Trooper ‘Ginger’ Ling presents . . .

The Long Range Desert Group’s first 74Z Speeder is finally delivered and has been assigned to Captain Ralph Bagnold

The experience gained from modifying the original 74Z lead to a further development, reassembly of the Speeder, optimised for artic weather conditions

Sometimes a unit can inherit equipment, in this instance, Lunar Company of the 64th Legion acquire an Aratech 105-K, which is assigned to Eagle Scout Trooper

Hoth set with new Luke & AT-AT Driver

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Darth Vader is offered The future

Desert Troopers of Tatooine

Capable of disappearing into the landscape, these hardened veterans are highly versatile and can sometimes be found hiding in plain site

• • • Parts list • • •

The first Desert Trooper came from the Mos Eisley Cantina set;
& the second from the Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters set;

Arms: #FireStarToys
Cloak: Mandalorian battle pack
Poncho: Luke’s Land Speeder
Gloves: Sandman, Jawa

Upon an urban plateau in downtown Mos Eisley . . .

For a long time Desert Troopers have been the only custodians of justice on Tatooine. However, whilst one Microfighter Desert Trooper could easily beat a Battle Pack of Sandmen, there comes a point when new territory has to be consolidated

Taking over Mos Eisley Spaceport has been as simple as moving in, now a defence perimeter is being installed across the adjacent downtown area

< Signals Topology >
< < the SQUADRON > >

introducing, for the first time, the fully incorporated Signals Topology detachment presents . . .

> 2nd Lieutenant Iden Versio
Senior Trooper Miranda Greene
Trooper Ling *
Trooper Rey Face **

2nd Lieutenant Iden Versio is the team leader of Signals Topology, as well as the Dropship Pilot. Senior Trooper Miranda Greene is the Dropship Navigator, she originally worked with Trooper Wendy to to integrate <& automate> the Tactical Missile System into the SQUADRON. Trooper Wendy has now completed her active service & has been replaced. Trooper Ling has rotated in as the replacement Dropship Heavy Gunner. Trooper Rey Face is the cadet of the team

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

it’s my daughters birthday this month and I’m pleased to celebrate the 2nd Detachment has now achieved full strength • placing the female members of the team together allows members of similar constitutional abilities to work effectively together • active readiness requirements do not allow for people with unresolved mental health dilemmas to volunteer for this branch of the service (or any other) • service is for a short fixed period & then an additional active reserve period

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

75262 Imperial Dropship
The Squadron has an expanded version equipped with the Tactical Missile System and a crew capacity of four

75198 Tatooine
The downtown population of Sandmen is currently six

75226 Inferno Squad
Renamed the SQUADRON, with three detachments and a (current) total of eight members
Official dispatches reveal Captain Wingate has now been promoted to Commander & has been ordered to lead the SQUADRON

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I’ve had a bit of an upload issue recently, so hopefully I can get the Desert Troopers content up soon

This is a mood board for an upcoming MOC competition
• #GECKO •

Commander Thrawn has transferred down to the planet surface and has arranged for an exhibition of his prized artefacts at the Hutt Gallery

Port Security originated within the Fifth Fleet as a specialist unit, associated with the 64th Legion during the Clone Wars, and is now part of the Imperial Navy

{The troopers have been upgraded with Fire Star Toys black arms and customised on the left insignia with a change from white to cyan}

The cyan insignia marks out Commander Thrawn’s Port Security Company from other Imperial Troopers. This is a reminder of the times they went into battle with the 64th in the same uniform

Lego Star Wars Battle Pack 75207
Where are they now ?

Mos Eisley Spaceport and Downtown area

Port Security
- of the -
Imperial Navy
. . .
• Commander Thrawn
• 2 Port Security Troopers
• Tactical Missile System
• Viper Droid
• Yard Cruiser
also, not pictured, Yard Speeder, Compact Landing Craft & Logistics Droid

to the Squadron . . .
• Technician

• #64thLegion • #CloneWars •

64th Legion Battle Pack
with Speeder Bike

. . . more information coming soon

• #GenndyTartakovsky • #64thLegion •

Clone Lance Trooper
64th Legion

This Trooper is riding a swept back version of the Aratech 105-K Lancer Bike

This is the vehicle for the 64th Legion Battle Pack
& uses the same power plant as the Port Security Yard Cruiser
The chassis, steering mechanism & exhaust were subsequently used in the Mobquet Zephry-J

Have a look at
Clone Wars 2003, vol.1, about 15mins in
& find out more
Genndy Tartakovsky

Join the 64th Legion
Fight in the Clone Wars

Roundup of parts used recently . . .


Jedi Bob has arranged for the 5TH FLEET to work together with the 64th LEGION

The Fifth Fleet has created an Elite Company called PORT SECURITY, lead by 2nd. Lieutenant Thrawn

The 64th Legion has assigned LUNAR COMPANY, lead by Captain Hexer to work with Port Security

Eagle Scout Trooper is now on secondment to Port Security, specialising in analog perimeter defence

Join the 64th Legion
Fight in the Clone Wars

The 64th Legion is on the march.
Let the Clone Wars begin

• Custom Minifigs

The Assault on Hoth

I picked up my first Imperial SnowTrooper as it was one of two awesome toys that came with the Lego Star Wars magazine. The Elite Praetorian Guard caught my eye because I had previously bought the Elite Praetorian Guard battle pack (75225). I then picked up another Imperial SnowTrooper, an epic toy on the cover of a later Lego Star Wars magazine

Acquisition of the SnowSpeeder (75268) bought me into possession of another SnowTrooper and then I was ready to start formulating a SnowTrooper battle pack

With three SnowTroopers and a Speeder Bike (from 75268) I was ready to upgrade my existing probe droid

Having previously created the probe droid as a study model for the LIDAR Droid MOC, and with the creation of the Hoth Battle Pack series, I returned to remodel the probe droid, one which is more authentic to the Viper droid from the Empire Strikes Back

Find out more about the Viper probe droid

I looked up references from the YouTube, but in the end I styled it out myself. Part of the reason that this is a beta version of the battle pack is that I need to collect the correct coloured parts to assemble the finished droid . . .

