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Google hates the truth.

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The main point is this, voting is validating the lie.

In this video I respond to Mag Bitter Truth's unfounded attack on me by giving him a lesson on gematria and the recent US-Taliban Peace Deal. *This video was banned by YouTube for Hate Speech, which is odd, because there is no hate speech, but at the same time, the video I was responding to, Mag Truth's, is full of hate and name calling, such as "sodomite" (which of course I am not).

This video is about the Jewish censorship agenda and fitting, it was banned 77-days after it was uploaded from YouTube. It is time to wake up sleepy heads. *Judaism = 77 *Zionist = 77

YouTube deleted my 20th channel for this video. It is the third time I have been struck for a video calling attention to Adam Green's role in subverting the truth community.

This video was banned from YouTube, by the ADL.

YouTube's censorship of truth is only leading to one place, a place JFK once spoke about.

August 11, 2019 is going to be a very bad date for the world.

We cover the last month-plus of headlines, news and sports. This is to make up for missing the Gematria Effect episode Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

It's been too long truthseekers, so let's get caught up, and just know there's a lot more to come.
+What is 47?

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