A short clip about the most dangerous cult that is currently operating on this planet, the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab is being honoured as the leader who will unleash the fourth industrial revolution on humanity, whether or not people like it. Why are the activities of this organization, which has currently more influence on the planet than any other organization, clouded in mystery? Please do your own research. Thank you.

A beautiful protest song from a beautiful artist. Written by Van Morrison. I am grateful that more and more famous people are standing up against the great reset. For more info on the background of this song, check out my blog:

The (unknown) maker of this video asks people to share it, and I decided to re-upload it. The video contains a lot of information about people who have allegedly died from the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. I have not checked each name, but I have seen many of these people already come by on the other social media channels which I subscribe to, and therefore I am willing to share it. But don’t blindly trust this content, please do your own research. And think twice if you consider taking the jab. Thank you.

Ever since I started my blog,, I have been playing around with graphics and self-made meme’s. A picture says more that a thousand words. I also know some people have so little time to read that they only watch meme’s. This video is a slideshow of 15 memes I have made so far. You can download the individual meme’s at my website:

On the 24th of April 2021, many thousands of anti-lockdown demonstrators marched through central London. The protest against the lockdowns was called “Unite for Freedom”. And the BBC didn’t report anything about this. Truly amazing. Watch the BBC for entertainment if you must, but please don’t call the BBC a news channel anymore, when censorship and bias have become so blatantly obvious.

On March 20th 2021, people in over 40 countries across the world gathered in peaceful unison for a worldwide demonstration - to oppose disproportionate government measures threatening the very foundation of their rights and freedoms. An amazing documentary about the great reset. Please watch and share!

In early 2021, we are still confronted with worldwide lockdowns, loss of human rights, and dramatic changes to our way of living. In this situation, one cannot be neutral. Either this all makes sense to you, and we have to keep listening to our governments and abide by the new rules, or it is all indeed a big political game (the great reset) and it is time to take action. You cannot just be a spectator. There is no neutral ground here.

When you follow the mainstream news, it will confront you with numbers of COVID-19 deaths which are exaggerated. And information about numbers of COVID-19 vaccination deaths will not be precise either, these are underrated. To really know what is happening, be alert and do your own research.

Twenty countries stopped the use of Astrazeneca vaccines temporarily, because of lethal complications in a small group of people. The unexpected clothing of blood caused several people to die after they received their shots. Please keep doing your research about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

With the worldwide introduction of all kinds of “vaccine passports” a new form of apartheid is developing on our planet. If you are one of the vaccinated, and you are allowed to join society again. If you are one of the unvaccinated, you are banned from many areas and activities. Check out my blog post:

I am very grateful that there now is a worldwide lawsuit against the architects of the great reset. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the lawyer who successfully prosecuted Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, will take on these people for crimes against humanity. I am confident that he will be victorious. To read more about this class action lawsuit, check out my blog article:

The current COVID-19 outbreak is a problem, but the lockdowns are an organized attack on our personal freedom, and this is an even bigger problem. Therefore, get informed and get organized. And let’s say to each other when we meet: Stay free!

I am grateful to be here. Offering information about and an alternative to the Great Reset. Please visit my blog for more information about the how and why of this BitChute channel. Thank you for your time, stay free!

There are many types of deniers: Holocaust deniers, climate change deniers, and COVID-19 deniers, to name a few. What I thought was missing in this list is “Great Reset deniers.” Therefore, I made this video, introducing the term. Thank you for your time, stay free!


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