Probe Droid instructions
This is the standard Lego Star Wars probe droid model

Alternative Probe Droid build
This model probe droid has three legs and a more substantial body

Probe Droid MOC
This model demonstrates a different construction method and the use of different probe droid arm components

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

Custom Minifigs . . .

Jedi Chapel Guardian

Heavy Gunner, The Squadron

Flash Mando

The Assault on Hoth

My Christmas parcel from my daughters included four minifigs, one of of these being Dak Ralter. Amazingly, on the same day I also received a small package from Fire Star Toys which included a pair of arms, intended for Wedge Antilles.

However, in honour of my daughters these parts were assigned to Dak Ralter, although it did take me a while to figure out who this pilot actually is

Find out more about these minifigs:

~ watch the development of the Pilot minifig
Rebel Pilot Helmet

~ every Rebel Pilot

~ selection of different Pilot uniforms
Rogue Runner
Top 5 Rebel Pilots

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

The Mando (whose real name is Alfie) arrives in Mos Eisley and is introduced to Greedo. Business is on

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

Since the arrival of the 2nd Mandalorian battle pack one character has stood out, Flash Mando, and he has now been joined by The Mando

The other two Mandalorians absconded with a prototype Dropship straight away. However, when the Squadron was redeployed to the Orbital Base Star project an audience with Lord Vader was granted

Sadly the Imperial Navy cannot keep Mandalorians off the flight deck, especially as they are part of the extendable frontline

Flash Mando (a known associate of Greedo) was introduced to Thrawn on the flight deck of the Tatooine Orbital Base Star and went along with Port Security for the takeover of Mos Eisley Spaceport (and the also unnoticed takeover of Downtown Mos Eisley)

. . . . . .
Less said the better . . .
see if we can get a trace on the hilt
. . . it might be something new
. . . . . . . . .

Direct from the Tatooine Orbital Base Star Development Works, the Compact Landing Craft has a front side droid port added to ensure that the LIDAR Droid can get a clean scan from the front of the vehicle

The droid’s communications antenna can directly interface with the CLC control panel, & this has been upgraded so that the system operator can view the scanner results. This also offers the system operator the opportunity to direct the Tactical Missile System to auto-respond to scan results

The latest piece of firepower to be added to the CLC is the Fog of War missile warhead

Port Security decided that a particle warhead might be of benefit if could create a sand storm (effect) & knock out other digital capacity inside area of effect.
Even if opponents regained digital operational ability, the geographic landscape will still be dampened with a very heavy local air & low visibility

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

<delving into Notepad I found this file, which I was sure I’d written:06/12/20> . . .

Lego Star Wars MOC, Probe Droid upgraded with LIDAR

The Sand Trooper Commander has commissioned Port Security to create an enhanced Probe Droid to search out features buried under the sand dunes

Many of the stones used to build the old road were ripped up and used for construction by the Sandmen and Jawas. However, use of a LIDAR scanner will hopefully reveal traces of the old road, and that data, along with other scans of rare metals (such as used in imported technology) can be used to triangulate the location of the old Jedi Chapel

With Port Security, part of the Imperial Patrol, established at Mos Eisley Spaceport the Sand Troopers and Inferno Squad are freed up to search out and destroy the remaining Rebel Alliance forces on the planet

<Creepy Uncle rolled the dice:
the Squadron has been redeployed>

Droid development is undertaken onboard the Orbital Base Star, with input from the Imperial Navy [Technician on secondment to Inferno Squadron] and Port Security. Port Security are upgrading the chassis of a probe droid to look for features that have been covered by sand over time

Whilst researching the Probe Droid I followed these useful links:

I disagree with this review, if the magazine was on sale now, I’d get as many as I could afford, the bagged droids would make great gifts

How to build a rather nice Lego Star Wars Hoth Probe Droid

Lego Star Wars Viper Probe Droid MOC

Custom Star Wars LEGO Probe Droids

LEGO Star Wars Custom Pit Droid MOC
Check out this lovely pit droid moc by Richard Van:

Find out more about Remote Sensing from the Remote Sensing Society

Find out more about LIDAR with the USGS
“What is Lidar data and where can I download it?”

Take a walk downtown in Mos Eisley

In a display of strength Port Security are handing over the Compact Landing Craft to the Sand Troopers. To help find the Old Jedi Chapel a LIDAR Droid has been fitted to the front of the Landing Craft and will be integrated with the onboard Tactical Missile System

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

Welcome to the Tatooine Orbital Base Star Development Works, we are on the flight deck here utilising the Droid Docking station

This droid has been developed from a stripped down Probe Droid & now carries just a single scanner and a communications interface

All medium & small airborne droids can be serviced from this workstation

• Escape from Tatooine
• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

Come back for more rich content soon . . .

Flash Mando wants an ‘In’ with Thrawn, Greedo has an Antique which could be of interest

Greedo & Flash Mando are both sporting upgrades from Fire Star Toys

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

Thrawn acquires a 5TH Fleet Security helmet from Flash Mando
Imperial Navy Operatives & Port Security have received their uniform upgrades from Fire Star Toys

• Lego Star Wars
• Lego On a Budget
• Simple upgrades & MOC’s
• A FilmVille production 2021

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