Exposing this little monster and those who lie for her.

A transcript of my narration only can be found here:

The following information was extracted from THE ORLANDO SENTINEL of February 12, 2015:

Festa had apparently worked for at least two other police departments.

In 2000, while working in Georgia, he was disciplined for making false statements. By 2011, he was working for Mascotte (a so-called city) where he was disciplined for misusing a personal information database. (A sacking offence in the UK, one that may have seen his prosecuted). In 2012, he was disciplined for using a personal mobile phone while in a patrol car instead of the mandatory two-way radio.

In 2004, Rigdon was working for the Volusia County Sheriff’s s Office. He too had misused an official database. He ended up being sacked.

The first thing I have to say is that when I was preparing these notes I noticed a recurrant problem, namely, in places the video slows down; towards the end the audio finishes before the video. I think I know the cause of this and hope to have it sorted for the next hangout. In the meantime, please bear with me.

I began with the backfile, explaining inter alia why I will not be adding Julian Assange to the Timeline. There were quite a lot of cases in the backfile, some of which have already been added. Not all the others will be, but Wilfred Wong almost certainly will be. Total nutter.

Coming to the main subject, this was a Zoom meeting by the misnamed Centre For Women’s Justice. One of the speakers was murderess Sally Challen, who can be found on the Timeline.

I explained the third wave position on female crime/evil - namely it’s always a man’s fault, or men generally. Naz Shah seems to support that position, certainly as far as her murderous mother is concerned. I took a swipe at “Wikipedia” for perpetuating the lies of Zoora Shah (or whoever came up with them). The imbeciles behind “Wikipedia” have actually deleted my corrections. I discussed the Zoora Shah case here at length - an unusual woman indeed! Shah’s tariff was reduced in 2000 to 12 years not 10 years as I said later.

I explained the scam Wistrich is using to overturn the murder convictions of women like Zoora Shah - it didn’t work in her case, but it did in Challen’s case and also in the case of Emma Humphreys. There is a lengthy entry for Humphreys on the Timeline.
I discussed the Fariessia Martin case, she was convicted of murdering Kyle Farrell. Now it has been revealed that she was also a rape victim. Yeah, sure.

Another case, in which the killer isn’t named, appears to be a drug addict who murdered her great uncle.

The notes to this publication include a citation from Jim Hopper and David Lisak. Lisak is on the Timeline; I made a video about his fellow mangina Hopper called “The JUNK SCIENCE Of JIM HOPPER”. I played part of the clip from Lisak which is on the Timeline, and trashed his absurd claims.

A little humour for ya!

False Rape Timeline:

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Keren (pronounced Karen) Sangalaza got knocked up by white dude Nicholas Revello then thought better of it, apparently because she realised he wasn’t as wealthy as he appeared. Too late now, bitch.

I began with some stories in the news, first and foremost the ludicrous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who now claims to be a “survivor” of sexual assault. I played a short clip of her whining.

Marilyn Manson is back in the news for the wrong reason. For non-music fans, Manson is a dude.

I covered the case being brought against the CPS here by Harriet Wistrich and associated uglies. I discussed some of the press coverage of related cases.

I mentioned certifiable lunatic Wilfred Wong, currently residing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for rescuing (kidnapping) a young boy to save him from Satanic abuse. Unreal.

Regarding media mendacity, I started with a quote from Professor Butz. I explained gaslighting, for the few people who haven’t heard of it.

I covered the Geoffrey Knights case; this wasn’t a sex case but outrageous reporting on it led to the judge staying the proceedings.

I discussed the Ghomeshi case, which can be found on the Timeline.

I covered the Cosby case and in this connection played a short clip of talking head Don Lemon interviewing Joan Tarshis.
I went on to “Operation Yewtree” - Jimmy Savile, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford and Rolf Harris in particular.

I couldn’t not cover the John Leslie case in a hangout like this. And the flim-flam of the CPS.

