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An exploration of the relationship between employer and employee, and how to do it in a non negative way.

Looking at how to apply Nintendo's business practices to construction and real estate

Some meandering talk about being a Christian creative in the current environs and trying to avoid ruining art with heavy handed messaging

Chatting a bit about pinball machines, arcade cabinets and the growth of barcades.

Just pointing ya'll in the direction of a cool X8 Demake project that's currently in the works. Loving how it's turned out so far.

You can find it at the link below.

A brief anecdote about an encounter with society's "upper echelon", and some musings regarding its implications.

A brief chat about the poor state of the game industry and what indie devs can do in response.

With only a few days left on the Gogo, we close the book on this chapter of Legends of Mathmatica's development.

- Link Below

A brief look at the numbers at current on the Indiegogo and an explanation of where you can find the game.

Wanna back it? Check the link below:

To continue our exploration (and explanation) of Legends of Mathmatica, I shall now give you a taste of the puzzles that appear in the game. You're welcome.

If you'd like to back the project, head on over to our Gogo page by clicking the link below:

A brief look at the team behind Legends of Mathmatica².

Check out the Indiegogo at the link below!:

Some Basic information about our back rewards and how they will be fulfilled.

Follow the link to go to our Indiegogo page:

With the Indiegogo rolling forward it seemed like a good idea to inform our prospective players about how combat work in Legends of Mathmatica.

Wanna back the game? Check out our Gogo page:

An introduction to the Indiegogo page for Legends of Mathmatica and an initial description of the game.

Follow the link to go to our Steam page:

Here we discuss the representation of AI that was presented in the Megaman X games and how that influenced my thoughts with regards to AI ideation and development.

Hey there Vernacular Faithful! Legends of Mathmatica has just gone live on Steam! Ya'll ought to pick it up if you feel so inclined.

Buy it on Steam:

Download a demo on

Happy Pi Day!

Behold the heroic knight Sigurd! His blade is just and true. His will as indomitable as his pompadour. He'll surely be an integral part of the quest to save the kingdom of Mathmatica!

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the game will be coming out on Steam Monday the 14th of March (Pi day).
You can Wishlist it here:

Christoph's Twitch Channel.
A Listen party should occur there on the 11th of March!

Hey there Vernacular Faithful! Just letting you know that with the ending of our Indiegogo campaign, we will be shooting towards a full release of the game in the first quarter of next year (likely January)

You can wishlist it on Steam or download it off of when it comes out!

Wishlist it on Steam:

Download a demo on

A brief assessment of some of the more popular crowdfunding platforms.

You can check out the page we reference here:


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Hey there, Red Coat here!

I'm a multihat dev with a particular penchant for game design, sound design and media development. To aid in my quest to become a functional game dev (and consequently also a functional human being) I formed the company Vernacular Games

Vernacular Games is an indie development group in the video game sector, eking out an existence on frothing buckets of passion and pocket change. I formed it in response to the rigid, sometimes asinine structure and practices employed by larger game development companies, with the intent of providing a mid-level alternative for aspiring developers looking to gain a bit of professional experience.

If you wanna learn more about that you can check out the website:

As for me, I'm gonna be posting a bunch of our older works up on this platform as I work through the archives. Eventually, you'll start seeing stuffs from us that have yet to ever be released! (Working on getting them edited at the moment). You may even see a few game announcement from us in the near future...

At any rate, I hope you can derive some enjoyment from our posted works. Maybe even learn a thing or two! Until then, happy listening, and stay safe!