Got taken down by YouTube after reaching 1.6k views. Not sure how it exactly blew up that much but I'm really happy for it.
Anyway I found this 4chan post and decided to make the song out of it. Sorry about bad audio quality but I'm a Europoor.
Also, if you want, comment where you found this, I'm really curious how/where this is getting spread :)


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Psyop detector, based zoomer. I intend to work towards unifying the right, otherwise, divided we fall.
One of the main ways to weaken a group of people is to create conflict within the group. If we become so big that the overlords can't ignore us, we have a chance. They are scared shitless already.

1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
Meme creator
Qanon is a psyop
Agree on a plan, don't just trust it someone else's plan.
The right is being infiltrated and we need to wake up to this nonsense
Stop doing nothing, lets unite and gather.
They won't be able to stop us.