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Hey there, Red Coat here!

I'm a multihat dev with a particular penchant for game design, sound design and media development. To aid in my quest to become a functional game dev (and consequently also a functional human being) I formed the company Vernacular Games

Vernacular Games is an indie development group in the video game sector, eking out an existence on frothing buckets of passion and pocket change. I formed it in response to the rigid, sometimes asinine structure and practices employed by larger game development companies, with the intent of providing a mid-level alternative for aspiring developers looking to gain a bit of professional experience.

If you wanna learn more about that you can check out the website:

As for me, I'm gonna be posting a bunch of our older works up on this platform as I work through the archives. Eventually, you'll start seeing stuffs from us that have yet to ever be released! (Working on getting them edited at the moment). You may even see a few game announcement from us in the near future...

At any rate, I hope you can derive some enjoyment from our posted works. Maybe even learn a thing or two! Until then, happy listening, and stay safe!