Edward Heath, Harvey Proctor and the VIP paedophile ring nonsense get a mention. It was the idiot Chief Constable of Wiltshire, Mike Veale, not the Chief Constable of Warwickshire who endorsed this rubbish. I got that wrong.

I ended with the cases of Robert Hughes and Cardinal Pell.

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There are problems with sound in this video in a couple of places but the viewer will miss nothing of importance. Late in the video I alluded to symbiotic effects instead of synergistic effects. Also, the Bunny Effect isn’t on the Timeline but can be found on my main website. There is also a bit of repetition due to parts of it being re-recorded, but I wanted to get this out by January 12. For more context, check out the hangouts for February 22 and September 5, 2019.

After the introduction I began with the case of schoolteacher Jane Watts who had sex with a schoolboy three times then claimed he’d raped her.
Two recent cases of men who were accused of raping sleeping women.
I went over the case of Katie Brennan.
An update from Jack Rebolledo.
I mentioned the Jeffrey Epstein case, and an update on it.
I mentioned too that whore Virginia Roberts.
Then to statutes of limitations beginning with Lawrence Jones, currently in the news.
And a policewoman from North Wales who resigned for a lesser “offence”.
The Harmony Allen case.
The sexual grievance industry and the people who lobby for the removal of statutes of limitations.
I covered two of my favourite cases: Graham Dawes and the slightly earlier case of Andrew Bond.
The continuing attack on statutes of limitations.

This is a short explanation of the current financial malaise; this video was uploaded in February 2011. The full text can be found below.

The backing track is a short piece of music called WATERMELON SHERBET. My apologies if it sounds terrible - it does - but I was never much of a guitarist, and this was only a home demo recorded way back in the late 1980s or early 1990s when I still had some inkling how to play the instrument. I should have used the Screaming Jets song FAT RICH CUNTS or better still the Show Of Hands track ARROGANCE, IGNORANCE AND GREED, but a) I needed something short and b) I didn't want to run into copyright issues.

Please check out my websites - and join the movement for financial reform: make a donation to ITMA or the CCMJ, or better still, shoot a banker!

The Cuts Explained In One Minute Forty-Nine Seconds

Approximately 97% of all the money in the world exists only as credit; it has no tangible existence.

This money has been created by the banks as figures in a book -- or nowadays, as blips in cyber-space.

Because it is created as an interest-bearing debt, it is irredeemable. For reasons that have nothing to do with the well-being of its citizens, the government borrows credit from the banks instead of creating it as has been done in the past by for example Abraham Lincoln and the Guernsey Parliament (The States).

Recently, the banks lost countless billions of this money that has no tangible existence by gambling on the derivatives markets, and were bailed out by the taxpayer -- you -- with no mandate, indeed with no consultation. This happened on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now there is a shortage of credit because the banks won't lend this thing that has no tangible existence to businesses or to governments unless they are able to repay these loans with REAL money.

In Britain, the Crown could create all the credit necessary for public works, but the Treaty of Maastricht forbids this.
Also, government economists claim it would be irresponsible to do this because such credit creation would cause inflation.

Inflation is said to be caused by too much money chasing too few goods.

Clearly there is not enough money in circulation -- because nobody has any except the banks.

But if the government creates it itself, there will be too much. Clearly, they want to have their cake and eat it.

Because the British Government and governments worldwide -- including the supposedly so mighty US Government -- are either unable or afraid to stand up to the banks, public services are being cut, the economy is grinding to a halt, and your children are being enslaved.

This short video tells you all you need to know about who wants to destroy free speech and why. After watching it, please check out the two videos below as well as my main website and The International False Rape Timeline:

main website:


International False Rape Timeline

For Nancy Pelosi?

This video was uploaded to YouTube on December 30, 2020. This woman is from Door Dash apparently. Unreal.

Just my personal experience and opinion.

A riposte to the hypocrites and idiots on YouTube who never tire of attacking Islam, and never stop to think.

