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Thornrose Cemetery located in Staunton, Virginia.

Contains a mass grave of over 1700 confederate soldiers that were killed in many battles in the area.

Early promotion for Fireside Haunts, a free event at Stable Craft Brewing in Waynesboro Virginia
Slated for the fall of 2024 ..

Let us embark upon a short journey through historic Staunton as we travel back to the American Civil War for a haunted adventure. Join us as we shall examine the historic aspect of the war and its effect it had upon Staunton.

Certainly the war left a mark upon the Queen City, a mark or imprint that continues to this very day. Because you see, Staunton is indeed haunted. Some folks would actually say the town is very haunted. Much of the haunted and paranormal activity in Staunton is
directly related to the American Civil War. It is certainly no wonder as Staunton was a focal point and objective of the Union army from the start of the war because of the town's
direct link to Richmond via the Virginia Central Railroad.

Famous generals such as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Ulysses Grant, David Hunter, Judbal Early, John Bell Hood and Pierre Beauregard all made appearances here in the Queen City. Some several times during the war such as Lee and Jackson.

Your tour will include stops at Mary Baldwin University, Glo Fiber Building, Staunton Depot Station and the American Hotel. Stories include Mary Baldwin and the Union Army, Murder at John Beck's Saloon, D. C. McLewery - wrong place wrong time, Haunts of the Selma Mansion, Suicide of Henderson Coe. Your last stop and story is Dead and Wounded at the Depot Station.

This will included a visit INSIDE the American Hotel. The American Hotel served as a receiving hosptial during the war from 1862 until 1865. The hotel was no stranger to death and sickness. The hotel is labled as HAUNTED and is quite paranormally active
as numerous paranormal investigations has occurred here over the years.
Now you will have the opportunity to go inside and tour this former
Civil War Hospital !



Tour is not recommended for younger children. Younger children may easily frighten, particularly inside the hotel. Unfortunately this tour is not wheelchair accessible..
Pets are NOT allowed inside any buildings.

Some stories and stops have been featured on our other tours such as Mary Baldwin University on our Haunted History Tour and the Glo Fiber Building on our Dark Tales and Haunts Tours. Tour lasts one hour and 45 minutes.

Tour begins from Mary Baldwin University (in front of the Admissions Building 101 W. Frederick Street and ends at the American Hotel/Depot Station 125 South Augusta Street)
Parking is recommended in the New Street Parking Garage (35 South New Street) It is free on the weekends.

This tour is a rare opportunity and is only offered 2 evenings out of the year. It is a rare opportunity to visit and experience this paranormal gem in the heart of downtown Staunton.

Tickets are Adults $20, Seniors 60/older and Military Veterans $18, Active Military $19, Children 8- 12 is $17

Added content from our adventure in Tombstone Arizona in March of 2018.
Included are visits to Big Nose Kate's Saloon, Ok Corral, Boothill Cemetery and the Bird Cage Theatre.
Some investigation footage shared from the Bird Cage Theatre.


We visit the American Hotel in our hometown Staunton, Virginia.
Formerly a civil war hospital from 1862 - 1865, the building is used as a wedding venue now with a variety of businesses located inside.

Greatly to Michelle Annease and Jules for the opportunity to portray the important historical information (history should never be forgotten) of this beautiful landmark, to investigate and provide ghost tours !

Our adventure and investigation of the Buckhorn Inn located in Churchville, Virginia in April of 2023.
Buckhorn Tavern as it was called back in the day was a stagecoach stop and gambling house along the Staunton Parkersburg Turnpike. It also served as a civil war hospital after the battle of McDowell in 1862.

Haunted Travels -- We travel just down the road to McDowell Battlefield in McDowell Virginia. This battle fought on May 8th, 1862 was the first victory for Confederate General Thomas Stonewall Jackson that established his brilliant 1862 Valley Campaign.

Many military experts regard the campaign as a military masterpiece during the Civil War.

Reports are the battlefield may be haunted. Strange mists have been sighted there, shrieks and crying from what sounds like wounded soldiers as well what some people claim may be the rebel yell scream..

A visit to Magnolia Plantation Gardens and Swamp in Charleston, South Carolina.

POST - MORTEM PHOTOGRAPHY is the practice of photographing the recently deceased.
Various cultures use and have used this practice, though
the best-studied area of post-mortem photography is that
of Europe and America.

We explore Charleston's beautiful yet creepy Magnolia Cemetery and take in a ghost tour later in the evening. Charleston is so much fun!

05/13/2023 we travel to Princeton, West Virginia to explore and investigate Lake Shawnee Amusement Park... Black Raven Paranormal

The Crew -- Seibel, Tap, Becky, Lewis, Ron Ruby and Amber

Per the Rift Nation Network - The Orion Effect -- On this episode of The Orion Effect, we sit down and chat with Author David Simms . Oh is there tales , mysteries and cryptic to be had. The lore and myths of the past come back to life through words . You can find David most weekends , in Staunton Va, where he volunteers for GoS ( Ghost of Staunton ) tours and delivers true fact of the area that can bring a chill to the bones , and brings history to life once again !

David Simms is a man of many passions as well as traits . Divid is a Virginia Author in the Shanandoah Valley right along I81, at the cross roads of I64. A man who lives in the heart of the past of Virginia , a dark past on which he captures powerfully in his book : Fear the Reaper . David has a extensive educational background . Some of this comes from Kean University , while other parts flourish from William Paterson University. Infact, David his self was a educator , Former Adjunct Professor/Writing & Lit at William Paterson University.

David's passions have spread though out his life, with his new book :CURSE OF THE BARRENS , He allows our minds to explore myths or could it be called legend ? He gets a little cryptic , as the book aims at the Jersey Devil ! Let him tickle your senses and your thoughts with this new Book.

Join the crew around the cosmic coffee table , as they sit down with Writer & Novelist at Crossroad Press Audio & Digital Books , Davis Simms . Lets find out the secrets and hidden treasures they lay ahead for us , with this amazing man .

Transmitting Through Time....

October feature on Now on 3 previewing the Ghosts of Staunton Ghost Tours for 2023.
Hosted by Taylor Rizzari.

Was Halloween celebrated during the American Civil War ? Yes Indeed it was !
Interesting information... Black Raven Paranormal and the Ghosts of Staunton Ghost Tours wish everyone a very Happy Halloween !

A brief look at how the American Civil War affected soldiers and families during this time in U.S history.

A brief look at embalming during the American Civil War ...

We travel to Williamson, West Virginia to explore and investigate the Old Hospital on College Hill.
Investigation 07292022

Deep into Hatfield-McCoy Country ..

H. L. Hunley was a submarine of the Confederate States of America that played a small part in the American Civil War, but a large role in the history of naval warfare. The Hunley demonstrated both the advantages and the dangers of undersea warfare. It was the first combat submarine to sink an enemy warship, although the Hunley was not completely submerged and was lost at some point following her successful attack.

The Confederacy lost 21 crewmen in three sinkings of the Hunley during her short career. The submarine was named for her inventor, Horace Lawson Hunley, shortly after it was taken into service under the control of the Confederate Army at Charleston, South Carolina.

Coming soon .. We travel to Williamson, West Virginia to explore and investigate the Old Hospital on College Hill .. Right smack in the middle of Hatfield -- McCoy Country ... Join us for all the fun ..


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