We Just Want To Be Left Alone, 5.25x9.5, multimedia on 1.5 inch thick wood. This painting was created on May 21, 2020, It is painted on 6 sides. Contact if interested. Or see my shop page at

The Disconnected Downfall Of Humanity, is depicted in 3 main characters. All females, with animal hats. A bunny, a bear and a fox. Each appears as a severed head because people nowadays, are becoming increasingly detached from reality, literally losing their heads (minds) over stuff that doesn't matter in the large scope. Reacting, instead of responding. There's a big difference.
The bottom, you see a heart being held by tentacles belonging to who knows what, down below. Don't let anything steal your heart and mind. Respond, instead of react. Listen, think and ask questions, instead of assuming. We all have choices. We need to pull together, not disconnect.
If anyone is interested in this large piece, email me from or message me here.


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