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Livestream 4 Jun 2023

My father kept in close contact with his verbally abusive mother until the end of her life. I could see this slowly wear him down over the years

Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger

OK, but what if your secret is that you have been with a dozen prostitutes? I am still puzzling over that one. What's the golden ratio in honesty?

The devil says sin is no big deal before you do it and then afterward he says it completely defines you

Stef, What would be an example of someone who hides their past in order to get a relationship, in this context.

Your shows are really helping me turn my life around, I am starting to make so many good decisions and not engage in any destructive behaviour and I have just started dating a real quality women. Thank you

Here, is a harder question. for the example of body count, is it possible for this kind of reform, and growth possible.

Stef I’m sorry, but you mentioned you hit your mother when you were a young teen. I understand this was in self defense but I believe this is a contradiction of hitting someone

No you said you had not hit someone. You added fist fight after. I just thought it was curious.

I stated I was sorry I understood where you were coming from and it was in self defense, I know why you did it and I had opportunities when I was younger too. But did not.

You had not gone into detail about the hitting in your previous stream. The word just caught my attention as you mentioned you had never hit someone. So I think it’s a choice of words.

My dearest apologies that my messages are coming across as uncompassionate, I do not know how to communicate it over text.

But I started with I’m sorry and you took it the wrong way.

Thank you Stefan, you know how valuable this show is. I'm only just beginning to see how truly valuable it is, especially since I started working out regularly, going to therapy and journaling.

This stream has been great Stef, Thank You. I wish to be more like you, I may start going to therapy twice a week despite how pricy that can be it helps a lot. Once a week doesn't seem like it's enough, like exercising only once a week.

It's interesting how UPB is sort of automatic for kids. As soon as you do something for one the others say, "What about me?"

What do I do about Father’s Day after basically not speaking to him because he is the epitome of a narcissist?

Do you think it’s harder to peacefully parent, multiple children, interactions-Sibling fighting? I know you did very very well with a single child.

I am going to a speed dating event tonight (one of the many things I am currently trying). Any suggestions about topics of conversation? I got a few in mind, but I am really open to suggestions.

Freedomain Livestream 2 Jun 2023 - including the first AI Freedomain Trivia quiz!

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes questions with his 14 year old daughter Izzy!

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux interrogates an AI trained on his books and articles!

I'm going to be co-leading a Bible Study soon, I want to do an amazing job and be a good leader. In the study and else where. What do you think are good qualities in a leader I could emulate?

What do you think about the Christian high value of confession, bearing each other’s burdens and encouragement?

Stef, u would make a great minister/pastor.

How would a privately-funded military handle terrorism?

This reminds me of therapy. You've mentioned many times how beneficial therapy was for you. What style was it? Was it Jungian or more like CBT? I've heard you mention you did anima-work and dream analysis.

I wonder if people worry about global warming cause they are subconsciously afraid of hell

Stef is that why people don't seem to want to work anymore? Because they know the system is not sustainable?

I think a solution to shyness would be exposure therapy. Just try having a small conversation and take it one step at a time

Stef, I believe I found a great, virtuous woman. However, I am still drawn to more physically attractive women. Why am I so focus on the physical appearance of women? I think this will be ny downfall. I don't want to end up being alone and childless.

What would you say to peaceful parents of 2 kids who think they won't have time to commit to more kids?

Thank you for all you do Stephan. Im grateful for all you do. Any advice for strengthening a marriage as far as communication? As a man who has spent alot of time in my own world, I find I have trouble conveying thoughts and idea to my wife from time to time

Does lying break UPB?

Stef what's your opinion on "over sharing" Could it be a form of compensating for something? Or maybe seeking validation or acceptance?

"I'm the best you can get honey, I ain't changing". Sigma energy dripping from attitude

My gf's sister "saves" money by living with a guy she's not with. She's doing her masters, can't find a partner and is getting desperate

Sex and the City is a weapon of mass destruction. All the potential baby's that could have been

Hi Stef, what is the line between indoctrinating children with a religion and using said religion to provide moral instruction? Can you provide moral instruction in a religious context with it being a form indoctrination?

Listening to How to Survive Sin. Amazing show. Unfortunately parallels closely with my life.

