Tim is a small business owner who has had enough of the lies and deciet surrounding covid 19 so he stood up and showed the world simply with Christopher James how to address these people ACTING for service corporations and put them on Notice:Liability and should they trespass again... they are liable... this is part 1 of 2

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for truth and the Solution.

Our world hangs by a thread of consciousness and today the people in Canada start to fight back and stand up.

Adam a barbecue restaurant defied lock down orders for two days that drew the wrath of Doug Ford the biggest corrupt man in the Ontario Governments history who is about to be taken down with truth exposing his lies and corruption all around him.

In the very near future the people of Canada and the world will have received enormous knowledge to simply and powerfully take down this evil acting against we the people.

Please watch all of my live streams as you will be fast tracked to enormous truth... must start at Aug 6th 2020 first stream up to today's... this will help everyone understand the who's and what is going on with the solution simply understood.

God Speed

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION

This is a real time live stream surrounding a massive court case that will rock our country and our world once before a jury of our peers.

The entire LIE surrounding COVID 19 and the corrupt service corporations [Governments] who are about to be exposed to the people and the world.

This is of biblical proportions once the people understand the simplicity and the trespass that is occurring against us all on a horrific level....together we are going to stop this and show the world honorably and courageously.

Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 3 of 3

Dad gives toddler battling brain cancer medical marijuana.

How to make a small batch of Rick Simpson Oil

This Dad gives his sick son marijuana extract; the results are mind-blowing!

The power of raw cannabis

www.awariorcalls.com the world must go for truth and the solution.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson... has come out swinging against ALL GOVERMENT AND MSM LIARS... it is time the people rise up and take all of these parasites down... IT IS REQUIRED NOW from MSM news people right up to Justin Trudeau who has committed massive treason against the people not only in Canada but world wide... he will be the first to face nuremburg trials... the police MUST WAKE UP... SHARE THIS VIDEO TO EVERY POLICE STATION!!!! THEY NEED TO KNOW THEY HAVE [ALL OF US] BEEN LIED TOO... THIS ISN'T A GAME.. THEY ARE DESTROYING EVERYTHING SO IT IS TIME THE PEOPLE ARE GIVEN THE TRUTH IN THEIR FACE.... WELL HERE IT IS!

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION.

This is huge and must go viral... a communication trult for the people in this world... exposing simply the truth and a massive solution not shutting down all of this corruption and lies surrounding covid 10 or corona virus.... this is the moment the world must see.... a man has established a common law court first time in over 150 years.

Please share this far and wide... there is an amazing doctor who has come forth in Edmonton at a council meeting and DESTROYS ALL THE LIES!!!

God Speed this is war for our world and the fight is at the public courthouse to bring the truth out and into the light.

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www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for truth and the solution!

This youtube channel does not have all of my vast work surrounding the GLOBAL LIES OCCURRING right now... see my website for all pandemic truth.


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Mak Parhar is a man who has been horrifically trespassed upon being terrorized then kidnapped, put in jail for 4 days and his family had no idea what was going on or where he was only to learn of the massive fraud occurring not only against Mak... but against all the people.

So we fight back with correct claim and court established 'Parhar Court' this is what every man and woman needs to be doing right now moving claims and court against all of these repugnant public servants and BAR members who's gig is up... we have the truth now what is and has been going on for over 100 years and we the people are going to stop it all!

God Speed

This is a real time solution for our world unfolding before your eyes in an epic battle of good and evil at multiple PUBLIC courthouses...

This is not a joke... this truth needs to be spread around the world in lighting speed... it is the vehicle we all honorably use to bring one truth forward as being shown...

The 'Rules of civil procedure' or ANY document with words on a man or woman did not create....APPLIES to a man or woman... this isn't rocket science... the people who act as BAR members [lawyers] have never been dragged out into the light on this massive abuse of trust, theft and destruction... this truth saves our world now simply and powerfully.

This is one of several case files shown... look to my new youtube channel strickly for everyting accept covid 19 or corona videos.... this truth is all that matters.

The people will learn of a horrific truth what has and is occurring to our fellow man at the hands of people who are our employees [public servants working for service corporations... THIS ACTING HAS CROSSED THE LINE WORLDWIDE... a simple powerful hard reset is possible if people are given the truth...so here it is and Monday November 16 2020 @ 8pm Eastern Standard time we do a live stream showing exactly the battle that occurred Friday exposing and showing all what is occurring against we the people.

