The team travels to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to investigate historic Fort Mifflin. One of our favorite locations over the years, Fort Mifflin is known as the Fort that Saved America.
It played a vital role in the American Revolution and was attacked numerous times by British forces. Restless spirits wander the fort to this very day. October 2014

We're in Louisville Kentucky to investigate Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Dating back to 1910, the sanatorium was established to combat tuberculosis (white plague). Thousands of people died in the process despite good intentions but unusual treatments. The location is a favorite of ghost hunters as it has been featured on many television shows includng Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Scariest Places on Earth. July 2015

We travel to Mt. Holly New Jersey to investigate the Burlington Prison. The prison dates back to 1810-1811 and is the scene of several executions and murders. Perhaps the most haunted location in the state of New Jersey. September 2013

We travel to Savannah Georgia to investigate the beautiful Sorrel Weed House. Join the team as we seek to contact the spirits of slaves, civil war soldiers and past residents of the house. February 2016

Black Raven Paranormal is in Savannah Georgia as they investigate one of the cities most haunted locations. Built in 1821 and serving as a hotel, the location now serves as a bar, restaurant and brewing facility. Very active location where people have been murdered, died of yellow fever or succumbed to a variety of other circumstances. February 2016

Join the team as we are in Villisca Iowa to investigate the Villisca Axe Murder House. The house is the location of the terrible murder of J.B Moore and his family along with two overnight guests on June 10th, 1912 that is unsolved to this very day. The location is a favorite of paranormal groups and shows around the world. November 2012

The team heads down to St. Francisville, Louisiana to investigate the Myrtles Plantations. Claims of paranormal activity and hauntings have been abundant here over the years with stories, legends and experiences from so many people. Haunts include that of several slaves, civil war soldiers and young children. February 2015

Join the team as they head to Spring City, Pennsylvania to investigate the very active Pennhurst Asylum just outside of Philadelphia.
Closed in 1988 because of patient overcrowding, abuse, neglect and death - it is no wonder it would be a place extremely haunted.
Tortured souls and individuals with a lasting imprint on this location. November 2019


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Follow Black Raven Paranormal as we investigate some of the most haunted locations across the United States.
Black Raven Paranormal is based out of Staunton, Virginia.