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There has been a lot of news coverage about the banning of the TIKTOK app. National Security has been the proposed reason behind banning an app that is owned and managed by a Chinese company. But why do they really want to remove access to this app for all US citizens?

Have you ever had one of those incredibly profound moments in your life that is difficult to explain?! This is an unscripted account of a wonderful spiritual, metaphysical, and healing time in the lives of several people. As you listen to this podcast, you will notice that I was having a hard time explaining the feelings that were generated during this experience.

I am sharing this experience so that you can understand just how powerful we are, and how exponentially powerful we are when others are involved.


This is a short conversation about the process of reading "the cards". Not everyone interprets or reads the cards the same, and I don't believe that there is an absolute or concrete answer within each card. Reading the cars involves many aspects such as your personal experience, the energy of the client, the experiences of reading for others, and your intuition.


What is your dream? Why do you exist? If you don't love what you are going to do every day, then it is time to create a change and find a new target to aim at!!!

Any goal or dream requires your thoughts/desires, your action, and your belief -- the equation must be complete to get what you are seeking in life!


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Do you ever wonder if you are living in a simulation or a holographic reality? Where are we heading with Artificial Intelligence? This is an unscripted conversation about these two topics to facilitate thought processes. I hope you enjoy and do your own research.


Have you ever wondered if you have metaphysical or spiritual gifts?
What exactly is a psychic?
What is a medium?
This is a short chat, from the heart about my experiences and how I would assign definitions to metaphysical gifts.

There has been a lot of news coverage about the activity of unidentified aerial craft in our skies lately. This type of narrative is not surprising to me because I have heard about a planned alien invasion for many years now. I put together an unscripted conversation about this phenomenon to provoke some thought about what is being shown to us.


It does not take anyone special to figure out that this world seems to be running on some type of script. I remember the days when it was harder to see what was going on -- but now they seem not to care to hide anything. This podcast is about some of the major things going on in the world today -- just wanted to share my thoughts as an insider looking in.


We must plant the seeds of our dreams and goals while learning to manage all the weeds that come along with that planting. There will always be distractions in our lives, and there will always be periods of time that feel unproductive, but the right skill set will meet the right time and develop your seed into something amazing!!!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is an awesome modality that brings forth great esoteric information that helps resolve issues in your life and help you move forward.

These sessions involve visiting past lives and some of the experiences are quite unique. I wanted to share a clip of one of my clients revisiting a life as a green scaley amphibian.



Most of us probably feel like we are very free and independent, however, how free are we really?! Do we really have real choices? Let's talk about this....


A couple of the services that I offer in my business are hypnosis and past life regression.
Sometimes these two modalities intermix and the experiences are quite phenomenal.
This particular clip is part of a full session -- it is an experience of the spiritual world that my client wanted to have.

Normally when I do my regression sessions, I do not direct where the client goes, however, this client really wanted to experience the spirit world so I thought I would try to get her there.
Well, we got there alright and this portion of the session was quite awesome -- questions and answers flowed so well and the information brought through from the source was so enlightening.

I hope you enjoy the clip.


This is a short demonstration of a Usui Reiki session performed by Rob Mazak. I have been a Reiki Master since 2016 and have amassed a large amount of experience in the craft of Reiki. Everyone does Reiki differently, but the underlying energy healing is the same throughout. I have taken up the practice of identifying the energy of the different parts of the body and having an appropriate conversation about that area of the client's life. In this way, my sessions turn out to be a life reading as well as an energy healing session.

My goal is to train as many people as I can and invest as much knowledge into my students as possible. This is a call to action to become part of a wonderful community of healers!!


Today, more than ever, we are being challenged with many ways to look at this space we call reality.

From globe earth, to flat earth, to simulation, and the list goes on.

Technology is helping to uncover vast amounts of new information that are challenging our belief system about where we live.

Take a moment and listen in on some of my thoughts.


Hypnosis is a great way to leverage your healing and get direct answers from the source. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a very powerful process that connects clients for solid answers from the source and allows all levels of healing to occur.

This is a call to action for all those who are looking for purpose, direction, and healing in their lives!!!

I am accepting new clients! You should try a session out for yourself!!!


Why do we give up on our dreams when we still have the ability to chase that dream!? Working towards a dream, a goal, a milestone...will only create a better version of you in the process, whether you reach those dreams. Additionally, your efforts are also part of encouraging others to work for their dreams. Never never never give up!!!


It seems that the world is moving in a direction that means enslaving the population versus freeing them.
This is not a PODCAST that is designed to prove any part of the presented material, it is simply a conversation about some things that are going on around us.
This is a call to pay detailed attention to what is happening around us -- at least to know what is coming so you are not the last person to know when it happens.



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