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I have recently been introduced to a new website called

It's a very powerful site and I'm pleased to be joined by the founder, and together we will be exploring the site and the importance of such an online space for White people.


Twitter: @WhiteSpace_1
Twitter: @sakkoira

Telegram: WhiteSpace

Groyper show:

Join myself and the great Dr Dutton as we explore some of the most important topics of our time, over a few drinks.

I, for one, am set to learn an awful lot...

You can find Prof. Edward Dutton at:

You can find Von Hash at:

If you would like to send me some art for showcasing, you can email me at:
[email protected]

Tonight I'm joined by yet another host of star-studded guests, as we once again round the month off with an uplifting dose of White Pill. (See times below)

7:00 - 7:30 - White Space Online
7:30 - 8:00 - James Goddard / Richard the Lionheart
8:00 - 8:30 - White Art Collective
8:30 - 9:00 - Si Borg / Erberderber

White Space Online -

James Goddard -

Richard the Lioheart -

White Art Collective -

Si Borg -

Erberderber -

See you there!


I'm so pleased to be sharing an evening with Erberderber.

He was one of the first content creators that resonated with my own journey and I can't wait to have an evening of joyful antics and giggles

Getting to know the Skipnats

Email: [email protected]

Join us for The White Pill, an evening of uplifting community spirit

7:00 - 7:30 Horus & Galileo's Tongue
7:30 - 8:00 Laura & Lynx in the shadows
8:00 - 8:30 Iconoclast & No Chance
8:30 - 9:00 Mark Collett & Jason NWG
9:00 - 9:30 - Chris and Natty

The White Pill - Easily dissolved

Find the guests here:

Galileo's tongue




No Chance

The Iconoclast




Contact me: [email protected]

Laura and I shared a good old chinwag over a nice cuppa.
Getting to know Laura Towler and the person behind the Deputy Leader role.

You can find me on:
Twitter @thewhitebfly
Telegram at thewhite_butterfly
If you would like to support my work, you can do so via entropy:

As I mentioned during last week's stream, I will be sharing my journey of 'leaving the left behind', or what could possibly be more accurate... how the 'left' left ME behind.

I will be joined by 2 very special guests and I'll also be inviting them to share their stories.

National Defense Authorization Act 2020

Mark's Book
(Also available to buy on Amazon so please order your hard copy too)

Body-cam footage of George Floyd

Tony Timpa
(Not mentioned in stream)

White man hit in the back of the head with a brick

Indigenous people's day - PA's actions day

Demographic changes

Patriotic Alternative at the White cliffs of Dover

Russia Today coverage

Way of the World

Here's the link for tonight's stream

Today we celebrate #IndigenousPeoplesDay; a day created to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world's indigenous peoples.

All people have the right to self-determination & a safe homeland for their people.

#WhiteLivesMatters #WorldIndigenousPeoplesDay

(Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative)

Soundtrack written and composed by Jay Kay - 'Within' instrumental

Today marks yet another attack on free speech as Twitter have banned all tweets containing Bitchute links.
The reason they have given is due to the videos being 'potentially harmful'.

How considerate of Twitter to think of its users like this.

It wasn't until after the death of Simon Harris that I got to find out who he was, and I still have a lot for more to discover.

He was a brave and courageous man that found the truth and followed his heart and in doing so, changed the course of his path.

Here is a montage of just some of the videos and content that he produced.
He was a voice of truth, empowerment and freedom.

(If you have anything that you would like to add about Simon Harris and his work, please leave a comment and I will update the description).

Join me as I take a look at how the young and (nearly) innocent Hannah Montana transformed into the indecent pornographic performer, Miley Cyrus and how people of all ages are being forced into online pornography through the subscription based platform, Onlyfans.

What can we expect to see as the 'accepted norm' an another 5 years?

With so many people recently losing their Youtube channels due to the restrictions of free speech, Bitchute has opened up as a new video sharing platform.

This new platform has not come without its criticisms as shown in this video.

I do advise that you take a look at Bitchute and its contents and come to your own conclusions.


From a song that was born during the Ibiza Lockdown of March 2020, I wanted to revisit this song but with a different visual approach.

And it seems to fit with the current theme very well.

"We are the light", says exactly what it is meant to say.

During these dark and heavy times, we are the light that shines into the deepest depths, and the light can shine forth.
We are the light within our communities, we are the light that will bring heaven to earth.

A group of around 20 people, led by Mark Collett and Laura Towler of Patriotic alternative, took a hike up to Mam Tor, England, and posed in photos with a "White Lives Matter" banner.
Despite the national media ignoring this act of peaceful protest, the photos have received over 5 million views.

The death of George Floyd has sparked riots and protests across USA and the UK.

It has also bought attention to a very sensitive issue - the subject of race.

With all eyes being focussed on the UK, Granny's Red News looks back over history as well as through today's current affairs, to answer the question: When did Great Britain become Racist Britain?

The rising movement of Black Lives Matter, following the death of George Floyd, has sparked a number of racial attacks and murders of White people, and one newspaper bravely asks,
"Do White Lives Matter?"


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