Check out all MY websites and a few others here:

This hangout is a potpourri covering:

Angela Colt - a young lady who drank too much at a fraternity party.
Ethel Bush - police officer and decoy.
A few other cases and the odious Virginia Roberts.
A ludicrous article by Julia Baird, so-called on-line misogyny - ie trolling.
The case of a police officer named Malik.
Freedom Of Information requests - UK.
Somaly Mam - prostitute, rape liar and con-woman.
A case in Canada in which activism by a feminist judge led to the quashing of a rape conviction by an appellate court.
A false gang-rape case and a genuine one, both from Redcar.

Please visit and if possible support The International False Rape Timeline:

Once again, the loveliest woman in Hawaii shows she is more than just a beautiful face.

Here, Tulsi explains why she will not vote for the COVID relief package, so called, gerrymandered by the Democrats. Like Donald Trump, she is right on the money. Unlike Donald Trump, she is in the wrong party.

This lowlife has zero credibility.

Walter Williams died December 2, 2020. Here he is at his finest.

And obviously not a Demon Rat. People like her are not welcome in that party.

I started with an update from Jack Rebolledo, who can be found on the Timeline at June 18, 2018.

I mentioned the James Veitch witch-hunt.

I mentioned the case of police officer Dave Humpherson - not a rape case or anything like it, but he was sacked on the spot for something that deserved at worse a severe reprimand.

I mentioned a case from 2006 in which a teenager was attacked, apparently by a drunk, and fought him off. Real victims fight back!

Now for the comedy.

I played a clip - audio only - of Gloria Allred and Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer.

Then I went through a few cases on the Timeline:

Andrea Cohen and Jeffrey Gordon.
The Canada case from Canada!
Charmaine Kui of Punta Gorda.
The dream rape case from liberated Zimbabwe.
The teacher who “entertained” four students then accused them of rape.
The late Professor Michael Patterson, in this connection I mentioned the earlier case of Lorraine Miles and Kenneth Cain.
The man with one leg accused of raping a 17 stone virgin.
The Gareth Linekar case.
Laurie Ann Martinez from California - the case that made a news anchor laugh. I played a clip about this.

David Parry called this THE CULT OF EXTREMISM; it was delivered at THE EXTREMISTS CLUB on April 26, 2016. Actually, I was not in particularly ill-health as David said here, but my back had been giving me more problems than usual earlier in the week. By this time though, I was over the worst of it.

Although I had a few notes in front of me, this was totally unscripted, so there is no transcript, but see links below.

The speech includes a question and answer session.

Victim Narratives & The Sexual Abuse Industry

The Victim Narrative From The Holocaust To The Cosby Scandal

In Denial Of Female Evil:

Zoora Shah actually poisoned Mohammed Azam with arsenic.
Court of Appeal judgment in Zoora Shah murder case:

Article on the Jian Ghomeshi case:

The truth about Satpal Ram:

Article on undercover police officer Mark Kennedy:

This is what it sounds like. The following notes are not in strict chronological order.

I mentioned Rape Crisis Scotland sending a couple of their mischief-makers to Cyprus re that controversial case last year.

I discussed the case of Danielle Perrett and compared her accuser with Frances Andrade.

I discussed the recent on-line event held by Liam Allan, and compared his case with that of Harvey Weinstein.

I took Julie Bindel to task big time covering the way she and her lover Harriet Wistrich canonised prostitute, serial false rape accuser and murderesss Emma Humphreys.

I covered a case reported recently of a woman who was attacked by five reprobates in the small hours as she walked home through a South London park and managed to fight them off. Real victims fight back!

I covered the case of a police officer accused of raping a drunk woman, and a couple who should have known better than to have sex with a woman for dropping a traffic ticket.

I discussed various cases including my two recent failed FOI requests and the misadventures of certain police officers.

I mentioned the three recent videos made by the Timeline: one Jimmy Savile, another on Jim Hopper, and the latest on Emma Humphreys.

Donald Trump claims...without providing evidence.

Did somebody mention Russian collusion?


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