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Miki Klann gives us more solutions to the tyranny of democracy.

Is this the moment you've all been waiting for???

One of the most inspiring speeches of 2024.

Tao-Chia and the personal notes of a practicing Daoist

This Film Will Change The Way You See Yourself


This short documentary film illustrates the true meaning of self-ownership and individualism, and highlights the importance of individual rights. The title “Who Owns You?” might seem curious at first, but when you watch the entire film, you will learn why that’s the most important question you can ask yourself in the current moment.

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When you are closer to the answer, the closer to the brink you are.

Do you really trust the black screen?

Academy of Ideas highlights what is necessary to solve the current dilemma of ruling ideology.


The Psychology of Obedience and The Virtue of Disobedience


The shadow cloud is looming.

Is it a White Lung pandemic or Acute Radiation Syndrome?

What, no viruses???

Inspired by an upload by Smoke & Mirrors.

True power is found within the rested mind.

Distraction is the most dangerous gun. Pay attention to the other matters we need to attend too!!

When you know what is coming...

What would happen if you just ignored them?

When you know what elates you; you control what vibrates you.

A hat tip to the fellow at Smoke & Mirrors

Gary Tyme's Top 5

Compilation of footage that tells us "we need to move before we become stagnant".

Academy of Ideas #2

Unblock procedure.

Realeyesation assists in the "Great Cognitive Paradigm Shift" therein reminding us that it is our acquiescence to faith in authority that subverts us in to servitude.




Still Believe In 'Government Authority?' Then I Have Six Questions For You



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Gary Tyme is an advanced specialist teacher of Health and Social Care, Sociology, Criminology and Law, Clinical Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, a Master Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu and a Master of Education. He has spent over 14 years in the field of academia where his research and academic findings have been added to the data bases of Princeton University, Harvard University, Oxford University, and the Marie Curie institute. As an author in academia, Gary Tyme has had over 1,100 mentions in many academic publications and - with well over - 1000 readers that are highly engaged with his work, where he continually receives invitations and/or requested to peer review new research findings before publication. The most edifying response Gary Tyme received came from Pascale Mentré (Alumna, Biology) from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, who, very graciously left an extremely gratifying reason for downloading Quantum Philosophy and Universal Ethics: “Thank you for this article which shows itself quite useful for my general culture. Best regards, Pascale Mentré.