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Quantum Holistic Healer Simone Silk and Adam AstroYogi host a prosperity activating event discussing this eclipse season and what to expect, as well as how to best utilize these activating energy transits!

link to Lakshmi Activating chant:


Jesse graciously hosts Adam on his show and poses many outstandingly relevant and thought provoking questions to Adam as they discuss a wide variety of topics, in particular focusing on the power of healing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Current events, politics, astrology, alkaline eating, yoga, food science and anatomy, the gnostic creation origins of our solar system, Adam's upcoming powerfully healing online course, how to navigate the upcoming world by reclaiming our inner power and more are discussed in this extensive, in depth interview!

FINALLY UPLOADED (Tech issues of life overcome!) My first ever full public talk this past August at the Appalachian Starseed Reunion!

Talk includes subjects of

-Alkalinity as Master Healing

-Astrology as Ultimate Soul-Mapping

-Exercises and Practices to develop your Superpowers

And more!

(I did my best with the audio, as Im finally teaching myself video editing etc, so many thanks for all your patience while I continue to develop my skills and brand quality <3 )

A rough draft of an audiobook mini-preview for my long-awaited, soon-to-be-fully-released book!

Beth and Adam cover some of the upcoming astrology, (New moon in Leo + Uranus, Destiny Node and Mars conj.) the power of the heart, and relationships in Shamanism. Both also share their upcoming special offers.

(Recorded 7/27/22)

*Conference is in Burnsville, NC Aug 4-7 (NEAR Asheville, not in Asheville)

public speaking video

In honor of the new launch of my upcoming program, "Never Get Sick Again - Immune System Mastery" I decided it's finally time to share this little gem that I've been saving for just the right time to unearth.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower gives her exceptionally amazing second talk at the annual Mt. Shasta Summer Conference, late August 2021, discussing Ascension in the face of adversity. She very graciously gives Adam the first 15 minutes of her hour to share his work with Health-Freedom and reversing the so-called incurable with proper understanding and mastery of the human immune system. He also shares an excerpt from his upcoming new book "Ascending the Narcissystem through Sovereignty: How True Self-Love Heals Human Hatred, an Astrological Journey" and explains some on how these areas intersect.

If you or someone you love has some experience in these matters of natural healing but would like to go much deeper and achieve your own immune system mastery, send me a message to see if this program on is aligned with your Highest Potential. Send a message now at rawlifeyoga.com as spaces are filling up.

Laura Eisenhower, Adam AstroYogi Sánchez, Amber Jean Wheeler-Dwight and Seth Leaf Pruzansky go into the current astrological forecast with a guided inner alchemy meditation and madness mitigation meditation together!

Sami Richard joins the RawLifeYoga Metaphysical Matters podcast, where we talk about current events and the awakening of our social and collective consciousness. Authority, self-agency, Higher-Consciousness, practical measures to overcome the challenges around these issues, and more is discussed, in addition to the current astrological transits and how they relate to these topics.

Joshua Brandon Panczer joins the RawLifeYoga & Astrology Metaphysical Matters Podcast series in this episode where we go deep into the nature of Consciousness as it relates to human personality and its development. We also talk about narcissism, the sexualization of child consciousness, touching upon how astrology connects to all of this, and much more.

To discover more of Joshua's amazing work, visit:


Public Speaking Event today & Astro forecast: 3rd quarter moon in Gemini conjunct the North node of Destiny and square the Sun in Virgo

Mars Conjunct Mercury in Virgo ♍, trine Uranus in ♉ 
And the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn ♑ tomorrow (8/19) evening

Reborn to Shine Bright in the face of Restriction, upheaval and healing past wounds with the New Moon in Leo on Sunday, August 8th, 2021, Square Uranus in Taurus & Trine Chiron in Aries

Retraction: 2021*, NOT 2020, my dyslexic brain strikes again, lol

A brief breakdown of the next few weeks, some fundamentals and new insights on Mercury Retrograde, and a little preview of the upcoming Leo Season.

