Please sign this and share our times is now. IF we don't end these illegal executive orders, they stand.
FIght everyone sign, and don't complain if you don't. I did all of the work, you just have to sign

This was amazing as well, this is before Trump got there

Going to this rally was one of the most amazing times of my life

This has been a long year, while we struggled to learn the crimes committed in gov't by people that took away our power and freedom. Q was right, and finally now we have gotten to the point where the perpetrators are not in control.

Link to Praying Medic tweet

here we go

q has been telling us everything, finally now it's being revealed

new q messages and reality, all proving to be true

thank goodness

Massachusetts passed a law to grab AR15's and killed over 72 people and injured 200 in the battle

This can happen, in your garage or your pants pocket, those volts are live

Q news is big

lawsuit details all on this blog anyone can and should file to be paid on youtube, or channel put back up if shut down

we know that Twitter and Facebook are in big trouble, CEO Mark Z sold off or had his shares effected could be seized, we do not know, but we had to keep them alive during takedown so we know


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