Thought I'd do a character fandub for a change. Starting with ace pilot Falco Lombardi from Star Fox. Hope you enjoy!

Here's another AMV for you guys, this time on Jack Atlas and Carly Nagisa. It was actually done a long time ago. Originally, I requested an upcoming voice actress to do a song cover of this song as far back as December 2019, but that never happened. Probably for the best too, even though I thought she would have done a great job if she did. But oh well. The song used is You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift from her 2008 album, Fearless, and I have a bit of history with this song. I used to hate it. Why? Because I sang it to an old friend I used to have an obsessive crush on back in high school, and it reminded me of her. However, I'll take Country Taylor over Pop Taylor any day. Also, an AMV with this song was done already around a decade ago by sakurax353. Unfortunately, that video is pretty much gone from the internet as well as her other old AMVs. It was pretty much why I wanted to have a song cover originally, to be different. But that didn't end up happening, so I used the actual song instead, and that's why I've held off this video for so long. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Here's a brand new fandub I made. Haven't done one since 2014. This one is a fandub on Antinomy's Death from 5D's episode 145, and is a very emotional episode. Not to mention animated by the legendary Kenichi Hara himself. However, this fandub is a special one, as it's my very first collaboration with another upcoming voice actor. And I'd like to give a massive thanks to Allen the Ultimate Gamer for playing Antinomy. Give him a sub and follow him on Twitter if you'd like. He's a cool guy and a great friend. I even added and replaced a few sound effects, so you might notice some things sounding a bit awkward there as I couldn't find the identical sounds. I hope you enjoy it.

Translations by GX_ST and the official Crunchyroll subs. Reworded by me.

Me as Yusei Fudo
Allen the Ultimate Gamer as Antinomy (YT:, Twitter:

Here's another 5D's AMV for you guys. This time, focusing on Aki Izayoi and her relationship with Divine and the Arcadia Movement. You might be familiar with the song Torn which was famously covered by Natalie Imbruglia, but I used the original Ednaswap version from their 1995 self titled album instead which was the 2nd official studio recording of the song and thought it would fit a lot better. This is also another personal AMV. In my head, the plan was to have an upcoming voice actress to do a cover of this song, but I never got around to asking her. Sadly, we're no longer friends as she valued her views over friends. However, even though she had opposing views, I still would have accepted her as a friend and I should have kept my mouth shut and never made that reply. I thought she was one of the best upcoming actors and singers I've ever heard. And before what's been going on, we considered each other as friends. This past week was a bit heartbreaking for me as I cared about this person regardless of what was going on. So I'd like to dedicate this AMV to her and I wish her all the very best in the future. Hope you enjoy.

Here's my 2nd GX AMV, focusing on Judai Yuki. Even on some of his growth as a character, mostly from Seasons 3 and 4. And yes, there's some Spiritshipping in there since I do support it. The song used is Help Me by Nick Carter from his first solo album, Now or Never, released in 2002, and I thought this would fit Judai very well. It's not perfect but I hope you all enjoy it.

My first GX AMV, and made on Asuka Tenjoin. This focuses on her feelings for Judai Yuki, even though he can be oblivious to it. The song used is What Can I Do by The Corrs from their 2nd album Talk on Corners and I thought it would fit Asuka very well. And the edits to Fubuki playing the ukulele in time with Jim Corr's guitar riffs in the second verse were intentional. Keep in mind, I don't ship Judai and Asuka anymore, even though I used to be a Fianceeshipper a long time ago. I personally see these two as just friends, but Asuka sees Judai as more than that. So to the Fianceeshippers out there, this video is for you. I had this video planned out in my head for a long time. Hope you like it.

Here's another 5D's AMV I made. This time focusing on Team Satisfaction. The song I used is Just Want You To Know, one of my personal favourite Backstreet Boys songs from the 2005 album Never Gone. The AMV was inspired by the 5D's Abridged One Shot depicting Team Satisfaction as a band and portions of the 2 Just Want You To Know music videos. This even focuses on each member, and yes, there is some Faithshipping and Retributionshipping in there. I hope you enjoy it.

A comparison of episode 141's preview. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 153's preview. This is the only video where the TV Rip is in lower quality. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 151's preview. Enjoy.

The original broadcast of episode 148's ending. Enjoy.

The original broadcast of episode 147's ending. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 99's preview. Enjoy.

The original broadcast of episode 97's opening. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 96's preview. Enjoy.

Episode 154's DVD exclusive ending. Enjoy.

A comparison of the Last Run scene from the final episode of 5D's. In the TV broadcast, there are ending credits and Future Colors plays in the background, while in the DVD version, the scene is creditless and plays Bonds in the background instead. Enjoy.

5D's episode 154's preview that can only be seen on the last DVD. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 152's preview. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 150's preview. Enjoy.

The original broadcast of episode 145's ending. Enjoy.

The original broadcast of episode 146's ending. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 146's preview. Enjoy.

A comparison of episode 138's preview. Enjoy.

A comparison for one of Ushio's lines that was redone on the DVD release in episode 120. In the TV broadcast, he calls Scrum Force a Permanent Magic, even though it's a Trap card. This was fixed on the DVD and the dialogue was re-recorded to say Permanent Trap. Enjoy.


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