Materials, cutting and seams.

Sewing hems for Grommets and snaps


construct tent poles and hardware

The inner workings of the seat and some of the flaws that might be repaired without sending back to the factory for that expensive repair. At least you'll get to see past the do not remove tag in this vid.

Simple and low cost milling accessory for larger flat surfaces.

Milling on a lathe is not convenient or a great method but it is possible with not much expense.
Just one of a myriad of ways to make a milling platform with bits of scrap.

Start up on plans for a cheap small cement mixer styled apparatus to blend various ingredients.

fitting a motor mount to the frame

To mix small loads of casting sand and other ingredients.

Looking into making an 8 inch diameter ceramic "pot" to sit inside a furnace. I end up with a potters wheel while looking for better options on the Mixer.


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