Doesn't matter if you have no shots, one shot two shots etc, they want to track you.

You're not eliminating emissions, you are just outsourcing them to somewhere else.
Law of the universe states that there is no such thing as free energy. It has to come from somewhere. Hence there is no such thing as perpetual motion. You can recapture some energy yes, we learned this with the first turbo chargers. The machine would use heat from the motor to force more air though the motor. You do get an increase in energy (power) but we can never recapture 100%. Not even close. Regenerative braking on the EV's uses the car's momentum when braking to put a small charge back to the batteries. Its saving something but certainly not free energy. You're just moving some of the energy already spent, back into the batteries.
Energy to charge the batteries has to come from somewhere. Even if it comes from the sun via solar panels, there was already energy used to make the batteries and the panels.
There's no free ride man. This is something socialists, communists or democrats can't comprehend.

Forget about math, science, English. Now it's all about pedophilia, telling boys they are girls and girls they are boys etc.

What the fuck happened? I told yu what happened. The roots are Satanism. Some still feel that hard to believe. I did too, 10 -15 years back when I was told about the Satanism and peodophila that was running rampant in Hollywood. I didn't believe it. Now look where we are.
also see this... (which Im surprised they leave it on youtube) https://youtu.be/XA07ta2tJpQ
then they try to push the Homophobe button. Ya, call us what you want, just STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN! FREAKS!
here are some others
here, if you want to know where it all started;

these sick freaks need to be locked up and lobotomized.

So much for Smith being a conservative Premiere! How is this happening in Alberta? And soon the rest of the provinces, and US states. Netherlands they are quashing farms by taking their fertilizer.

The Satanic Homosexual Nazi Pedophiles were serious when they said "you will own NOTHING and be happy" (eating crickets)

I told you folks, "This doesn't end well" The Satanists are waiting for the breaking point. Soon revolutions will start which will give them their excuse to annihilate everyone since the military, police etc are all on their side.

The military and police will have to kill thier own families according to the NWO governments which is why Trudeau for example has been training foreign militaries on Canadian soil for years now because they know it will be hard for Canadian police or military for example, to kill their own families, so they will bring in "United Nations" soldiers who don't even speak English. Try negotiating with them!

See where this is going? People think Law is gonna save them? good luck with that! The Satanists make their own laws, sign their own private "constitutions" SELECT (not ELECT) their own people to be put in positions like "presidents and prime minister seats" to make it look like there is still government or that there is still law.

Look what they did to the children in Canada in the "residential schools" indoctrinating them into THEIR ways. This was are recent as the 80s!

Look what China does with their people, take their children and indocterate them into the Communist ways and Genocide the rest! This is going on CURRENTLY!

People don't think this can happen but it ALREADY HAS! What makes you think today is any differnt?

Penhurst School was a mental institution. Poeple were put there who had no mental conditions but were driven mad there being tortured. This was as recent as the 80s! Today its the most haunted building! The stories are horrific. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130840594

Why do you think they are spending so many millions, maybe BILLIONS world wide on COVEY CAMPS!? THEY ARE THE SAME SHIT! They can put you in the COVEY CAMPS with NO REASON and God knows what happens to you once there. If you die there, they will say it was the fake non existent COVID or some other variant thereof or you got a clot or a heart attack (brought on by Bill Gates (un licensed practitioner of Medicine) Experimental Drugs.

You gonna fight? Or roll over for them?

"DOCTOR" Fouchi and some Gay Guy explain how they needed something way more "far out" than the flu to scare people into taking Experimental Drugs.

Also see;

1000s of private jets fly into DAVOS for the their secret meetings about Your Future but Schwab says he will ban your cars! https://rumble.com/v245ve4-wef-declares-people-have-no-right-to-own-cars-you-can-walk-or-share.html

Most of "Hollywood" says the unjabbed should be hunted down and jailed etc because they are criminals. Gene Simmons can KISS MY ASS!

the Pedophilia has been going on for some time in Hollywood and the world. So much we didn't know before internet. Now it's all coming to the light, which is why the Satanists had to push hard to gain control before they lose control.

