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Sep 11, 2016 / 131

Delusional Markets:Investing Matters

Stocks,Bond are over priced and expensive. Markets is about to correct downwards and Gold and Silv..


Aug 28, 2016 / 60

Debt to GDP and LIBOR Rates

Bond Yields going down and LIBOR Rates have been going sense what so ever. Something is wr..


Aug 14, 2016 / 75

Over Valued Stock Market

Over Valued Stock Market versus Gold on valuation in historical metrics.

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Aug 05, 2016 / 78

Hate Gold or Love it.

How the mainstream central banks hate gold, but really they know it is real money.


Aug 05, 2016 / 54

What is Real money, Gold, Silver versus Currencies

What is the differences between true honest money and fiat currencies of today that really are wor..