The world must go to www.awarriorcalls.com for truth and the solution.

November 8th 2020 a simple but powerful truth is brought forth to the world to save it right now using our public courthouses.

It's simple... the 'rules of civil procedure' do NOT apply to we the people created by a repugnant society called the BAR... and THIS is what is being used to block we the people from moving courts and claims against millions of corrupt public servants working for local, provincial or state or federal service corporations [Governments].

Right now this truth is before the top people in canada responsible for insuring our public courthouses are functioning correctly and NOT obstructing justice.

Once this ONE TRUTH IS NOW EXPOSED.... then the truth surrounding Covid 19 the greatest FRAUD placed upon the world will be routed out and many in this world are going to be immediately then be arrested and in that moment... we the people will begin to correct all of this corruption and wrong and harm worldwide..

The world is finally now waking and being given TRUTH of this evil all around us.... and the solution ONLY can be found at www.awarriorcalls.com

The key to taking all of this corruption down...is simply exposing... 'the rules of civil procedure do NOT APPLY TO WE THE PEOPLE [man or woman]

Once this is known... the bar is finished and the people will access their public courthouses and hold all these corrupt people globally accountable.

God Speed

Gemma O'Doherty exposes UK Government Covid Is ALL A LIE!

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for truth and the SOLUTION!

The damn is breaking on the massive attack on our world by the central bankers... monarchs and Pope...its a very bright light and all heads of Government are now exposed.

God Speed

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION!

Mirrored from liabilitymate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyQcmo16Geg

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go to for TRUTH and the SOLUTION!

This video exposes the corruption now occurring in Australia... they will attempt to role out the same in many countries in near future so be ready.

Truth must find it's way forward i ask everyone to download and share these videos far and wide ... the world has never needed the people to wake up on mass as we do today....

Only we the people can correct and restore the law of the land and together route out this corruption.

Common Law
God Speed.

The world finally sees the police in Australia STEP UP FOR OUR WORLD WITH HONOR AND COURAGE .... unlike the rest of the world especially Canada and the USA who are beyond asleep at the wheel.... well lets wake them all the F UP! GET THIS VIDEO IN ALL THEIR FACES... SEND THIS LINK TO ALL POLICE CHIEFS AROUND THE WORLD and to https://awarriorcalls.com/covid-19-lie-page-1/ and DEMAND their ENTIRE FORCE WATCHES ALL OF THESE VIDEOS... for once they do they all will be awake and more importantly WILL ACT AGAINST THIS MASSIVE EVIL acting against the people of this world for control of it.... well not on my watch!

God Speed

Communication to the world November 1st 2020.

www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for truth and the solution!

We have the truth.... we are moving the truth forward in real time now at our local public courthouse... join me for a follow up on the Sekulovski Court... Small business man named Time [water shop], We the people vs Google Nov 2nd 2020 at 9am PST... 12pm Eastern Standard time and a great drill down from Bill Majcher past RCMP officer also blows the lid off the enemy of this world which is the BAR [lawyers] time to liquidate these repugnant corrupt society once and for all!

Our world is under attack... and it all comes down to... 'The Rules Of Civil Procedure".... they DON'T apply to a man or woman.

God Speed


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One man has come forth with the biggest truth hidden from his fellow man based. on 20 years of investigation work.

This one truth will save our world and it is time you all learned WHO you are and WHAT was done to all of us when born.

When the people learn what was done... it will then be a global movement to correct and restore the LAW to the people and return trillions of dollars stolen by the Queen, Pope and Central Bankers to every country worldwide. This is the greatest fight of our lives and the PANDEMIC FRAUD surrounding Covid 19... was created by these parasites to fool the world while they usher in a global control/single currency/cashless society [new world order] and strip every man and woman of their rights and property while ushering in mandatory Vaccines that by design will destroy our immune systems as vaccines have been doing since early 80's.

This evil has been in this world for a very long time but only now our world is learning and seeing the hidden hand that is behind all of this Pandemic lock down every country without firing a single shot that by design will destroy the wealth of the people and enslave all of us to a tyrannical order... this will affect the next 1,000 years if we do NOT stop this all now and fight back.

A Warrior Calls [Christopher] has come forth and into the light to fight this evil with truth and also the solution.

Go to www.awarriorcalls.com and sign up with your email address and get going on learning WHAT was done to you and the solution for our world to hold all accountable and restore trillions to the people and the real power back to we the people.

God Speed