Bernie won't even come close to admitting how he's going to pay for all the "free" stuff. Spoiler alert he is going to tax the crap out of everyone.

Biden doesn't know where he is and can't form complete sentences.

Conspiracy theory they are going to pull Biden off of the ticket after they steal the nomination.

The Dems didn't even clap for....
1. Lowest unemployment
2. Lots of jobs added
3. Big pay raises for low income workers
The list goes on and on oh and they were exposed for supporting late term abortion. (The avg voter thinks that's a fringe dem thing)

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If Bernie manages to get the nomination there is a clip from a town hall that should be featured in at least one Trump 2020 ad.

(YouTube wouldn't let me post this video)

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Bernie once again doesn't stand up for himself and his supporters. Looking like this campaign was just another money grab by Sanders and the DNC.

A quick breakdown of how WoPo tries to deceive people who still haven't caught on that they lie about everything. The Dems start pushing a new narrative that everything that Joe and Hunter BIden did in Ukraine isn't real because the Russians hacked Barisma.

Media once again shows how evil they are by proving they will cover up "evil" by their people.

Dan Bongino goes off on Geraldo on fox news after Geraldo says the Vindman should get a pass for passing off his opinion as fact in a congressional testimony.

Think about this whole impeachment charade minus the transcript, it becomes even more obvious this was a setup coordinated attack by DemocRATS. They are trying to play out the situation as if we haven't seen the transcript and it just looks silly.

Schifty Schiff Needs to recuse himself, and Republicans need to start pushing back on him.

Once again the left is using a tragedy to attack their political opponents

With the dems now full on attack of creepy Joe its a perfect opportunity to point out to the avg person how this is the true assault of women by a man in power.

They want to blame the NZ shooting on Trump and Trump Supporters maybe its time to flip the script

The media likes to talk about how crazy President Trump's tweets are, but they never talk about what the tweets are actually about.

#FakeNews #MSM says the killing of a girl in Iowa by an Illegal alien has nothing to do with border security. But some random guy shoots up a school and the NRA is a terrorist organization.

With the November elections coming up soon we need to remember what the enemies goal is, and how we can stop it. While I love getting MAGA candidates in office that is not our main goal this November. Sometimes you have to give up ground in the battle to win the war.

Guy on twitter makes the case that Antifa is fighting for freedom.

Chris Cuomo is sending out support for Antifa and their violent tactics.


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