Adam and Stephanie discuss the effects narcissistic abuse has on a person.

(Original post date: 7/28/2018)

Raw Life Yoga humbly presents the world-renowned speaker and spiritual teacher Laura Eisenhower.
(Original post date 1/18/2019)

We touch upon a variety of subjects and expanding awareness into fields of consciousness that support Humanity's awakening and soul evolution.

From the Astrological aspects of 2019, 2020, to bloodlines and DNA soul resonance, targeting, claiming sovereignty and breaking free of the MK matrix, Laura and I discuss how we can all embrace our soul's purpose and higher power, and of course the keys are Within!

2nd installment of understanding the basics of Narcissistic Personality disorder and pathologies (negative character traits) that are narcissistic in nature.

(Original post date 6/15/2018)

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Ian Ferguson of White Lotus of Light interviews Adam and they discuss upcoming Astrological forecasts from both Western and Vedic Perspectives

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Adam and Stephanie Kraft discuss Narcissistic Personality Disorder and some of its basic parameters

(Original post date 6/6/2018)

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Alexia Icenhower and Adam Sanchez share effective and holistic healing methods, detoxes, and protocols that actually work to fully reverse Cov1d, Cancer, Autism, parasite infection, heavy metal toxicity, and more. The importance of diet, cooked versus raw, and the impact of sugar are also included. The conversation also offers insight into verifiable public records that show factual evidence of conspiracy (geoengineering, etc) and distinguishing that not all conspiracies are only theoretical, but many are indeed provable.

Visit Rawlifeyoga.com for questions, services, to receive support for parasite cleansing, powerful detoxing and more

links, proofs, and resources

Borax as a massively effective detox, antiparasitic and more:


The health benefits of boron/borax:


Two Must watch MMS Chlorine Dioxide documentaries
1. Universal antidote
2. QuantumLeap

Jim Humble's Website:

MMS Protocols:

Jim Humble's Books:

Where to Buy MMS:

How-To-Make MMS:

MMS Testimonials:

Autistic protocol-

MMS Forum:

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Vedic Astrologer Aishwarya Luna Laksmi & Western Astrologer Adam Sanchez give some insight into the astrological year ahead and make a special offering for those who are ready to dive deep into their own soul-evolution and expansion!

Laura Eisenhower hosts this meeting of the Astrological Masterminds as we embark further into this dawning age of Aquarius. We dive into each of our paths and what brought us to Astrology, how we relate to it, and why its impacted us the way it has. We also go into current events, esoteric parallels to astrology and the spiritual imperatives of this time of Great Awakening. Sasha brings her special brand of Venus Wisdom, Ian offers a brilliant illumination of Vedic and Eastern Perspectives, and Adam offers some yogic insights on the power of Love and proper Prayer as guides for these emotional times. Laura asks relevant questions as she remains sensitive to the field of the collective, while we all navigate these soul-forging times into our Higher Potentials.

I dont know exactly when he said this (I'm open to anyone offering me that info), but of course you've probably never seen it before because the news and social media heavily censor ANYTHING GOOD OR POSITIVE about this man.

As the moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio, Vicky Venusian and Adam AstroYogi dive deep into the topics around the Awakening of the Age of Aquarius, Scorpionic Sexuality, Leo's Shadow of Narcissism, Tantric Celibacy and Sacred Sexuality, and much more. Adam starts it off answering Viky's questions on the age of Aquarius by reading his most recent astrology article "The Age of Aquarius Awakening, The Divine Quantum Mind, and Humanity's Liberation."

Visit Rawlifeyoga.com for questions, to receive astrology readings, free astro forecasts, services, and more

(Audio only) Jeron Grayson dives into the RawLifeYoga Astrology podcast with mind-blowing mythos and accounts from research, ancient records, and deep Inner-Gnosis. Topics discussed include Astrology, the Annunaki, Creator God Legacies, the Christos Sophia Mastery and Great Awakening to our own Higher Consciousness.

(Please forgive the audio tech issues: a better audio quality in the future is in the works)


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