A minor coronal hole stream is set to couple with a minor solar flare (might not even hit at the same time) tomorrow the 15th of March 2019. Don't believe the hype Grand Supreme News and Paul Beagly are spewing from their treacherous mouths.

Mag 4+swarming has begun off the East coast of Honshu Japan. This could be precursor to much stronger activity.

Another attack on Venezuela's power grid perpetrated by the Trump administration has crippled the country leaving over 20 dead in ICU's across the country and leaving millions in the dark without water, AC, and the comforts that a freedom loving person enjoys.

I'm so glad you are back with me.

Junk and WEED!!!#$

Don't take pharmaceuticals. They are position and will eat your insides and alter your brother as in chemistry permanently.

I've about had enough.

Rouge #chickens invade my backyard looking for delicious cat food.

Planetary geometry reached critacle mass and is now reverberating throughout the core and on up to the lithosphere. Be prepared for mag 6+ activity.

Nintendo's Mega Man played by Squirrel.

My buddy and his old school games.

Shotty video of the lunar eclipse. It looked amazing, even in the lighted city areas. √é√ĪjŇďŇ∑! #$ @U.

Get ready for a fucked up week next week as this storm dumps buckets of snow and ice mainly North of the Mason Dixon line.

Heart felt messege for the poor souls that have been mislead.

Bad winter for me. Leave comments please. Likesharesubscribe.

Approved For Release 2009/04/16: CIA- RDP80T00246A007500620002- 9

#Maduro is going to be in deep doo doo pretty soon. U.S. and media sources abroad are lieing and saying there is a crisis in Venezuela when there's not. Another Illegal War is on the forefront of American politicians and warmongers.

Just checking out the Satanic Google doodle and a couple recent articles by Dimdems.

Yup this is smAsho mAsh's responce to the backside pressure question; Meh... seems to me that Newton's second law covers those changes in the Magneto tail as good as anything else. Yes, while Newton's Laws don't technically specifically cover magneto-hydrodynamics, the same forces are at play as would be in play with an aerodynamic system. If you reduce the high pressure in front of a moving object, you reduce the low pressure behind it. Conversely if you reduce the low pressure behind a moving object, the pressure gets reduced in the front also. This is why a golf ball has dimples! When the magnetosphere is not receiving a lot of a charge from the bow shock side, the Magneto tail extends in length. The fact that there is such a disparity in the way the Magneto tail behaves is indication that there's nothing there, not an indication that there's something there.? Tidal influences are major, but when both sides do not match, 'OMG NIBIRU!', is a ridiculous conclusion to reach as millions of backyard astronomers with telescopes would be able to see stuff like this.?By the way, the one guy who keeps looking at the magnetosphere everyday and has no idea what he's talking about regarding the physics, who will remain unnamed, and who gets a lol or two most days, keeps looking at the same instruments, not understanding the physics, looking at total artifacts, counting Fields as physical objects, and countless other ridiculous mistakes that are so deep that they cannot even be argued effectively, because where do you start? Take eighth grade physics before you claim that Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, or any other imaginary thing is actually there. What the hell else can you say? It's very sad this is on the same Realm as Flat Earth people Forgotten Realms, Greystone, ravenloft and other imaginary s*** great for a role playing game and stupid for telling me about astrophysics. Again, how many people have massive telescopes in their backyards? 1000000? These conspiracies ar..

Rumours abound...yup....yer tax returns are being delayed indefinitely.


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