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Is there an asteroid set to hit the earth as prophesied in Revelation, Joel and Luke as early as April 13th, 2029?  Does this align with the High Holy Feasts of God?
Join us for a mind-opening journey into Wormwood, a.k.a Apophis, "The Messenger."  We delve into ANOTHER and MUCH MORE IMMINENT deception that Bill "the Gates of Hell," international space agencies (like NASA and ESA) and other globalists compadres are attempting to shield from us. It is ALL interconnected.  Why the rush of the vaccine? Maybe they KNOW we are up against a significant deadline!!!!!  Church, we stand on THE TRUTH.

In this episode we discuss how our lives were forever impacted by the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. 
This week we experienced a new level of vindication from our "Elected" Commander in Chief. The plan is the same as the enemy's playbook in Genesis 3 (The temptation in the Garden of Eden) and Matthew 4:1-11 (The temptation of Christ).  
Arm yourself with the knowledge of the enemy's tactics in order to prepare the Armor of God for the battles ahead.

In this episode we discuss the worst president ever! The horrible hypocrisy, constant double-speak, the abject negligence, vacant leadership and disgusting dereliction of duty that should result in COURT MARSHALL. 

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This week our podcast focuses on another action-packed week and how that relates to the biblical prophecy of the Four Horsemen & Seven Seals.
We dig deep into topics discussed by the Biden Administration and how we are beginning to see a new move moment from concerns American's.

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Funny clip regarding C0*v1d -
The clip we mentioned about Australia and the mass vacation of kids collapsing after getting the C0*v1d jab-
Warrior of the week clip (Matt Baker at Board of Supervisor Meeting) -
Judas of the week clip (Utah Teacher) -

Former Navy Seal Jocko Willink posts gut check message to all of use as Taliban rolls through Afghanistan - "When there is no will to fight, evil will win"
American Armageddon -

So much has happened this week!  
Parents across the country are WINNING!!!  Who would dare mess with a mama BEAR?!
COVID-19 mask mandates, decreased vaccine efficacy, CDC telegraphing GREEN ZONES (remember Auschwitz was a "quarantine camp"). Additionally, CA gubernatorial race, Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium- YUGE NEWS, and encouragement to lace up your boots and get in this fight. Nothing is more exciting than fighting for a cause that you believe in, that is history defining.  Who needs television? Life is WAY too exciting. Y-O-U were chosen and purposed for such a time as this.  
***Hat tip to Senator Manchin for being the deciding vote to shoot down CRT in the Senate.  Would you PLEASE change parties? 

Steve Bannon:

David Clements:

Your Wake Up Call:

In this episode we share the unvarnished TRUTH regarding current events, big bureaucracy, the doubling-down of the communist agenda, Christian persecution (at the hands of ANTIFA), invalidity of “the virus” and PCR testing. We explore our call and purpose during this 11th hour of humanity, while exposing the DNC playbook- only complete with chronic and incessant hypocrisy. 

Canada cannot isolate “the virus”

Zelenko Protocol to Sons of Enos/ Kineset

Trevor Loudon, Epoch Times, Communism in America

In this episode we continue our series on End Times prophesy. We take a closer look at Daniel Chapter 2 and historically detail the rise and fall of empires, beginning with Nebuchannezer and the fall of Babylon as interpreted by Daniel. We also explore exacting parallels between Daniel's prophesies and the Book of Revelation.  Join us for an in-depth discussion of these prophesies that occurred nearly 700 years apart!

In this episode we uncover the heaviness of the potential evolution of the False Prophet, prophesied in the Book of Daniel and The Book of Revelation. We define false prophets, discuss the history of the Jesuit Order via the Knights Templar, the fall of the Roman Catholic Church (the wound) and the resurgence under this Pope.
This topic is heavy. We underwent spiritual attack leading up to this recording as the enemy attempted to stop this truth from being shared.
We pray for open eyes and hearts!
All Glory to HIM, our Redeemer- This Podcast belongs to HIM

Intro: Billy Graham, Revelation 13, 2 Peter 2, Isaiah 54, Daniel chapter 7

In this episode we detail the history of communism including the opportunistic degredation of the middle class, exploitation of and incitement of racial, religious, and/ or cultural divide, the promise of support and safety, destruction of arts, book burning, persecution of political dissidents, assertion of medical tyranny, corporate and government partnerships, etc.  

This is MIRRORED in America TODAY! 

There is EXTREME URGENCY to wake up and research this information before you are unable to!  This is an information and spiritual war. Please SHARE.

In this episode, we unpackage the ever-increasing pressure for acceptance on topics and issues we may at once have been tolerant of.  Is there a common thread we all share together? Is there a way back to the middle?


Tolerance: n. The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular, the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. 

Acceptance: n. 1. The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered. 2. The action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group. 

The Bait of Satan: Living Free From the Deadly Trap of Offense; John Bevere

In this episode we roll up our sleeves and get real about CRT, Title IX, and the incessant indoctrination assault afflicting our youth!  

They have awakened the silent majority.

Joe Biden & the Democrats continue to pretend they are the new heroes for the black community, at least they would like you to believe this nonsense. In this episode, we walk through what Juneteenth is about, the history of the democratic party, and Joe Biden's racist past.

This week's podcast is a continuation of last week's topic regarding bi-directional control of humans leveraging Brain activity, AI Technology, and an IoT infrastructure via implantable brain microchips.  How does this set the stage for men playing God? For the mark of the beast? For fulfillment of prophesy for the end times? WATCH!  ASK! Stay AWAKE!

In our flagship episode, we reveal the true intentions of Bill Gates' initiatives to patent microchipping for humans via Neurogress - the backdoor to your brain!  

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