Livestream 28 May 2023

Hello Stef, I listened to The Present, excellent book, was a roller-coaster, just started listening to The Future

Stefan, were the participants of The Milgram Experiments evil or stupid? My friend thinks they were just stupid. I argue that the participants, being human, are evil. Lately I've been telling everyone I have no faith in Man and I don't see anything turning around for the better. They think the opposite: "people are waking up & had enough". Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Stef what do you think about possible government disclosure of ET, ufo existence, is it going to have massive implications on religion, education, and philosophy


Hi Stef, you mentioned that if a woman/wife withholds sex, then a man/husband reserves the right to withhold resources, but is that really feasible? If the pair are under the same roof, if the husband does not pay the bills he is under threat to have the lights turned off, his credit shot, and he could be on the street. He is only hurting himself. What would be wrong if a man who finds himself in that situation simply seek sex outside of his marriage. What are your thoughts on that?

You once said "The mission is to speak the truth as best you can as often as you can." Is that still your mission?

I'm incredibly grateful to have listened to you Stef, your lessons have improved my life significantly. It's been a rocky road for you but you have my deepest thanks

I used Stef's arguments to get a Christian on LinkedIn to quit spanking his son and now we're friends and he's very thankful for my help (all cred to Stef)

you're firstness, and all your great perspectives are so great, BUT, I feel a similar thing. I've talked to so many people about you, paid for their subscriptions, set up a phone call even that you did. I ask them a few months later, and they haven't touched any of your content since. And for no reason really, just "haven't gotten around to it" Drives me mad.

Catcher in the Rye

Livestream 26 May 2023

I’m severing ties with a teaching service soon. I did not sign a contract.
Does offering the discount cheapen my services? I have a good retention rate with good feedback form parents. Or just let them know the policy will be the same and to call me to discuss rates?

Hi Stef. What would you say is the motivation behind people who seem to like being miserable and panicky? They constantly see problems with every solution. Some have even expressed fear and worry over the lock-downs ending! I know one woman who spends her entire day sitting in the chair on Instagram and on news services simply finding out about all the bad stuff going on the in the world, and then sharing her anxiety all day long. What is it that make such people tick?

What are some good books on sales? I have a small company where I make websites and can always use more customers

What is your opinion of people who never apologize or take responsivity of people that they have done great harm. Do these people not have a conscience, and should these people be avoided?

Withholding of sex is a kind of reverse aggression

Love the song quizzes btw. I’ve only gotten a handful right but very fun way to start the show

What about when people half ass apologize? They apologize but don’t change their behavior

Did Izzy have a favorite childhood book ? Any recs

You’ve said you think it’s unfair that God chose to show some people miracles but we don’t get that proof
Don’t you think that God makes things not 100% certain so that we keep pursuing them?
We don’t think about gravity everyday because we accept it
If we aren’t certain about how God works we pursue him

Jesus lived the perfect life: his choices, compassion and love for all men; one could argue that in itself is the proof of divinity one can observe to this day.

I worked in a bar that was totally consumed by football. It wasn't a sports bar just a pub that was owned by a man who was obsessed.

If you spend much time listening to these podcasts, Stef has saved you tons of time because he doesn’t have ads

I dare say that I get more self-help from Stefan, than I did with 2+ years with a counselor (cognitive behavioral therapy) at $130 for 50 mins, with 4x visits a month. Thank you Stefan. I love you, homie. 😁 I subscribed for the last 2 years, donate occasionally and tip.

My husband n I were cracking up at your sports ball impression. Can’t wait to rewatch later. 😆😆

Hey Stef what would do if a programmer you interviewed had a job at Onlyfans?

Recently been doing some contracting for some large NHS trusts in London - they reported their largest security concern at the moment is ...staff not being able to read ...

Hey Sportsball guys do a great service to those who want to stay shallow. Money well spent

Thanks Stef... sounds like you are as frustrated with sports obsession as me...I think it's stupid

Livestream 24 May 2023

Hey Stef you’ve said many times during livestreams that living with your parents doesn’t help you save money and that it kills your ambition. I’m 27 never lived on my own. Currently making 25$/h but not nearly enough to have a family by my early 30’s

Hey Stef I just started a ethics course (its a mandatory elective in my program) and the first discussion question we get it the trolly problem. I can tell that this course is just designed to destroy people's ability to comprehend universal and objective negative moral principles.

