Save America

It's elder abuse

Whatever side of politics we are on, Biden is unfit to serve at all, It's so dangerous and truly wrong for the USA to keep him as President

watch, it makes sense

Threatened their medical degrees

Using the children to commit crimes against humanity

it won't matter, it's a full swamp

OMG = pushing racism


impossible to believe they killed all of these people

We have a big swamp, everyone has to try to drain it a little

Don't know why a Congressman is doing news?

They will do anything to cause us to live in fear

By making people feel broken and scarred, when it was not true, they taught people to judge others that they thought were misjudging them

Say What?????? If you are anti ho, you are blah blah blah

meltdown is awesome

They are all freaking out

MANY Patriots Are Making these videos to call out Target

She's gross

I really like him and pray for him no matter what


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Government is out of control Take Your Freedom Back. They work for US, not the reverse.
Socialism has been a plot in the making - every person has to take their own freedoms back
there is no one person that is going to do it, we all have to do it together.