This video shows the coming AI god connecting with all human minds through a virtual neural network, creating a collective consciousness. This concept has already been shown in movies like Mindgamers and the Matrix. All media created, and corporate culture prepares the population to accept and join the AI merging with the human mind, erasing the human soul and free will. This is why God dams all who take the Mark of the Beast with no hope of salvation. In the future, People will willingly merge with this AI beast possessed by Satan.

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It's a great fellowship podcast with MrE. MrE is famous for doing his Trans-investigation videos and other biblical topics on his channels on Bitchute and Odysee. He reveals the truth of the trans movement, the wickedness around us, and the deception that blinded most humanity under God's judgment. As the remnant church, we are the two witnesses of today to come out of our comfort zones and testify the Word of God from our perspective.

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This long podcast explains how Satan builds his earthly kingdom using corporations and all people to create the beast system for all to follow. Satan will offer his version of immortality and life on earth for those that will submit to him and take his mark. Those who reject the mark of the beast will not be granted access to the world's economy and usage of personal property. There is no escape from this beast except for giving your life to God and accepting Jesus in your heart to guide you. Jesus is redeeming those who love him and chose to follow him instead of Satan. Jesus provided a way out and have eternal life with him. This podcast shares my wisdom of what the world is and how they are aligned with Satan to build his kingdom; --while Jesus said to us that He is preparing a place for each of us who believed in Him. Jesus is not using us to build his Godly Kingdom but has built it himself and is creating a place for us to live with Him. Satan will discard all people once his purpose is done and those that refuse to worship him here on earth. Everything Satan does is death and destruction. The Bible is given to us to avoid his death traps.

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