I understand what you’re saying Stef but the inflation & housing costs in cities now is insane

During my call-in in July you described my story as “one of the worst stories of abuse you have ever heard”. That call changed my life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You saved my life. I have not seen my family since August and haven’t spoken to them since December. I still receive hateful texts from my mom but am struggling to take the last step to block her number. Why? When do I draw this line?

Dude, I am 45, making 6 figures and struggling to make my way through a population of single moms, raised by single moms, appreciative of single moms, and dating single moms! Trust me, you don't wanna wait to be me. If you got a good girl, quit the whine and start making babies.

Hey, stef i'm an avid reader, but I see that some productivity experts say too much reading can hinder your professional life.
Do you think there can be too much reading ?
(I mean specifically nonfiction)

Thank you for this Stef, I love this conversation/topic. I've got a gym membership not too long ago, I've been in Therapy for a while, I signed up to a local course to up my communication skills, and often try to up my skills. This had added fuel to that fire, I can always do more, I spend too much time playing video games or board games still.

This chat is very eye opening, a lot of things you are saying shows how society in general has us sold all this BS and lies

Stef is a treasure his shows and books will be studies by many for years to come!

How’s the a.i. StefBot coming along?

Fascinatinating show and prospective on donating. I've heard you explain that so many times over the years, everytime I hear it, it makes more sense, and I feel more uplifted.

Worked outdoors during -40°C winter including blizzards. Thundershowers that had me soaked to the skin in seconds. Such was the job.

Modern women’s built-in “cad detectors” clearly aren’t working on the whole. What have they been reprogrammed to function as?

Stef in the last call in show you told the guy to grovel to get the 9.5 woman he dump back. Why do you think male groveling works sometimes. Won't the woman think you are a simp?

Monthly supporter. Don't have funds to donate what I wish I could. And I need to think on where my money should go. Like it does here.

Hey, Stefan! My baby girl was born yesterday. I'm currently in hospital and it's middle of the night and I just tuned in. B

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes young man through the most essential call-in topics in history of Freedomain. Family, ambition, career, love, morality, self-defense – and some of the most glorious and powerful analogies known to man!

Philosopher - and former Chief Technical Officer - Stefan Molyneux unpacks all the technology and trends behind the revolutionary new artificial intelligence paradigm - and teaches you how to thrive in the new revolution!


Livestream 15 May 2023

A flash stream you say? Will you be doing the entire show topless, or are you just planning to lift your shirt up and down repeatedly the whole time?

How do I know when it's time to call it quits in a marriage? I feel like I'm putting a tremendous amount of effort into it and she doesnt want to. What is the ethical line as to whether to stay or not? I would like to fix it, but if she can't let go of the past and reconnect, then what do you do? We made promises, but she is the first to threaten divorce. After days of Silence things cool and talk but it repeats. The kids are sick of it, too. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you Stefan!

Hey Stef curious if you’ve heard of the University Jordan Peterson is starting to bring education costs way down while bringing quality and integrity back to the Institutions of Higher Education.? Was also wondering if you had interest in teaching philosphy in this new University of his… thank you, and thanks again for all you do

How was your mother's day?

To avoid getting sucked into an irrational debate w my dad I hung up the phone. He leaves a voicemail saying if I don’t call back that means I’m in ‘passive agreement.’

Is The Present available to download as an audio file like your other books? I was having trouble finding the link if so.

Im pleasently surprised how much I like the Character Ben in The Present. I love the book so far on Chapter 19.

Thanks for the insights Stef, it is an amazing book. The win-lose mentality ties in very well with Lewis Staten.

It makes sense you’d have to be atheist before determining morality of God since otherwise you wouldn’t go into with a clean slate and instead your preconceived notions would bias your investigation and likely not end up w UPB

I have quite the emotional experience every time I go to Church, Pray or read the Holy Bible. Desipte being an Atheist ( or at least I think I am an Atheist still ).

Reminds me of Aristotle. :)
He called theology the study of beings greater than man.

