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Here’s to all our LE personnel doing their best to defend our border from all comers in a very frustrating & dangerous situation.


Make your own sub 60-sec video expressing your views on child trafficking & why we must end it!

A FB LIVE chat on current events uploaded here in case the other platforms ban it like they do anything revealing too much truth.

My personal observations on where our Constitutional Republic came from and how we need to be to keep and restore it!

Daniel John Lee was defeated in court for Defamation with Malice. The settlement: $4.65 Million in damages. Timothy Charles Holmseth, a convicted felony stalker, currently a fugitive from at least 2 warrants and a major lawsuit, is next with his psychotic obsession & fake accusation rants.

Holmseth is currently a fugitive from law enforcement in the U.S. with at least 2 warrants for his arrest and at least one major lawsuit for defamation with malice. Please post this video everywhere you see him attacking my name, or V4CR. His selfish, irresponsible attacks are putting real child victims in harm's way slowing our mission support. Please learn to start VETTING your sources, people. Repeating malicious attacks by lunatics harms the real cause.
Holmseth's entities are 100% fake. There is no "Pentagon Pedophile Task Force" of "High Command". Holmseth was never a member of JSOC. You can figure that out in a basic internet search. Stop feeding the trolls, folks. Again, learn to vet (research, verify the history & credibility of) your sources if you actually want the truth.

Lee boldly begged to be sued in his videos to his followers. We did. He lost. In fact, Lee refused to appear, or even offer any defense to the mountain of factual evidence against his egregious defamatory actions. Let the truth ring out far & wide.
View the official PDF court document at:

This video covers the reality of notorious internet LARPER & fraud, Timothy Charles Holmseth. Please share it with all unwitting peddlers of "The High Command's" fake content, which harms the real cause.

Addressing the important difference between factual evidence & internet rumor.


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