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Big if true, may boost his campaign. #swalwell #fartgate

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1. Amber Valley
2. Angus
3. Arfon
4. Argyll & Bute
5. Arundel & South Downs
6. Ashfield
7. Ashford
8. Ashton-under-Lyne
9. Aylesbury
10. Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock
11. Ayrshire Central
12. Ayrshire North & Arran
13. Banbury
14. Banff & Buchan
15. Barking

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1. Pope closes Amazon synod warning of walls, neglect of traditions
2. Married men in Amazon could become priests following landmark Vatican vote
3. NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Bill to introduce abortion up to birth for children with Down’s syndrome – Parents speak out
4. Hundreds of people with Down’s syndrome and their families call on Sinn Féin and DUP to prevent extreme abortion regime
5. Hundreds of Northern Ireland healthcare professionals oppose ‘fatal’ abortion regime
6. Govt offer new travel incentive for late-term disability abortions including cleft lip and Down’s syndrome in England

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1. 'The people are being robbed': Voices from Baghdad
2. 'We have nothing to lose': Iraqis vow to keep up protests
3. Iraq's protests and the reform farce
4. Explainer: Deadly civil unrest - what is happening in Iraq?
5. Trump Did Not Betray the Kurds
6. Assyrians in Iraq: The Last Betrayal?

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Clip taken from the stream "39 illegals dead, everyone ignores the elephant in the room (why we voted for Brexit)" - the full stream is over at

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1. How some of the UK's ports are not watched
2. National Crime Agency warned of Zeebrugge illegal migrant threat

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1. Drag queen backlash: Wichita library may demand sex offender checks on story readers
2. The new trans orthodoxy is scaring even the most stalwart of organisations into silence
3. Professors bullied into silence as students cry transphobia
4. No single gene associated with being gay
5. No transgender parent should be able to airbrush their child's history
6. Freddy McConnell: Transgender man who gave birth cannot be named child's father
7. Transgender Puberty Blocking Drug Linked To Thousands Of Deaths, FDA Data Reveals
8. ‘Mommy says I’m a girl’: Dad fights to save 7-year-old son from gender ‘transition’
9. 'Hundreds' of young trans people seeking help to return to original sex

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1. Nurse Found Baby Left to Die in After Surviving Abortion, This “Suffering Child Was Dying All Alone”
2. Over 20,000 pro-lifers march to protest UK imposing abortion on Northern Ireland
3. Australia: New South Wales’ extreme abortion bill becomes law
4. UK pro-life group calls on politicians to take action to stop abortion in Northern Ireland
5. Northern Ireland's abortion law breaches UK's human rights commitments, court rules
6. Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group in Walthamstow constituency

1. Trump defends life and nationalism at UN's 74th General Assembly, 9/24/2019
2. What is Human?
3. Unconstitutional to impose abortion in Northern Ireland political expert
4. Very little baby born at 28 weeks pregnant
5. NSW's radical abortion bill would allow infanticide on demand

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1. Emily Thornberry speaks at the 2019 Labour Conference
2. Diane Abbott speaks at the 2019 Labour Conference
3. Angela Rayner speaks at the 2019 Labour Conference

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1. UK Schools to Teach 4-Year-Olds how to masturbate

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1. 17-year-old boy pleads guilty to murdering lawyer with a screwdriver
2. Children as young as 11 placed in unregulated care homes
3. Grooming cases in Hampshire increase by 19 per cent, according to NSPCC report
4. Paedophile jailed for Rotherham child abuse has sentence extended for trolling victim
5. I was a bully - I wanted to be violent
6. Stabbed seven times in a month: Inside the safe houses saving gang members
7. Three teenagers charged over PC Andrew Harper murder
8. Vanessa George: UK's 'worst female paedophile' released after 10 years
9. Revealed - Vanessa George's 'VIP' prison lifestyle: Britain's worst female paedophile enjoyed meals delivered to her cell, net curtains over her windows and a 50-inch flatscreen colour TV

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Conservative Active has many objectives; it’s first will be to reignite a movement for the Conservatives & Classic Liberals in the U.K.. We aim to provide information/analysis in the U.K. including World Events.

For too long Conservatism has been defined by those who oppose it, it’s time we remade the case for Conservatism which will appeal to the masses. We have seen new movements such as the “progressives” and the “alt right” both of which have risen through populism, such movements do not represent Conservatism or Liberalism but merely are pseudo by name.

We have to go back and read for ourselves what true Conservatism and Classical Liberalism stand for, remind us of what it truly means to be free, make the case and win arguments. We need to put our political institutions back in order.