Literally random thoughts about mutilating young girls. In the nicest possible way:

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This hangout was pre-recorded. It covers especially the successful defamation action brought by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Heard is being touted as the woman who killed #MeToo. We can only hope.

I cover vert briefly the origins of #MeToo and Time’s Up. And the result in practice of #MeToo.

I cover the reaction to the trial outcome, including by demented feminist Moira Donegan (the woman responsible for the Shitty Media Men List).
I play some video from a documentary showing a poor bloke named Paul Jenner who was beaten to death by his “girlfriend”.

I mention the case of Emma-Jayne Magson, not a false rape case but a genuine murder, one I have covered in depth over the past couple of years.
I mention the Prince Andrew case and the ongoing researches of Lady Victoria Hervey into his false accuser, the odious Virginia Giuffre.

I cover Bill Cosby and related #MeToo cases including Harvey Weinstein.
I mention inter alia Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of homosexual offences, and the attempts by feminist academics to discredit false memory syndrome.

This treacherous bitch should choke on her words.

No silver lining for you, baby, only the road to Carey Street.

That’s the way to do it!

Moron being the operative word for this woman.

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British Grandma On Death Row? Yeah, Right

LINDA CARTY: The Guilty Murderess -
As Documented By The United States Court Of Appeals

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Something for you to think about, especially you younger ones.

This one was too much even for me.

This one speaks for itself. And so does she!

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“What are you talking about?” he asks, and well he might. This clearly woke sistah is talking rubbish.

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This hangout begins with a discussion of the Prince Andrew shakedown by that chiselling little whore Virginia Roberts. The views of Lady Colin Campbell and Lady Victoria Harvey are discussed.

Many other cases of false rape, real rape and related matters are discussed including the Marilyn Manson case, the return of false accuser PJ Masten, an allegation against Snoop Dogg, and sundry others, recent and not so.

I played some video of an American woman named Shawna who was put on the sex offender registry for life after having sex with a 14 year old when she was still a teenager. Totally absurd.

Flashbacks were discussed, also “A Complaint Of Rape” – a documentary from 1982 (on the Timeline); Roger Graef (the man behind it), died March 2.

And many other things.

This hour long hangout was recorded February 14, 2022 and uploaded to YouTube the following day. It is about what its title suggests, clearing the backlog, in no particular order.
It begins with some comment about the Grace Tame case in Tasmania. Her abuser Nicholaas Bester was interviewed by Bettina Arndt, which obviously didn’t go down too well with the mainstream media.
The following cases were also discussed or mentioned briefly:
Ferguson Parker of Belmont, Texas – possibly falsely accused in addition to his proven statutory rape of a teenager at the school where he worked.
The 1984 case of a bus driver acquitted of rape, a dude who had a previous conviction for rape.
A legal case from Ohio, a really sick one involving a female abuser.
The case of American sportsman Trevor Bauer, who will not be entered on the Timeline.
The case of Peng Shuai warranted a mention.
The case of serial rapist Abdallah Baballah.
An alleged rape on an international flight.
A new film about Jimmy Savile by Mark Williams-Thomas.
A number of actresses/celebrities who claim to have been raped (but didn’t report it).
A legal development in an aside to the Jeffrey Epstein case.
Various other cases including the alleged Cyprus gang rape of 2019 plus police misconduct, etc.
And certifiable lunatic Wilfred Wong,
Sir Peter Hayman is alluded to incorrectly as Sir Peter Herman.

Hail? I thought they had snow in Canada. What a maroon.

This is oh so typical, once the real perpetrator is identified, the outrage ends. KKK indeed.

Thanks to Black Conservative Perspective for this one.

Shut up, the ADL told this Rabbi.

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A trucker sums it up in a nutshell.


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