A free form blues jam improvisation using Danelectro guitar and a small Laney amp - like many others I've posted before.

When I first typed the word "bitchute" into duck duck go this morning, I was told there were no results. The second try yielded results. Hmm... Anyway, this is a re-edit of a video I recently put up on bitchute, but for some reason the first attempt had garbled sound. I believe because of compression. This is an older song I hadn't played for quite a while, but decided to record it with video now.

Haven't been on about the chemtrails (or contrails if you prefer) for a long time.

A political blues song.

Another free form jam using Danelectro electric guitar through a small Laney amp and vocals.

Being that Manjaro is ending 32 bit support, I decided to switch to antix to continue my project of keeping an old netbook going.

A free form ukulele jam, using ukulele and vocals.

Another video on the ongoing censorship of the web, particularly by Google.

Paul Bowles was an American writer most famous for writing the book, The Sheltering Sky. He lived much of his later life in Morocco. He was also a composer. I was surprised to find out that (at least some of his ashes, but I don't have the full story) are buried at the grave site near Seneca Lake. I went there, and this is the video.

Since I've been making these few videos on this topic, I have been shown information by others that gives me hope that many see this problem, and are working towards a more decentralized internet. This is the second attempt at uploading this video, as the first attempt would not process. We'll see if this works.

The two topics listed in the title are covered in this video. We really need to decentralize the web, as Google has too much power to control information. The recent concerns coming from left websites about censorship, and even the previous concerns from the right, show us that we should not trust Google to occupy a position in between us and the sources of information we are seeking out. This is partly the reason why discourse in the US has fallen so low. We get mainly one establishment narrative from the Google search results now, although it certainly is not monolithic.

Just as the title implies, a rant about where this is all going, as particularly Google seems to believe providing "authoritative" results means leaving out some of the results. This is political censorship, even if "fake news" were a problem. By the way, what we need is a search engine that is part of the commons.

The claim being made by some, including now WSWS.org, is that search results are being manipulated to censor out "alternative" views. For instance, WSWS claims that a search for "Trostky" which in the past would include results from their site, no longer has WSWS included.

I tried it with the search term, "Venezuela." I didn't even get Telesur in the results.


Based on this article: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/07/29/goog-j29.html

It at least appears to be the case, although not conclusively proven, that Google and maybe other search engines are manipulating results to shut out certain sites they deem as "fake news."

Also: http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/07/27/goog-j27.html

just another rant on net neutrality. I still wonder where all the smart, off the grid,tech people are on working out the next technology, as the end of net neutrality does not bode well for the internet. That last sentence was very clumsy, but sometimes one must just make do. Put this in my two-cents category.

This was the preamble to a song I worked on long ago, but it never got used for anything I think. So, I will put it up here now, sort of a poem.

test of importing from google photos to YouTube. Would not work on my JY Media channel, but seems to work on my main channel. Hmm...

Finally, I get to upload video directly to bitchute. So, for the time being I might upload a video (or even videos) that appear on my second Youtube channel that is for my music only. I'm frustrated by some things on YouTube, and much of it has to do with how they favor the powerful over the powerless, and the big over the small.Enough of that though. Hopefully, there will appear a song below (including simple video) called, "late capitalism."

I'll put this here on my main channel because I'm not sure the revised production including the bass is as good as some of the newer attempts on my other channel that I use mainly for music. But, I like it well enough to post it. I almost prefer the plain 12 string guitar version directly off the tascam, and may post that one as well. Anyway, since I'm mentioning it, here is the link to my other channel that is for my music - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC60nvfF6qgh1epBfl7jbraA

Bersides, if I put it on this channel it gets over to bitchute right away.

Nylon string guitar and vocals. "Old Man Voice" into "Built to Last" into "Outro Jam." Added on: "1922 revised version" and some unamplied electric guitar stuff.

We have gone through the hysteria about fake news, which is actually ongoing. In turn, others have been exposing the MSM as guardians of the orthodox narrative, more than muckraking reporters. And recently, some have said the internet itself will be reconfigured to only show "real" news. Or has it already. As Gore Vidal once pointed out, we only have the more or less agreed upon facts, and some facts are more agreed upon than others.

This is the audio of politics is done in the darkness from 5/19/17. I mainly put it on YouTube only so I can get it to Bitchute these days.

music using Danelectro guitar, Laney small amplifier, Ibanez phase pedal which is rather older, and vocals. "Talk about settings" into "Intro Jam" into "Falling Down."

Probably going to have to switch from my aging and failing DR-1. Even with using only the left channel (right channel has permanent buzz), there were issues when the needle went even slightly into the red. I think I got it to sound good enough though, and pretty loud and clear, using compression and limiter. Anyway, I have at least two other methods of recording to try out more than
I've been. So, here it is, the first free form jam using ukulele instead of electric guitar.

Friday evening free form using Danelectro guitar and small Laney amp with vocals.
"Tone Rant" into "Intro Jam" into "Let Assange move on" into "Outro Jam."


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