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Note: Montagraph has corrected the date to be Dec 7th and not the 5th in which he gives surreal detail about in a video today about flight 19, eggs and the akashic records real time supra unconsciousness connection we all share on this planet as a species or possibly by all creatures big and small here. Possibly universal and intergalactic psychic relations as well. Very interesting topic. Montagraph want to know if you had or were thinking of eggs in this time frame.
this epic dubbed live stream Montagraph tells the forgotten history of the NWO elitist betrayal of our elected officials from the time period in the early 90s to present day with precise accuracy that has been recorded in various places on the internet and in a few books banned by a lot of places because truth hurts. we find out that we have been conditioned and manipulated for untold generations and are now being subjected like rats and mice in some sort of test from the 70s called "Mouse Utopia", to a global worldwide NWO eugenics, depopulation, sterilization and genetic altering agenda along with an extraterrestrial/inter/multi/trans dimensional entity program to invade and take over our realm operated from the CERN and CLIC facilities. Get some popcorn and find a comfortable place on the couch with the family to enjoy this tale of which you might not hear anywhere else with the detail, passion and expertise, that is the man known as Steve Quest AKA Montagraph AKA OctoberReignz AKA I'm Your Ghost AKA Elite Rule AKA The Umbrella Man AKA NWO Soldier, Lambocrat and many more interweb personalities created from the mind of the master of the web. Our hats off to our fearless compatriot. Enjoy:
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We take a real hard look at the amazeing modern day "Prophet Of The End Times & Tribulations" Kim Clements Gematria and the decoded words, phrases and numbers and find a divine message from the "Great Creator" itself in these "End Of Days". Are you ready to believe in the Divine? Watch this video and I gaurantee you'll be convinced that our perception of this 4-D soul trap matrix reality assures the fact that God knows everything infinitively & you can rise with grace, or fall with dishonor. One thing is for certian, sackcloth is expensive these days, but it doesnt cost anything to get past those Pearly Gates, just willing devotion to the higest power in the universe, with loving intent bestowed on everyone and the free will to honor our own word on the behest of the evil and good in this world and the Realms Beyond The Veil....
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The Biden administration is denying VA healthcare to all non-vaxxed veterans.
The tactical fascist vaxx purge of the U.S. military has now happened.
Make no mistake, it is the most devastating blow to military readiness in the history of the United States, and it is a blatant act of war against the American people.
Hundreds of thousands of newly discharged U.S. military service members, police, doctors and nurses are now joining forces with veterans to defend our country against this global fascist takeover attempt.
They are presently forming a decentralized asymmetric defense of our homeland.
Here’s a brief statement to give you a little taste of what is featured in this courageous and awe-inspiring video:
This is the land of the free.
We will not allow forced injections, segregation or an authoritarian surveillance and control grid passport system.
We have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.
We will do everything in our power to keep the peace. We, the combat veterans and Special Forces veterans of America, know the horrors of war all too well.
We will be strategic, disciplined and surgical.
We know who the leading perpetrators are, and if they do not stand down, cease and desist, if they keep trying to oppress our people and enslave our nation, if they keep striping away our freedom and rights, those fascist enemy combatants will be held personally accountable.
Do you think we do not know what is going on?
You released a bio-weapon.
Then you systemically shutdown life-saving treatments leading to millions of unnecessary deaths.
You strategically censored doctors, nurses, medical experts, scientists, journalists, Intel Community members and soldiers.
Now you are injecting millions of people with a weaponized spike protein in an immune system degrading, gene-altering nanotech vax.
You have committed Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale.
Your power-addicted pathological shortsighted greed has destroyed our economy and severally inhibited people’s abilities to provide for their families.
You have rigged our political and economic system, burying people in inescapable debt.
You have captured and corrupted both of our political parties and the government agencies that are supposed to protect the civilian population from predatory global interests.
You have captured and corrupted our information and communication systems.
You are trying to cut off our ability to get healthcare and move freely throughout our communities.
You are contaminating our water supply and now you are systematically destroying our food supply, which you have been systemically poisoning for years as standard operating procedure.
Your long list of systemic abuses and usurpations amount to absolute Despotism.
Your wickedly evil corruption is now infecting all aspects of our lives.
We Have Had Enough!
The Line Has Been Drawn.
We represent every race, creed and ethnicity.
Your divide and conquer PSYOPS don’t fly here.
We know how you tactically deploy PSYOPS and stoke identity politics to silo off regional civilian populations into the smallest possible demographics to incite tribalism and make us fight amongst each other, while distracting us from being laser-focused on you, the head of the snake.
We have found common ground against you, our common enemy.
We all want to live in a free and healthy community that gives our children the opportunity to fulfill their potential.
We will defend our country, our communities and our families.
We will defend our homes from this fascist invasion.
Semper Fi”

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My experience on social media prior to vlogging was in the earthquake forecasting field for six years. I highly recommend packing your shit and heading to higher ground until this situation at La Palma is resolved.


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