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After Leprechaun in the Hood did... not so great, the new owners of the franchise decided the best thing to do with the series was to do that again but hope it goes over better the second time around.

This gives us Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood, which almost comes off like a rebranding, or branching off of the series. Like we're gonna have our standard Leprechaun series, and we're also going to have a separate numbered "hood" series for Leprechaun. Of course, for that to have happened this movie would have had to have done better than the first Leprechaun in the Hood, and... well... there's a reason he ain't been back 2 tha Hood since.

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As the Leprechaun movie series continued on, and we got movies in Las Vegas, in Los Angeles and in freakin' outer space... it became clear that the idea wasn't so much to tell a cohesive story, but to have fun in vastly different settings.

To that end, 2000 brought us the fifth Leprechaun movie: Leprechaun in the Hood. It's your standard tale of hopeful youths trying to overcome a world that's against them every step of the way, and the struggles they face as a result. Also, it's about a leprechaun, there is very much a leprechaun here and it's a pretty major factor into what's going on.

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He's been to Los Angeles, he's rocked Las Vegas, and now it's time for the leprechaun to shoot for the stars, literally! Okay, I feel the cringe coming off that opening sentence, but hear me out, Leprechaun 4: In Space, is set in Space, and the big angle is that there is a Leprechaun in this movie.

Okay, that sounds considerably less interesting. So how about this? It's still very much a horror comedy, and things get WILD. Even though... most of the comedy really doesn't have anything to do with the leprechaun...

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We're already seeing the direction of the series become "But what if we did it at this location?" come into being in Leprechaun 3. Leprechaun 2 brought us to Los Angeles, and Leprechaun 3 takes place in Las Vegas! The lore is rewritten, the young adults are all different, but the one constant is there is a leprechaun about doing nefarious deeds.

I'd get more specific about the plot, but honestly that doesn't matter. The leprechaun is in Las Vegas. That's the entire point of the movie.

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Continuing the summer of Leprechaun, we have Leprechaun 2 of course! Easy thing to be unsure about though, as there's a couple 2s and even some "direct sequels to the first" in this movie series, as you tend to get when things go in weird directions. In any case, Warwick Davis returns as the leprechaun, and this time he goes on a spree in L.A. Like, canonically this go around.

Cody is our hero, who seeks the love of Bridget. The leprechaun is our villain, who seeks to wed Bridget, and Bridget is Bridget, who is just kind of there, and screams an awful lot. She might have been hired for her screaming, though it's not exactly well, horror material.

Back in 1993, Warwick Davis took on a role that was a bit out of the norm for the actor, playing the leprechaun in Leprechaun. Uncharacteristically evil, Warwick showed the world that he could terrify with the best of em. Of course, it wasn't really until Jennifer Aniston started to become a big star that people dug this one up, because it's actually her big screen debut! Yeah, she was in TV movies and TV shows before this, but no matter how big a TV you have that doesn't count.

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Been a while since I've tackled a good old fashioned zombie movie, hasn't it? This brings us to Zombie Hunter, a... zombie movie!

In the not too distant future, a weird thing happens and POOF the dead start walking around and eating the living. Now everyone lives in fear of the zombies, which they have coined a "unique" name for, and other survivors who may not be quite so mentally sound.

This is starting to sound quite familiar...

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With Jurassic World: Dominion but days away, let's crack open The Asylum for a vintage 2018 mockbuster, Triassic World. You'll never believe it, but humans have used genetic technology to bring dinosaurs back from extinction! Unfortunately though, their security measures weren't quite as secure as they thought, and they break out and make the situation quite negative for all those inolved.

This time, brought to you by The Asylum, in the way only they could. Terribly low budget, nonsensical storytelling with very VERY little passion behind it... and some surprising silver linings that manage to shine through all that.

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Full Moon didn't always churn out movies where the low budget was quite so obvious. Back in the day, they sought to stretch their budgets as far as they could go. That brings us to the start of one of Full Moon's most prolific properties, Puppet Master.

While there are like.. 14, or 15 movies by now, the original came out in 1989 as your standard Full Moon direct to VHS production. You don't have to go all out in these affairs, it's about dolls coming to life and causing a horror movie to happen, but you might be surprised just how deep the lore goes in the first outing alone... also might be surprised that it ever spawned any sequel, let alone so many.

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From the Book of Saw, and the mind of Chris Rock it's Spiral, the latest movie in the Saw franchise having come out late in 2021. After we got an entire SUMMER OF SAW you should probably know the drill by now, a killer is on the loose who doesn't directly do in his prey, but rather tests them with mechanical contraptions as ingenious as they are disturbing.

Or at least, that's the concept. A lot of these traps leave quite a bit to be desired... and the methodology is also a bit off.. as is the goal, and the... you know what? I explain it a lot better in the video.

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In 2021, Michael Meyers returned to Haddonfield in 2018, in Halloween Kills. A continuation of the 2018 soft reboot sequel... thingamajig? The movie that served as a sequel to the original, by ignoring absolutely every movie since. Hey, it's not the first time the Halloween franchise has taken that road, and in all likelihood it won't be the last.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, and sits out the majority of the film, considering she didn't end the previous one in the best of shape. The Shape however, is doing just fine all things considered. As the plot continues to deconstruct the Halloween mythos Michael Meyers deconstructs most of the population of Haddonfield.

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Released 4 years after the original Hatchet, Hatchet II answers the question "What if we tried that again, had a good idea what we were doing, and a more horror veteran filled cast, but only half the money to do it?"

Kane Hodder returns as Victor Crowley, Tony Todd returns as Reverand Zombie, and we get even more faces this time around from all walks of horror cinema. So the plot? Well, a whole bunch of people go into Honey Island Swamp, but get this - a guy called Victor Crowley frequents the place, and kills anyone who enters!

