse transcriptase, along with intellectual property protections for the downstream complimentary DNA (cDNA). Paul Wittenberger is riding shotgun to show us a bunch of admissions from pop culture, government think tanks, and control freaks like Bill Gates that confirm they are indeed planning to enslave humanity while setting themselves up as gods (so they think).

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In this special episode, Liberty Man looks at nanotechnology and the issue of graphene, magnetogenetics, and electro-magnetic frequencies in relation to the so-called Covid-19 vaccines. This special report provides a look at direct and prima facie evidence of the sinister smart grid and bioweapon aspects of the Covid “vaccines.”

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Liberty Man discusses the WEF’s digital ID and social credit score agenda, and how the Ukraine crisis likely marks a point of no return. Special guest Pastor Tommy McMurtry joins the show the discuss a Christian perspective on Covid, war, and a mark of the beast economy. Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man share thoughts on homeschooling, marriage, and the status of the next installment of the Covidland documentary series.

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Liberty Man covers the week's developments and interviews special guest Peggy Hall about standing firm against unlawful government. Paul Wittenberger and Liberty Man talk about their plans for the show and how you can contribute to future episodes.

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