Break down your little sector so you can't walk more than 15 minutes (maybe on your treadmill)
Won't need cars or motorcycles cuz there be nowhere to go
Won't be needing planes
One night have some crickets, the next maybe some meal worms;




She interviews a Chauffeur in DAVOS who admits WEF Satanists will not ride in electric cars. "Too dangerous" also says they don't save anything since the power still has to come from somewhere.
"For VIP I cannot drive electric car".

Here is the so called leader of Conservative party of Canada Pierre Poilievre Selling Drugs for Pfizer pushing the Globalist Agenda. Similar to Smith in Alberta. She came out swingin like a true conservative. Here she's acting like she doesn't know what was contracted with the WEF https://www.bitchute.com/video/Fo3FX429cXdG/ Then later.... here she is pushing the CBDC and sayin "I dunno what everyone's so upset about the Social Credit Score system" as if its a good thing! https://www.bitchute.com/video/kzgygnm9Qfu3/ you see? they are all indoctrinates of the WEF / NWO.

Wikipedia is funded by Soros. In the notes, you can see how they attempt to discredit it and call it a conspiracy.

Schwab's 4th Reich

Smart girl. here's her channel on rumble... https://rumble.com/user/TruthSeeker01011

What is the current “bylaw” about flag poles in Ottawa? I guess they can't ban the Canadian Flag in CANADA so they ban the flag pole? Are you fucking kidding me!?

Would the same treatment apply if this was a GAY PRIDE, BLM UKRAINE, IRAN or the PALESTINIAN flag!!???

They're now treating the CANADIAN FLAG like the CONFEDERATE Flag!

they are not even cops! https://pps.parl.ca/ they appear to be the Queen's Guard. Like the faggot doesn't have enough guards!? Fucking Cops, Military, RCMP, United nations, they all protect Queen Justin of Vasilonia.

Notice how the rest of the fake cops gather round so no one can film the truth OR INTERVENE!?

Pay Attention because she's SPOT ON! 100%
Looks like the Three Amigos will be running North America, reporting back to Klaus Schwab, who in return reports back to 13 families that run the world, who in return report back to Satan.
Now do you understand why they didn’t bother to push the ratification of the Canadian Constitution? It would have just gotten in the way.

Exposing the Dark Truth. You wanted the TRUTH so Lettuce Attend....

possible name changes;
Morgan Cosby?

Lettuce attend....

"Public" School vs Home School.

DO NOT COMPLY! Even if it hurts in the interim.

the globalists / WEF are steering us all into a trap.

high heel, leather wearin Pfaggot joker! Watch as he embraces the large western corporations like a fucking TV commercial!

Did you see where GOOGLE COVERS for PFIZER? https://youtu.be/xYlM1-eoZM8 (@7:30)

She says that she got the shot so she didn’t get kicked out of the army, but now that she will be on blood thinners for the rest of her life (since getting the shot), she’s being discharged! Can't serve if you have auto immune disease and you're on blood thinners! So now she's fucked for life physically AND no job AND already bought a house, relying on her job.


ya he talked about it before but this more detailed.

Told yu, late 2019, early 2020, "THIS DOESN'T END WELL" This is going to end in revolution. Thats what they want. They want an excuse to annihilate as many "Vulgar Eaters" as possible. If they can't do that with disease and experimental drugs, they will do it by force. AND as said from the beginning; we don't have their money. We don't have thier weapons. All we have is NUMBERS (so far) IF people start to wake up and realize whats going on! But sadly, there are many who STILL think this is about a sick bat from CHINA that would KILL ALL HUMANS! Can you not see how daft that is!?

This is why we keep posting this kind of stuff. This is why we keep writing about it, making videos etc because the more people we have that realize whats going on, the better our chances of survival for us and mostly, for future generations!

Can you imagine your grandkids growing up not even knowing what freedom once looked like because they are used to living within 15 minutes of their "sector"?

EMF Radiation Test Shows Sitting in an Electric Car is Like Standing Near a Running Microwave

- Cell Phone: 120 mW/m2
- Microwave: 360 mW/m2
- Microwave (1-2’ Away): 100 mW/m2
- Inside Tesla: 100 mW/m2

and he was not even driving! with EVs, the faster you go, the more energy they use, like turing up the temperature on the microwave.

She gains "Admin access" in under 2 minutes.


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