What if the writers of the Bible knew a lot of what you do, but didn't have the terminology to describe it like we can today, so they had to put it in ancient terms.

Atheism is theological stoicism, it removes emotion and passion which are essential parts of our being.

You could believe in laws of physics but then by definition if God is omnipotent he could suspend the laws temporarily.

I've had a belief for a long time that a lot of religions came out of misinterpreted dreams.

I'm sick of women choosing bad boys over me. Should I become one?

Hey Stef, in regards to cutting ties with abusive parents, how do you deal with the fact that even though they were abusive, it still took an enormous amount of resorces and sacrifice to keep you alive until adulthood. They had to do a lot of things that vere valueable for you and therefore you should give value back. I think it's valid to say that turning your back on them when they get old is not fair. Thank you for your thoughts.

The usage of the word "You" was the mistake I made. I should've written it in first person. It really meant it to be about me, not a criticism of you. I feel shame for cutting off my parents, that's why I asked.

Me again with the parents: I really don't want to be annoying. I did cut off my parents but still have these voices in my head that are saying I did something wrong. I realize it is probably my parents but I need to sort it out. By asking the question, I wanted you help me confront those voices. I did not want to accuse you of being wrong with your situation, the exact opposite: to help me understand why what I did wasn't wrong.

I’ve heard people say that abusers treat animals better than children.Considering some exceptions, is this true?

I think some mothers have unresolved abuse or trauma in their background and cling to their "little man" boy children that they feel safe with, but need the male influence from. It's a totally abusive situation where they smother the boy being male, out of total fear. I call them "smothers".

My parents had low standards and felt that some of my teachers and private tutors where “stuck up” and elitist but I always felt those tutors had high standards. Seems to me like they where low class and didn’t want successful people in my life to influence me

Abusive parents who where unfit to have children seem like kidnappers if they adopt children and then abuse them throughout their chidlhood. They can always try to hold it against the child that they “saved” them but that is not entir true

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you mentioned in a recent livestream about parents who demand compliments and “love” but if that is not given by the child, that they get punished like a dog. Why do you think this happens?

What is the philosophy of the movie Pulp Fiction?

I’m working with a better therapist who is helping separate from my abusive family. I feel that like a lawyer, the therapist should be an advocate for me, and not my parents. But many therapists advocate for parents.
My father recently went to therapy and his therapist requested “group counselling” which my gut feeling said was a red flag. What do you think about group therapy with extremely abusive family?

How can a man have any negotiating power in a relationship if the woman can withold sex as a weapon?

Would you say people who enjoy violent movies such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill have some sort of character flaw, maybe it's not a flaw

The wildest social media content, brought to you in vivid hallucinatory detail by philosopher Stefan Molyneux.

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes questions on a Freedomain Livestream 11 May 2023!

Freedomain Livestream 10 May 2023

You remarked recently on stream that c02 makes up a fraction of 1 percent of the atmosphere, and that we are perhaps overly fixated on the tiny portion in regard to climate change.
But surely the fact that atmospheric fluctuations in C02 can has such a huge impact of the growth of plants, nullifys your suggestion that it is 'too small a proportion' to be significant.
Sorry if I'm butchering your analysis but it seemed somewhat contradictory and I known you love a good critique!

Stefan, I’m a bit Spectrum and sometimes the way I articulate is misinterpreted as offensive (accusatory, passive aggressive, critical) when I make an assertive statement or a simple interrogative (albeit, I acknowledge the awkwardness in my language).
I often have difficulties getting even family members, who should be used to my style of language, to understand my questions as genuine, non-antagonistic inquiries.
How can I get people to just take my words at face value. It seems the more accurate I attempt to form my words, the worse it gets. I’ve totally given up on communicating with the emotionally dysregulated marxist on the left (their linguistic format is the extreme opposite of mine - seeking to disguise their actual intent in sophistry), but at a minimum I want to find a way to indicate to the people I care about most that my intent is genuine without guile.

Stef, your recent dream analysys call in was spot on! I was listening to it thinking "how can he be describing my life som accurately"

Hey Stef thanks for everything with your show. Helped me so much in life. Do you have a recommended reading list on things you’ve read that have helped you come to your philosophical perspective?