No, its not particularly complicated, nor very different from the first movie.

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A special review for May the 4th, we'll be looking at Battle Star Wars! What's that got to do with Star Wars? Well.. just look at the title! As you might have guessed from that alone, this is another little project out of The Asylum.

Which of course means while the title and general genre of the movie is very specifically trying to get you to think "Star Wars" the actual content of the movie itself? Eh, really doesn't have much to do with that at all. I mean, an evil empire is crushing the galaxy and a ragtag band of rebel leaders fight back with magical forces, ancient orders of heroes and McGuffins of plot importance... but you know, other than that.

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A monster matchup the like of which has never been seen! At least not since 1962, Godzilla VS Kong is the 2021 take on that concept, as part of the "Monsterverse" within Legendary Pictures. I probably don't have to explain this, but in Godzilla VS Kong, a giant lizard monster by the name of Godzilla has a fight with a giant ape monster known as King Kong.

In classic Kaiju movie fashion, most of the running time however is devoted to the human element of this story. Super sci-fi scientists sent to the deepest reaches of the Earth, aaaand a ragtag group of characters after the truth with very little to go on. So yeah, the monsters are clearly the star here.

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The ol' four of the twenty special is upon us! With the most eeeeevilist of bongs returning for another outing in Evil Bong High-5.

And by outing, I mean repeating the last movie's setup, and structure almost entirely... which might work, you know, having zany characters coming in and doing little skits before they leave... but... they're all the same ones as the last movie, doing the same jokes.

Spare when they're throwing ads in your face, I guess?

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The 4th and latest installment in The Matrix franchise released recently in 2021. The end product wound up being so divisive, even during the production stage not everyone came back for this one. I can't say for certain if they all weren't on board or not, but I can say that Lilly saw The Matrix as the past and felt no reason to return, leaving only Lana of the Wachowskis coming back for this installment.

Neo, played by Keanu Reeves is back! Kind of a surprise after Matrix 3, but so is Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss!! Again, even more of a surprise. Also, so is Morpheous and Smith, except they're the same person except they aren't the same person except they aren't even played by the same person but there's footage where they are... yeah, we haven't even started talking about the plot yet.

Is that necessary, though? Will it help you make the choice of wanting to watch this review? Or is the truth that the choice has already been made for you..?

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A horror movie touted as "the final chapter" in everything but name, Scream 3 was to be the last entry in the Scream TRILOGY that would no doubt be spoken of in hushed whispers for decades to come... problem is... well, they got some new writers, couldn't get Neve Campbell for the whole thing, and just kinda threw together what they had and hoped for the best. But at the end of the day, it's still a Scream movie, right?

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A Charles Band production from 2000, Killjoy is... VERY low budget. And from what I've seen skimming over bits from the 4, yes 4 sequels - that never really changes. So that explains why I waited until the final week of The March of the Clowns to tackle this one. It's got a TON of sequels, but I know that you fellas can only really handle so much low budget bad movie energy at once.

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Also known as Clown Motel: Spirits Arise, Clown Motel is a crowdfunded Clown horror with a handful of horror icons kicking around the cast! Still, the crowdfunding didn't exactly pull gangbusters to put this one up on the screen, so the sets are still kinda limited. Don't worry - that probably isn't going to be the thing that bothers you the most in this movie.

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Clown horror with some actual production value behind it, The Funhouse Massacre brings the likes of Clint Howard and Robert Englund to the table! Though the main events really don't focus on either of them for all that long. Heck, Clint is around for more of the movie and yet somehow gets even less screentime. Still, horror comedy with clowns! That's gotta have some good points to it, right?

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The Asylum strikes again, this time bringing us a movie that just so happens to be about a Clown, and just so happens to be named differently enough from the much better movie "Clown" and also just so happened to come out just before IT: Chapter Two. What a coincidence. Also, it just so happens to be terrible.

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THE MARCH OF THE CLOWNS 2022 kicks off with a cult classic slasher from 1987, Blood Harvest! Tiny Tim stars as Mervo the Magnificent, a clown who happens to be around while a horror movie occurs. People are missing, the final girl is being tormented, and the director is trying to figure out how many scenes he can get her in with as little attire as possible. But hey! There's a clown in a few scenes, so it still counts.

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A cult classic from 1981, Galaxy of Terror was a Roger Corman production attempting to rip off Alien but for a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but while you have your tiny sampling of the obligatory big but not too big stars to attract an audience, quite a few much bigger names make up the rest of the cast. Just.. you know, back when they were doing Galaxy of Terror instead of the thing that they actually became world famous for, soon after. ANYWAY! It's about a planet where people get offed. Also, there is this worm thing...

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Back by... strangely popular demand, it's an Asylum review! You wouldn't think that Godzilla and King Kong could return to the big screen without the gigantic kings of mockbusters capitalizing on that, would ya? In that spirit, this week's review is Ape vs Monster, a movie about an ape that becomes giant, and must do battle with a monster which is also giant. However, at 90 minutes, the ape vs monster battle accounts for maybe one of those... so... hope you really like human characters, and don't care much about variety of sets, or quality of acting for that matter.

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Or as I like to call it: King Ghidora vs The Incredible Mark, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the second Godzilla movie in Legendary's American-made series. This time around, TONS of monsters have popped up EVERYWHERE! Even worse.. the big three-headed rival of Godzilla makes his hundred million dollar CGI debut, King Ghidorah. Ne'er-do-wells, professional monster organizations and worldwide military groups seem out of their element with such a thing going on. But Mark is here, to show up absolutely everyone, and masterfully thwart the kaiju menace almost singlehandedly!


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