Part One of a video series suitable for presenting to any group, club, or organization, enlightening them with "kosher awareness" (i.e., kosher certification awareness), for kosher seal and religious certification recognition is the imperative of our times! This Busy Mom Presentation is published to preserve the work of the now-defunct company which sparked this bottom-up grassroots movement. Additionally, there probably are few identity groups more underserved and under-represented in America than those wishing to avoid religious certified goods, as rabbinical oversight has become a dominant factor in the products found in our stores.

Busy moms statistically do more grocery shopping and cooking for the family than the fathers of the household. And so, in keeping with treating women with dignity and respect, it only makes sense to provide them with the consumer education vital to maintaining a fair and equitable society. But true equity and true religious freedom can never be achieved until we have honest transparency and choice in our secular marketplace, with an emphasis on religion-neutral inclusivity and zero tolerance for obscure and deceptive religious intervention schemes. Kosher Awareness is, in fact, an essential Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for our diverse community that centers on civil liberties, consumer awareness and ethical business practices. After one century of tolerating these tiny inscrutable kosher seals, the time has finally come to get K-wise. We welcome consumers of all faiths, races and identities to open their mind to the esoteric social justice movement that feeds their hunger, cleanses their garments, and washes their dishware. Help it grow today by sharing with family and friends! (Note: Although emphasis of this presentation is in educating the female shoppers in our lives, this video is also suitable for men)

How much do you really know about your food? Many Americans live out their entire lives without realizing how dominant kosher-certification is in their kitchen cupboards and refrigerator shelves. Why is that? Why are kosher seals (hekhshers) so often too small to notice or in an awkward place to locate on a product's label? These inquiries and more make up The Kosher Question. Our app (no longer available) and website www.TheKosherQuestion.com will help consumers become better shoppers. This video demonstrates how quickly NKC products can be searched and selected, archiving a prototype towards future web apps that will enhance consumer rights and religious freedom with a religion-neutral database of products. This video posted for educational purposes only.

Few consumers are aware of how prevalent kosher-certification is in their daily lives, even after one century of practice in America. It really goes beyond the food we eat, and extends to inedible kitchen products like dish soap and aluminum foil as well as cleaning products like grease-fighting cleaners and laundry detergent. Www.TheKosherQuestion.com educates consumers on this one century old food business. It's time to "exercise your dietary free will." The KosChertified? app (no longer available) features a comprehensive education on this topic while providing users with a grocery searchable database of religion-neutral products NOT Kosher-Certified (NKC).This video posted for education purposes only.

Most shoppers, especially busy mothers, have little time to scrutinize product labels. Discovering the KosChertified? app will help shoppers understand the kosher-certification industry. There are over two million products and ingredients kosher-certified by over 1400 different agencies and entities. The practice has gone on for almost one century, but few Americans know this. Our app (no longer available) and the website www.TheKosherQuestion.com will make better informed consumers. An embedded product search and grocery list feature allows users to identify religion-neutral products NOT Kosher-Certified (NKC). This video posted for educational purposes only.

Video commentator RamzPaul injects his unique brand of satire into the subject of the kosher certification industry, bringing kosher awareness to people of all faiths and identities. While the app has since been removed from publication, the business closed, and the website mentioned in the video was changed to www.TheKosherQuestion.com, any online sources available today and this video are strictly for educational purposes.

The company behind the KosChertified? App studied one hundred certification seals found on food and kitchen items, in addition to accompanying recycle symbols and sloganeering found on "same package" labels. The results suggest that there is more to the kosher certification industry than meets the eye. The following video presents a small snapshot of the broader 41 page research paper found at www.TheKosherQuestion.com. Please review this for the finer details of what may be a systemic Deceptive Trade Practice in the consumer "free" marketplace. This video posted for educational purposes only.

In 321 AD, Emperor Constantine asserted the first known Sabbath laws of Europe: "On the venerable Day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed." - Codex Justinianus. In early America Puritanical laws that closed businesses on Sundays became known as the "Blue Laws". So in 2020, with maybe just one popular franchise honoring those Blue Laws of the past (Chick-Fil-A), it should provoke inquiry and discussion as to how the kosher certification industry, based on ancient Judaic/Talmudic laws of proscription and particularism, should have gained immense popularity in America (and Canada) as the Christian Blue Laws gradually were eroded and culturally ignored. That, consumers, is just one more question from www.TheKosherQuestion.com. This video for educational purposes only.

Video commentator RamzPaul injects his unique brand of satire into the subject of the kosher certification industry, bringing kosher awareness to people of all faiths and identities. See video titled "Is Your Food Kosher Certified?" for RamzPaul take, as this one has not played since mid-2022 for some strange reason.

A comprehensive overview on the kosher certification industry, and an introduction to the NKC diet and identity - NOT Kosher Certified. Popular media personalities RamzPaul and Matthew Drake inject their own branded perspective to this topic. This video posted for educational purposes only.

An artistic rendering of the Kosher Question. Update: With the app no longer available, the parent business closed, this video is posted for educational purposes only.


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