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We really dive deep into how we ended up in the mess we are and put some hidden history out to help guide the path. Ken O'Keefe has been a vocal outlet against the tyrannical system under which we live and he is pulling no punches. This interview would be banned on YouTube and would upset many who think the world revolves around them .. Here comes your rude awakening and you should share this and send it to others so they too can be offended by the cold hard TRUTH

We are facing a multi-pronged attack on humanity and the final straw for many parents is the assault upon our children through the education system and media propaganda. Dana has taken the responsibility to stop this and with the Indigo Project and the Million People March we hope to empower many around the world to speak up for what is right before it becomes a regrettable and irreversible situation .
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With a multi-pronged attack upon humanity, we have to have positive and well-structured solutions. In the death throws of the global elite, they will do anything within their power to disrupt the True Rise of Humanity to become what it was always intended to be. We break down what we are facing and how this is not just a bad future. Together we can get through this as long as we can face the common enemy here. Please share this interview and shed light on the problems and give hope to those who are struggling right now. many thanks

If we can be seen to hold fast and be the better people in this then we can make a difference

The original writer of The Matrix Tom Althouse talks to us about his work and how Neuralink is the biggest threat to humanity. The suffering and attacks he has endured by the system that seeks to steal and subdue humanity.

We are edging closer every day to the eventual loss of a monetary system in absolute failure. The losses people will suffer will shake the world to its core as a power play for control and issuance will happen. This may be a one-world governance or fewer institutions that have been gifted control by the central bank. See Dennis Jantzens book at

With a financial collapse upon the horizon and the setup for CBDCs Digital Currency to be rolled out, we have to wonder how the greatest wealth transfer in history will happen. When you have most of the global assets and financials in one place and only 9% of those deposits are insured you can bet this will be a big player in the takedown of the middle class.

You will not believe how corrupt Nova Scotia Premier and the Chief Medical Officer actually are. We discuss the ongoing trial of 2 innocent people singled out because they were exposing the wrongdoings of the Premier and Chief medical officer. Through Government files and freedom of information requests, we talk with Paul Westhaver who has been called as a key witness about what is really going on in this Canadian Province and how it should be an example to everyone on how we have the wrong people in high places of authority and how they abuse this

We all have hidden trauma and it is holding us back and affecting our lives without us even knowing. It's time to release the shackles that society has placed upon us and become everything we were ever intended to be. Its time to HEAL
Reach out to Gill and find out how you can break the cycles that keep harming you.
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Please share this video with people and realize you have the power in your fingertips to change people's lives for the better.
Many thanks together we will make the difference we want to see in the world

The recent addition to the pride flag was said to not have happened but when you believe nothing and question everything you can do your own research and find out the truth .

I am now aware of the power of our thoughts for creation and how together we can use this to bring about the world we so much desire for the future of children and generations to come
Please share this and the more people can change their lives.
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We are all suffering the same physical and emotional problem. We are all unaware of what is causing this until it's recognized and released. Once you can work to make the difference in your life the world becomes an open book for you to master. It's Time for solutions, Time to heal, and to be all you were meant to be.

My email is [email protected] or if you see this on any social media platforms message me directly. I am here for you. But please pay it forward to the many deserving of help. Please Share this and spread goodwill towards our fellow humans

Gerald Celente is the top Trends analysis Expert in the world and his predictions have been profound. In this incredible interview, we discuss the multi-pronged assaults upon humanity as we live through times of this modern warfare. This interview can help so many people understand the problems that they are facing as well as the solutions to bring about the change greatly needed for our children to have a future beyond the dystopian society. Be sure to share this and check out Geralds Trends Journal at this link below as it will give you up-to-date and predictive information. Best of luck our truth warriors together we can make a difference.

