2000 Mules Brings Down The House

This interview was incredible - Andrew covered things that I have not heard yet about how Biden should NOT get to stay. please listen and share

They are going to all fall - get scared and take deals - just watch

Down she goes - all by herself - she cannot buy anyone any more

Wow they just put everything into those shots didn't they

please help share this video and expose the corrupt court and judge that targeted Couy Griffin and his horse. It was jealousy of his movement,

Sick twisted reversal of everything is exactly WHY we have to restore Free Speech = So scary to even look at this insane account

This is how the FBI and deep state operate

looking more and more like Twitter is in big trouble, and their only life line is Elon Musk or prison

Elon is destroying Twitter and its bots

So they are making the design look "so sheik" so people will get in to self driving cars

It's actually a miracle this ever got to trial. They are going to fall, with voter fraud, Biden, 2000 mules, this trial, and so on

Globalism is just a sick goal and an ideology that we the people cannot direct our own lives - do not mess w/ your brain

When one goes down, they all get scared

JURY OF YOUR PEIRS means no bias so rigged but the evidence will come out

The party of evil has forced people to leave their party

This is how corrupt our socialist run nations are, ballot harvesting is how they stay in power

When people have lost their version of boundaries, and been brainwashed to this degree, not sure there is any way to fix it

When I posted about Pleasure Island being closed and why? they censored me on Truth Social. What does that tell you

It will never grow unless you fix this

total sociopath - worst press secretary ever


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Government is out of control Take Your Freedom Back. They work for US, not the reverse.
Socialism has been a plot in the making - every person has to take their own freedoms back
there is no one person that is going to do it, we all have to do it together.