Malta is unique with all its above-ground, subterranean, and underwater temples. It is a living museum, and a place of magic and surprises; it is a living memory of Atlantis. (An interview with AK Gillespie for 'Deconstructing Sentience.')

The book 'The Age of magic and Wisdom' talks about the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations, the special mission of Atlantis, the internal conflicts that led to the demise of Atlantis...this book brings to light the forgotten history of mankind in a holistic perspective, and it reveals new insights on the Maltese sacred sites and their important role at the threshold of the New Golden Era.

Francis interviewed regarding his second book: The Age of Magic and Wisdom.

We follow the inspiration and research of Maltese artist, author & adventurer; Francis Xavier Aloisio, as he embarks on a journey of ancient discovery and shares with us his thoughts on the Maltese Temples and their connection to Atlantis.
This video was made possible thanks to 60 local and international Indiegogo Backers in late 2017.
#TeamFrancisAtlantis would like to give thanks to:
Team Stealth Rotors, Jan Stibbs, Gilbert Vancell Nature Photography, Amethyst Charters, European Pilot Academy, Carmen Houlton, Christine Aloisio, Matthew Debattista, Cygna, Fred Fuchs
and all collaborators who helped.
Special thanks to all the team at Heritage Malta,
who might not necessarily share Francis' views,
however were always so kind, helpful and accommodating.
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