This is from a series called "Threshold", produced for one season in 2005. Look at what they're talking about and then compare it to what we see going on now.

Today I show what I think is very distrubing evidence of how they're deploying the jab on everyone, regardless of whether or not you get the shot.

In today's video I show you how this research has progressed over the past decade to what we see unfolding in front of us today.
Blog post with links:

Meanwhile the President of Serbia says war is immanent as he expects the 101st Airborne division to deploy into Ukraine.

This is evil incarnate. Not only don't these shots work but they change EVERYTHING and they are killing our kids! Story with links is here:

They're also attempting to do the same thing in NY and all of the other states via their draconian "Public Health Acts". Right.

As if mandatory shots weren't enough and here comes marburg and the zombie apocalypses to go with it!

Germany has transferred an unnamed number of long-range JFS-M missiles to Ukraine for the Himars MLRS. These have a range of up to 499KM or 310.1 miles. Russia just warned the USA yesterday to NOT TO DO THIS!!!

Today we cover the war between NATO and Russia as Russia has warned the US once again about sending long range weapons to Ukraine! Website link with articles:

They've been planning this for a long time. Now that the truth is coming out we will probably see more pandemics and war. Prayed up and prepped up. Here is the link to the entire video:

Pakistan has experienced many devastating floods and landslides over the years but this is off the scale!

Here we go! Prayed up and prepped up!

Today we discover some new truths about the history of electricity and the spread of diseases throughout modern history.

NATO is considering trying to cut Russia off from the Baltic Sea. Russia has said that would be suicide for the nations involved.

This could be the catalyst for the next phase of WW3. That and other war news are in today's report. Website report with all links are here:

If this is true (and I tend to believe it knowing big pharma's record) then this is what's in store for those who took the jab. Within 2 years everyone had issues like we're seeing with the jab now and EVERYONE had their heart stop! Every single one.

It's all coming to a head! Prayed up and prepped up! Full report with links:


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