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He was incredible after how they set him up

Look what they have tried to do to him just for taking on the deep state
Also look how Melania protects him from people trying to touch him

Destroyed businesses cannot recover from Biden

These people are sick, I reported on this in 2016, it's still true

& don't let them take your child's blood type at birth

sick woman

So many more out there

X is such a mess now and they only pay certain accounts, but actually rob the creators from their own revenue

Hollywood has to grasp their demons

they are in trouble for the fake receipts = no marriage certificate
no kids birth certificates
Where is Julian

all protestors

this is so historical

No one is going to put up w/ this now that we know

Wow we have come a long way = huge awakening
Back in 2014, none of us got pizzagate, but they knew what it was

I love kind acts


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Government is out of control Take Your Freedom Back. They work for US, not the reverse.
Socialism has been a plot in the making - every person has to take their own freedoms back
there is no one person that is going to do it, we all have to do it together.