Listened to several Harvard Lectures on Philosophy today, I wonder if the amount of utilitarians change from before and after to any significant degree. There were very few Libertarians out of hundreds of people, even 13ish years ago

When I was younger I used to think the wrong politician getting elected would cause the end of the world. It was a nightmare living like that.

I hate utilitarianism. It makes no sense to say you can define the greater good, when you can't even define normal good.

Took this truth flamethrower with my dad recently and resulted in massive insults. Then he looped my brother into it, where he insulting and name calling me too and it’s still difficult to tell myself that it’s for the best. Do you have any tips on how to better deal with this?

How do you process guilt of potentially giving up too early on a friend? An old friend of mine died this year from alcohol withdrawals. I had not been in contact with him in 4 years. Probably not enough info here...

Stef is that why some gravitate to determinism? Some sort of narcissistic grief?

Philosopher - and former expert coder and Chief Technical Officer - Stefan Molyneux takes you on a wild philosophical journey through the explosive world of AI!


Part of my ongoing series unravelling the psychological roots of mythological figures - today: witches and motherhood!

Freedomain Livestream with Stefan Molyneux - 1 May 2023!

Stefan Molyneux takes questions about current events on a Rumble livestream 7 May 2023!

Would you take a sociopath pill to erase fear in your life?

Freedomain Livestream 4 May 2023

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux breaks down the moral philosophy that underlies disciplining children.

From a livestream 4 May 2023

How much more authoritarian does Canada have to get before deciding its time to leave?

You said that discarding a perfectly viable embryo is not equivalent to abortion. I'm not saying I disagree with you, but I have a hard time understanding the difference, from a moral standponit, between an implanted embryo and a frozen one. Can you please help me?

Hi Stef, how did you raise Izzie so that she could understand how society works without becoming disillusioned or alienated?

It's May the 4th here in Europe, which means Star Wars day! What are your thoughts on the philosophical themes in Star Wars? I always thought the relationship between Luke and Vader is very interesting and would be worth examining.

Half way through the future at the moment - Stef would you take the opportunity to freeze/ suspend yourself like president Staten at the end of your life for a shot at experiencing the Civ?

But its the classic Joseph campbell hero journey!

Frodo and luke could have both denied the call to be a hero!

Stef you’re tapping into the greatest knowledge we can use in life. You’ve saved me from the clutch’s of manipulation from past acquaintances for the last 8 years. Everyday I work to push myself to be virtuous and my life is fulfilling and rewarding.

When I talk to my friends, who have children, about peaceful parenting, they say "Oh yeah that sounds good on paper but you will see once you have your own kids..."

Stef that last podcast about the guy struggling with his gym/training business was great. Very good business tips you gave that guy

I'll soon become a father, but I feel depressed. My life's never been this good compared to where I come from. I know I'll be a great father - I'm committed to peaceful parenting and being better than my FOO ever was. Could this depression be triggered by malicious alter egos? You often say "Who wants you to X?" Sometimes I think I want to make changes in one generation that usually takes three.

Follow up on the Tolkien comment. Couldn't you argue that Ayn Rand was extremely popular for stories that argue against the virtues of gov?

Stefan, any advice for what to look for in a place for homeschooling? Is it better to hunt for lax homeschool lows and higher family percentages and crime rates, or crime rate and seclusion? When I do research usually the secluded areas have more reported drug overdoses. My other concern is I'm making the decision without the partner.

Not taking replicated trauma, abuse personally really seems to make the case for free will, self-ownership, the opportunity for every soul to be better and do Good. Damn this goes deep. Need to internalize this better.

It's interesting how of the ten commandments, only the 'honor thy father and thy mother' is written in a consequentialist way, followed up by saying 'so that you may live long.' Reminds me of the book Origins of War in Child Abuse and the widespread infanticide described there. Maybe it's a warning, not a moral law?

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux helps you stop wasting time by telling you the aspects of life that you will never get the truth about...

Freedomain Livestream, 2 May 2023

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux reveals the three words you need to make real changes in your life!

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux delivers the speech of a lifetime about how to overcome your fear about finding and keeping love for a lifetime!

Sunday live stream, 30 April 2023


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