Isaac Arthur


Feb 16, 2017 / 112

Cryptic Aliens

In this episode we continue our look at possible Alien Civilizations by discussing language and communication. How could we translate their language? How would they translate ours? What modes of com..



Feb 09, 2017 / 247

Life Extension

In this episode we explore technological challenges and solutions for extending the human life span and contemplate some of the challenges an extended lifespan might pose for our civilization.




Feb 02, 2017 / 430

Interstellar Travel Challenges

This episode focuses on many of the problems with travel between stars at relativistic velocities, like collision avoidance, radiation, ship geometry, armor, and point-defense.

We will also look a..



Jan 26, 2017 / 94

Crazy Aliens

In this episode we continue our look at possible Alien Civilizations by attempting to peer into the alien psyche. In the absence of any actual ones to examine we will review fictional examples and t..



Jan 19, 2017 / 84

Weather Control and Geoengineering

A look at advanced means of altering or controlling the planet's climate and geography, drawing on concepts proposed for terraforming other planets. We look at existing and proposed ideas of contro..



Jan 12, 2017 / 65

First Contact

We continue our look at hypothetical alien civilizations by discussing the various possible circumstances in which we might first contact them or be contacted by them.

Visit our Website: http://ww..



Jan 05, 2017 / 51

Stupid Aliens

In this episode we begin our look at possible Alien Civilizations by considering the impossible ones. Fiction has introduced a lot of misconceptions about aliens we need to clear away before we can ..



Dec 29, 2016 / 50

Unpredictability: Black Swans and OCPs

This episode ends Year 2, not with predictions for the future, but rather a discussion of concepts of Black Swan Events and Outside Context Problems, highly unpredictable events which massively impa..



Dec 22, 2016 / 34

Fermi Paradox: Stay At Home Civilizations

Today we return to the Fermi Paradox to contemplate the notion of civilizations which neither expand outwards to colonize the galaxy nor go extinct, but exist as long-term, high-tech civilizations j..



Dec 15, 2016 / 26

Life in a Space Colony, ep3: Early Interstellar Colonies

This episode concludes a three-part series focusing more on the specifics of colonization including the human aspect of it. Today we journey to the Tau Ceti System after a 120 year voyage to join ou..

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