From the United Nations to Churches and Government and much much more. The infiltration is beyond what most people can even fathom. Ava Chen talks to us about the dangers we face as well as proving how far to the top this manipulation goes. The hidden hand is at play in so many of the problems we face. Is it time to cut the head of the snake off and what will it take to get back our lives from the clutches of Chinese Communist Ideology

Dr. Rashid Buttar has given his final warning before his sudden death on the dangers of the vaccine being weaponized. We talk to two experts on the subject to piece together the dangers we could be facing. We cover the power and versatility of 5G as a weapon. Are many now just a ticking timebomb waiting for a payload release to create the second wave of a pandemic? What can we do about it and what can we do to prepare?
See the link to Dr. Rashid Buttars final video and hear the evidence given to a fellow doctor about the poisoning and the satanic cult masquerading as health advocates in our time.

Share this and become the rebel the establishment cant destroy and together the victory will be ours

Are you ready to Die .Well it looks like we have until 2040 to prepare for the great cataclysm known as the Phoenix event. Do not be distracted by created events its time to focus upon your real purpose in this world and to become everything you intended to be. The amassed Information is available to everyone through

Sharing this information will help others prepare for what is coming and together we can make the true nature of our existence known

Bill Holter gives us open and honest answers to what we are facing regarding a financial collapse and how we should prepare and protect ourselves. This is a significant interview that can help people survive. Please share if you care.

We review and discuss the work of Chris Harrigan and bring you a new way of seeing our podcast. I hope you like the interaction and videos that are part of the show and take a look at the documentary here
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We Discuss the Top 10 most prescribed drugs and the dangers of taking these synthetic satans.
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The top 10 List here

Sustainable Development Goals of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are an Agenda towards Global Enslavement. Agenda 21 has Morphed to this Agenda 2030 and the infiltration of governments means we no longer can trust those who we put into positions of power. We discuss the plans and the impact of the goals they wish to achieve. When they say you will own nothing and like it they really do mean that. Please share this far and wide and wake up our fellow human slaves before it is beyond possible to save.
Please check out Marks website at .

We cover the current issues we are facing and where the reality of the situation is far more dangerous than people realize. We discuss how to protect yourself and the monster that is the financial system.

We discuss the recent videos showing the strange moving particles in the vaccinated and unvaccinated blood and we try to come up with a conclusion to what we are seeing in our blood. Check out the links that show us some incredible footage as well as further explanations.
Video about the blood and what is being seen
Dr Ryan Cole on the Highwire
Childrens Health Defence
The Plant Hair that gets into Microscopes
Contamination Identified
Problems at Manufacturing
Dr Jim Meehan Website
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Episode #127 Atlantic Underground Podcast. In this episode, we went down some deep rabbit holes and got into the realms of our true human power and alternative thought forms. This conversation may not be for everyone but everyone should still listen and explore further what was discussed here. Become everything you were always intended to be.

Matt Le Tissier England and Southampton Legend joins us to discuss the current goings on in the world as well as past and future problems we face. We discuss Football and his latest pundit tour and look at solutions for how government should be controlled.
See Matts incredible work and interviews on GETTR . follow this link

Rachel Maurice is a highly experienced Medical Expert in trauma care. She is an Anesthesiologist as well as a Bachelor of Science in Virology and Microbiology. Her knowledge has led her to conclusions that sadly many other hospital staff just can't see and the division between those who care about the patients versus those who just care about their job and paycheck has become quite apparent in a dangerous and hostile environment in which we trust with our lives. Her story here is one that any medical professional should see and if you ever intend on being a patient this might just save your life.


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In this modern age of information overload do you ever feel that you don’t know which information to believe?.Do you sometimes feel you are being deceived? Do you often feel that the information peddled by mainstream media is well packaged in a one size fits all type of format? Do you feel that over time that mainstream media has lost the art of investigative reporting?That they tow the line of government and big business all in the name of profit?
Here at Atlantic Underground Podcast we question the mainstream narrative and give an alternative perspective on all the current issues.
Join us as we dig deep to uncover and explore the other side of the story.
The story the establishment wants to keep from the masses.
We hope you join us on our journey to uncover truths hidden in plain sight.
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